Monday, June 27, 2011

Long People Trivia Quiz #38 - Trivia Questions and Answers about Famous People

Trivia about famous people such as Brian Keenan, George Patton, Amelia Earhart, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi, and more!
  1. Which organization handed over Brian Keenan in Beirut after 1600
  2. In which month in 1997 was The Notorious B.I.G. gunned down?
  3. What was the official occupation of Sir Anthony Blunt who was
    unmasked as a Soviet spy in 1979?
  4. Which famous name was accused f the abduction of Stompie Seipei?
  5. What was the highest rank Charles Lindbergh attained?
  6. What is Arnold Palmer's middle name?
  7. Who was the second person to make a solo transatlantic flight?
  8. Who became commanding general of the First Armored Corps in 1941?

  9. Who was the third wife of the leader of China's Long March?
  10. In 1985 Terry Waite returned to Beirut after securing the release
    of four British hostages where?
  11. Where did Ferdinand Marcos live in exile?
  12. Which American led a team to put 10 people on the summit of
    Everest in 1990?
  13. Which founder of the company Triad was accused by the USA of
    receiving bribes?
  14. UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold was killed over which country?
  15. What was the autobiography of the first president of
    non-Apartheid South Africa called?
  16. Which terrorist group murdered Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro?
  17. General Boris Gromov was the last Soviet soldier to leave where
    in 1989?
  18. Who was the first person after Scott to reach the South Pole
  19. Which politician's wife was acquitted in 1990 of defrauding US
  20. In what year did Saddam Hussein become President of Iraq?
  21. Who became chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1989?
  22. Who became leader of the Bosnian Serbs in 1992?
  23. Who was deputy commander of the 1983 US invasion of Grenada?
  24. Mao wrote a Red Book; who wrote a Green Book?
  25. What was Mother Teresa's real first name?
  26. Which famous daughter was made chief designer at Chloe in 1997?
  27. Which journalist first told the world about the My Lai massacre?
  28. Which supermodel was married to Rod Stewart?
  29. Who was America's first world chess champion?
  30. Which Swiss-born Californian first used an amplifier with a
  31. Who was chairman of the Watergate hearings?
  32. Which member of Britain's Royal Family sold her autobiography for
    $1.3 million to Simon & Schuster?
  33. What is the name of Terence and Shirley Conran's dress designer
  34. Who was credited with popularizing the term rock 'n' roll?
  35. What were Gary Gilmore's final words before his execution in
  36. In which country was Ivana Trump born and brought up?
  37. Who wrote the stage musical Cabaret?
  38. Which drink did The Spice Girls promote?
  39. Flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes hit the headlines in 1996 over his
    relationship with which supermodel?
  40. Who was the youngest brother in the Beach Boys?
  41. Which Italian fashion designer was murdered on the orders of his
  42. Which blonde model appeared in the first Tim Hudson Batman movie?
  43. Which soap star launched a perfume called Scoundrel?
  44. How old was George Gershwin when he died?
  45. Who was the first black man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
  46. Which actress was called by the US Senate a 'powerful force of
    evil' when she left her husband and child in 1948?
  47. Which golfer became only the fifth in history to win both the
    British and US Open championships in the same year, in 1982?
  48. How many times did tennis legend Jimmy Connors win the US Open in
    the 1970s?
  49. What sentence did Charles Manson receive for the murder of
    actress Sharon Tate?
  50. Which pop star did model Iman marry in 1992?

Answers to  Quiz #38

  1. Islamic Dawn.
  2. March.
  3. Art Historian.
  4. Winnie Mandela.
  5. Brigadier General.
  6. Daniel.
  7. Amelia Earhart.
  8. George Patton.
  9. Jiang Qing.
  10. Libya.
  11. Hawaii.
  12. James Whittaker.
  13. Adnan Khashoggi.
  14. Congo.
  15. Long Walk To Freedom.
  16. Red Brigade.
  17. Afghanistan.
  18. Edmond Hillary.
  19. Imelda Marcos.
  20. 1979.
  21. Colin Powel.
  22. Radovan Karadzic.
  23. Norman Schwarzkopf.
  24. Colonel Gaddafi.
  25. Agnes.
  26. Stella McCartney.
  27. Seymour Hersh.
  28. Rachel Hunter.
  29. Bobby Fischer.
  30. Adolph Rickenbacker.
  31. Sam Ervin.
  32. Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.
  33. Jasper.
  34. Alan Freed.
  35. Let's do it.
  36. Czechoslovakia.
  37. Bob Fosse.
  38. Pepsi.
  39. Naomi Campbell.
  40. Carl Wilson.
  41. Gucci.
  42. Jerry Hall.
  43. Joan Collins.
  44. 38.
  45. Ralph Johnson Bunche.
  46. Ingrid Bergman.
  47. Tom Watson.
  48. Three.
  49. Execution (although the death penalty was not in force in
  50. David Bowie.