Saturday, June 18, 2011

 Trivia Quiz #29 - Hard, TV Show Trivia Questions and Answers

Hard Trivia about Television and TV shows and actors
  1. Where does Roseanne have a tattoo of a pink rose?
  2. Which future Hollywood star got her break as Wonder Girl, Wonder
    Woman's sister Drusilla?
  3. Who was the original host of The Price Is Right?
  4. In which Series did Happy Days' Joanie find fame?
  5. Mickey Braddock in the 50s series Circus Boy found fame with
    which surname in which pop band?
  6. Which member of the Maverick clan was played by a future 007?
  7. What was the name of the bar in Ace Crawford Private Eye?
  8. What did the Inspector have on his car sticker in Sledge Hammer?
  9. Which Laugh In catchphrase was said on the show by Richard Nixon?
  10. Who hosted the early series of The Pink Panther cartoons?
  11. Pee Wee Herman made his TV debut on which show?
  12. Which 1992 sitcom was based in Venice Beach, Ca.?
  13. In Makin' It, who was the John Travolta-type character?
  14. In the pilot show of Fish, who played Bernice?
  15. Which Hollywood star starred in the 50s show My Three Sons?
  16. Which war veteran was Director of News & Special Events for ABC
    before find fame as a TV cop?
  17. The actor who played Jack Geller in Friends was married once to
    which superstar?
  18. What US sitcom was the first exported to Britain?
  19. In Hanna and Barbera's TV cartoons base on The Addams Family who
    was the voice of Gomez?
  20. Who guested in Happy Days where his daughter was playing Jenny
  21. The Flying Nun was based on which book?
  22. The older Smothers Brother played what musical instrument?
  23. Who played the hero of the show based on the movie Coogan's
  24. In the TV sitcom Adam's Rib, who played the Spencer Tracy Film
  25. What was the first sitcom where Mickey Rooney was not called
  26. Which character did Tom Hanks play in early episodes of Family
  27. Who was the famous brother of the writer of American Gothic?
  28. What are Buddy Ebsen's real first names?
  29. Before it was made famous by Pigmeat of Rowan and Martin's Laugh
    In fame, who first said, "Here comes the judge"?
  30. Which member of The A Team played Clubber Lang in Rocky III?
  31. Who was the only female victim to be killed off in the opening
    credit sequence in Police Squad?
  32. Who said in which series, "And hey let's be careful out here"?
  33. Peter Faulk received his first Emmy for a performance on which
  34. Where was Running the Halls set?
  35. In Top Cat, who was the voice of Choo Choo?
  36. Who played Leroy Johnson in the movie Fame and on TV?
  37. Who was the only leading member of M*A*S*H to have starred on TV
    and in the movie? 

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #29 

  1. Her foot.
  2. Debra Winger.
  3. Bill Cullen.
  4. Daktari.
  5. Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees).
  6. Beau (Roger Moore).
  7. The Shanty.
  8. I Love Violence.
  9. Sock It To Me!
  10. Lenny Schulz.
  11. The Gong Show.
  12. Pacific Station.
  13. Billy Manucci.
  14. Doris Belack.
  15. Fred MacMurray.
  16. Tom Selleck.
  17. Elliott Gould married Barbra Streisand.
  18. Amos 'N' Andy.
  19. John Astin.
  20. Phil Silvers.
  21. The Fifteenth Pelican.
  22. Guitar.
  23. Dennis Weaver (McLoud).
  24. Ken Howard.
  25. One of The Boys.
  26. Ned Keaton.
  27. David Cassidy's brother Shaun.
  28. Christian Rudolf.
  29. Sammy Davis Jr.
  30. Mr. T.
  31. Florence Henderson.
  32. Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues.
  33. The Dick Powell Show.
  34. Middlefield Academy.
  35. Marvin Kaplan.
  36. Gene Anthony Ray.
  37. Gary Burghoff.