Friday, June 24, 2011

Trivia Quiz #35 - Internet and Online Trivia Questions With Answers

Easy Long Trivia Quiz with the Answers - Internet, world wide web, online stuff.
  1. What is another name for a URL?
  2. Pong was an early console type of game based on which sport?
  3. In which decade of this century were airmail letters first
  4. What does C stand for in IRC?
  5. Which Defense Department first set up the messaging system which
    became the Internet?
  6. What does V stand for in VR?
  7. In telephone terms, what was a party line?
  8. How many bits are there in a byte?
  9. Alta Vista is a type of what?
  10. Who funded ARPANET?
  11. From Earth, where was the destination of the longest
    long-distance telephone call?
  12. What is the purpose of a dataglove?
  13. What does D stand for in ISDN?
  14. Barclay Square was an early Internet site offering what?
  15. Which company launched CDs in the early 1990s?
  16. What is a message sent to a newsgroup in the Internet called?|
  17. On the Internet what is Spam?
  18. A bitmap is a collection of what?
  19. In the WIMP system of computing, what did W stand for?
  20. If edu appears at the end of an address, what is the host
  21. What does D stand for in CAD?
  22. What does H stand for in http?
  23. What was the name of the first satellite to relay live TV
    pictures between the USA and Europe?
  24. On the Internet, what does the first B stand for in BBS?
  25. What does the first W stand for in WWW?
  26. If you log off, what do you do?
  27. If you surf the Internet, what do you do?
  28. What is netiquette?
  29. Which page of a Web site is called a Home Page?
  30. In addition to the computer, what else must a modem be plugged
  31. What is the minimum number of computers which can be networked?
  32. What does Q mean in FAQ?
  33. What letter appears on the computer screen when you are using
    Microsoft Internet Explorer?
  34. What does S stand for in ISP?
  35. Which name of something used by avid readers is the Netscape
    Navigator name for Favorites?
  36. In which country did the Internet start?
  37. A small a in a circle is pronounced how?
  38. Where does a bounced email return to?
  39. What name is given to the software program needed to access the
  40. Which 'space' refers to the Internet and all that goes with it?
  41. What goes after Netscape in the name of a popular Internet
  42. If you have an active Internet connection, you are said to be on
  43. What does 'Offline' mean?
  44. What is the opposite of downloading?
  45. A newbie is a new what?
  46. What is freeware?
  47. In an e mail address, how is a symbol like a period said out
  48. What name is given to a program designed to cause damage by
    attaching itself to other programs?

Answers to  Quiz #35 - Easy Internet & Online

  1. Web page address.
  2. Table Tennis.
  3. 2nd decade.
  4. Chat.
  5. Pentagon.
  6. Virtual.
  7. Shared phone line.
  8. Eight.
  9. Search Engine.
  10. US Defense Department.
  11. Moon.
  12. Allows people to touch over long distances.
  13. Digital.
  14. Shopping.
  15. Philips.
  16. Article.
  17. Junk mail.
  18. Dots.
  19. Windows.
  20. College or University.
  21. Design.
  22. Hyper.
  23. Telstar.
  24. Bulletin.
  25. World.
  26. Disconnect.
  27. Look around.
  28. Good behavior on the Internet.
  29. First.
  30. Phone.
  31. Two.
  32. Question.
  33. E.
  34. Service.
  36. USA.
  37. At.
  38. Sender.
  39. Browser.
  40. Cyber.
  41. Navigator.
  42. On line.
  43. Not connected.
  44. Uploading.
  45. Internet user.
  46. Free software.
  47. Dot.
  48. Virus.