Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard, Fun, Trivia Quiz #26 - Famous People, Actors, Politicians, and More!

Hard Trivia - Entertainers, Politicians, Actors, Cities, Famous People, Places and More!
  1. Which entertainer said, "He was into animal husbandry--until they
    caught him at it?
  2. According to hippy guru Dr. Timothy Leary, what did you do before
    you "drop out?"
  3. What is Nelson Mandela's middle name?
  4. How old would James Dean have been had he lived to the end of the
    20th century?
  5. Barry Clifford found fame discovering what?
  6. What was Christopher Reeve's first movie?
  7. The Porcaro Brothers featured in which group?
  8. How did Guenter Parche leave his mark on sport in the 90s?
  9. Which city was called Leninakan until 1990?
  10. What is Iggy Pop's real name?
  11. What did Franz Kafka do for a day job?
  12. Which musician founded the Red Hot Peppers?
  13. Dorval International airport is in which country?
  14. In square miles how big is lake Michigan?
  15. Who wrote the song Momma Told Me Not To Come?
  16. What star sign is Harrison Ford?
  17. Who founded the Organization of Afro American Unity?
  18. Which NASA space probe was launched to Venus in 1989?
  19. To ten thousand square miles what is the area of Kansas?
  20. Harry Weinstein became a world champion under which name?
  21. Where did the Shinning Path terrorists operate?
  22. Who took Da Doo Ron Ron to No 1 in the charts in the 70s?
  23. Who directed Good Morning Vietnam?
  24. What was Bette Davis's real first name?
  25. In which sport did Hollywood star Sonja Henie win Olympic Gold?
  26. In which decade was Alzheimer's disease first clinically
  27. Which singer signed his editorials "Always your boy" in his own
    50s comic?
  28. What star sign is Glenda Jackson?
  29. Who won Super Bowl XXV?
  30. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be born overseas?
  31. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1990?
  32. Robert Mueller Municipal Airport is in which US state?
  33. In what year were women first admitted to Harvard?
  34. Who had  70s No 1 hit with Show and Tell?
  35. Balice international airport is in which country?
  36. What was the first name of the original food manufacturer Mr.
  37. Panama proclaimed independence in 1903 from which country?
  38. How old was Ronald Reagan when he became US President?
  39. How old was Jimi Hendrix when he died?
  40. Which Iowa-born artist painted American Gothic and Spring
  41. Which country does the airline Garuda come from?
  42. To a thousand square miles, what is the area of New Jersey?
  43. Which Brit broke the land speed record in 1990 in Thrust 2?
  44. What is Christian Slater's real name?
  45. The State University of New York established a College at where
    in the 1960s?
  46. Mark Hogg of Louisville set a record for eating what in Nov 1998?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #26

  1. Tom Lehrer.
  2. Turn on, tune in.
  3. Rolihlahla.
  4. 68.
  5. Sunken pirate ships.
  6. Gray Lady Down.
  7. Toto.
  8. Stabbed Monica Setes.
  9. A:  Kumayri.
  10. James Osterberg.
  11. Worked in insurance.
  12. Jelly Roll Morton.
  13. Canada.
  14. 22,300.
  15. Randy Newman.
  16. Cancer.
  17. Malcolm X.
  18. Magellan.
  19. 81,823.
  20. Gary Kasparov.
  21. Peru.
  22. Shaun Cassidy.
  23. Barry Levinson.
  24. Ruth.
  25. Ice Skating.
  26. First decade.
  27. Pat Boone.
  28. Taurus.
  29. New York Giants.
  30. Bonar Law.
  31. Belmont Park, New York.
  32. Texas.
  33. 1969.
  34. Al Wilson.
  35. Poland.
  36. Henry.
  37. Columbia.
  38. 69.
  39. 27.
  40. Grant Wood.
  41. Indonesia.
  42. 7,417 square miles.
  43. Richard Noble.
  44. Christian Hawkins.
  45. Old Westbury.
  46. Nightcrawler worms.