Friday, June 10, 2011

Hard Trivia Quiz #21 - Harder Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Hard Miscellaneous Trivia - Scroll down for trivia answers

  1. On which label did the Beach boys record most of their 60s hits?
  2. Which character opened the New York Stock Exchange on June 8th
  3. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letters RI?
  4. Whose musical works included Composition For Orchestra and
  5. In which movie did Garbo say, "I want to be alone".
  6. What was the first state to join the Union in the 20th century?
  7. Who Wants to be Wanted?
  8. Where were the 2004 Summer Olympic Games held?
  9. What did Arthur Blessitt carry with him on an around-the-world
    walk taking in 277 nations?
  10. Where in the former Soviet Union was Yul Brynner born?
  11. When she died how old was Karen Carpenter?
  12. Which British character actor made his film debut in The Maltese
  13. According to the modern Olympics founder Baron de Coubertin, "The
    essential thing is not conquering but..." what?
  14. Robert Kirkpatrick of California grew the world's biggest what?
  15. In which state was Charles Schulz born?
  16. Who wrote, "What is this life if full of care, We have no time to
    stand and stare?"
  17. In which decade was Charles Schulz born?
  18. In what year was Oliver Stone born?
  19. What is Axl Rose's real name?
  20. What disability did singer Al Hibbler have?
  21. Which writer said, " An atheist is a man who has no invisible
    means of support?"
  22. Which country does the airline Ansett come from?
  23. Where is New York's Empire State College located?
  24. In which country was the Zoo Bridge constructed?
  25. Spear of the Nation was an armed wing of which group?
  26. Where in Italy did a US military aircraft slice through the steel
    wire of a cable car in 1998?
  27. Which actor paid $19,500 for a flowered headband worn by Jimi
    Hendrix in 1969
  28. What star sign is shared by Meatloaf and Luciano Pavarotti?
  29. What is Osbert Lancaster best known for producing?
  30. Where was Pablo Casals buried before he was finally laid to rest
    in Spain?
  31. According to Dateline figures, the highest percentage of male
    clients are in which profession?
  32. In July 1988, which guided missile cruiser shot down an Iranian
    airbus over the gulf?
  33. Santander international airport is in which country?
  34. In which year was Nigel Mansell Indy Car Champion?
  35. Thomas Marshal was Vice President to which US President?
  36. Which year was the first after 1927 that the USA lost the Ryder
    Cup on home soil?
  37. What did the French artist Henri Matisse begin a career in?
  38. Ellen Church is recognized as being the first female what?
  39. Which country does the airline Avensa come from?
  40. What was the USA's biggest attack of the Vietnam War when it took
    place in February 1967?
  41. How many nations took part in the 1996 Olympics?
  42. What was Michael Keaton's first movie?
  43. What is Uma Thurman's middle name?
  44. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letter LAR?
  45. Which liner launched in 1934 was the largest of her time?
  46. What was the name of NASA's manned space project whose astronauts
    were chosen in 1959?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #21 - Harder Trivia 

  1. Capitol.
  2. Noddy.
  3. Indonesia.
  4. Milton Babbit.
  5. Grand Hotel.
  6. Oklahoma.
  7. Brenda Lee.
  8. Athens.
  9. A wooden cross.
  10. Siberia.
  11. 32.
  12. Sidney Greenstreet.
  13. Fighting well.
  14. Head of garlic.
  15. Minnesota.
  16. W H Davies.
  17. 1930s.
  18. 1946.
  19. William Bailey.
  20. He was blind.
  21. John Buchan.
  22. Australia.
  23. Saratoga Springs.
  24. Germany.
  25. ANC.
  26. Cavalese.
  27. Eddie Murphy.
  28. Libra.
  29. Cartoons.
  30. Puerto Rico.
  31. Accountancy.
  32. Vincennes.
  33. Spain.
  34. 1993.
  35. Woodrow Wilson.
  36. 1987.
  37. Law.
  38. Air Hostess.
  39. Venezuela.
  40. Operation Junction City.
  41. 197.
  42. Night Shift.
  43. Karuna.
  44. Libya.
  45. Queen Mary.
  46. Project Mercury.