Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Hard Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz #28 - Broad Coverage of Trivia Topics

Hard Trivia about such things as states, presidents, countries, comic strips, places, people and more.
  1. Who wrote the novel Delta Connection?
  2. In the 70s George Lee was a world champion in which sport?
  3. Which river is spanned by the world's longest cantilever bridge?
  4. Which branch of the arts is Karen Kane linked with.
  5. Who preceded Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt?
  6. What would an Englishman mean by a minim?
  7. What instrument is associated with Illinois-born John Lewis?
  8. What type of aid was developed my Miller Hutchinson in the early
    years of the 20th century?
  9. Who said, "My whole life has been one of rejection. Women. Dogs.
    Comic strips."
  10. John Singer Sargent worked in which branch of the arts?
  11. Who was the defending champion when Martina Navratilova first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  12. Cuscatlan international airport is in which country?
  13. In The Rockford Files, what was Jim Rockford's daily fee?
  14. Who was Pope for the shortest length of time in the 20th century?
  15. What was Gene Kelly's middle name?
  16. What was the profession of William Eugene Smith?
  17. What replaced the KGB in 1991?
  18. Which country does the airline Pluna come form?
  19. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Play That Funky Music?
  20. Who directed A Passage To India?
  21. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle form
  22. Which state celebrated its centenary of joining the Union in
  23. What is Gregory Peck's real first name?
  24. Golfer Bobby Jones was born in which state?
  25. In the media, who went under the name Sparky?
  26. Who was the first US-born winner of golf's British Open?
  27. What was the world's first atomic-powered ship called?
  28. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Duke of Earl?
  29. Which soap boasted a cafe called the Hot Biscuit?
  30. Which architect designed the Seagram Building, New York City?
  31. To a thousand square miles, what is the area of Connecticut?
  32. Who first coined the term Apartheid?
  33. Which gossip columnist was born in the same day as Sir Alexander
    Fleming who discovered penicillin?
  34. In what year was the first performance of Copland's ballet Rodeo?
  35. Ferihegy international airport is in which country?
  36. Which country of islands was declared a republic in 1987?
  37. Who was the defending champion when Virginia Wade won the
    Wimbledon singles?
  38. Who is the youngest female tennis player to win the US Open?
  39. What was the first top ten hit single for Foreigner?
  40. In which country is the Sky Train Rail bridge?
  41. How many 'victories' did The Red Baron claim in aerial dogfights?
  42. Which great guitarist had the first names Aaron Thibodaux?
  43. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letter LT?
  44. Who first coined the term paradigm for all the factors that
    influence the scientist's research?
  45. In which country was Sam Neill born?
  46. What was the Paramount Film Company originally called?
  47. What was Dorothy Parker's maiden name?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #28 - Long Hard Miscellaneous Triva

  1. Hammond Innes.
  2. Gliding.
  3. St. Lawrence.
  4. Ballet.
  5. Anwar El-Sadat.
  6. Half not - in music.
  7. Piano.
  8. Hearing Aid.
  9. Charles Schulz.
  10. Painting.
  11. Virginia Wade.
  12. El Salvador.
  13. $200 plus expenses.
  14. John Paul I.
  15. Curran.
  16. Photographer.
  17. Russian Federal Security Agency.
  18. Uruguay.
  19. Barry Crocker.
  20. David Lean.
  21. EAU.
  22. Maine.
  23. Eldred.
  24. Georgia.
  25. Charles Schulz.
  26. Walter Hagen.
  27. Lenin.
  28. Gene Chandler.
  29. Dallas.
  30. Philip Johnson.
  31. 4,844 Square miles.
  32. Rev J C du Plessis.
  33. Louella Parsons.
  34. 1942.
  35. Hungary.
  36. Fiji.
  37. Chris Evert.
  38. Tracey Austin.
  39. Feels Like The First Time.
  40. Canada.
  41. 80.
  42. T-Bone Walker.
  43. Lithuania.
  44. TS Kuhn.
  45. N. Ireland.
  46. Famous Players Film Company.
  47. Rothschild.