Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trivia Quiz #30 Trivia About Famous World Leaders - Reagan, Truman, Gorbachev, Thatcher, Ho Chi Min, Mussolini, and More!

World and US Leaders including, Ho Chi Minh, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Gorbachev, Dwight D. Eisenhower and more.
  1. Who attempted to assassinate President Roosevelt in 1933?
  2. Who did Mrs. Thatcher describe as "a man we can do business
  3. How is Tenzin Gyatso better known?
  4. Which former leader wrote the novel The Cardinal's Hat?
  5. Which US senator was assassinated in Louisiana in 1935?
  6. How was Nguyen that Tan better known?
  7. Who did the Americans recognize as ruler of Vietnam in 1950 when
    the Soviets acknowledged Ho Chi Min?
  8. Where was Nelson Mandela's first foreign trip to after his
    release from prison?
  9. What rank did Harry S. Truman reach in the Great War?
  10. Who was the defeated Presidential candidate in the 1900 US
  11. Who was the first leader of the Belgian Congo?
  12. Who assassinated President McKinley?
  13. Who replaced MacArthur as UN commander in Korea?
  14. Who was Greece's first socialist Prime Minister?
  15. Which leader has played in goal for Polish soccer side Wotsyla?
  16. Canadian leader Lester Pearson won the Nobel Peace prize for his
    mediation role in which conflict?
  17. Who  became the first President of Israel?
  18. Who was Pope during World War II?
  19. In 1990 who faced banners saying Goodbye Pineapple Face?
  20. Who was the youngest US Vice President of the 20th century?
  21. Who took over as president of Romania after Ceaucescu was
  22. Who was mayor of New York during the race riots of 1996?
  23. Who formulated his Sinatra Doctrine - Foreign policy to be
    constructed on a My Way basis?
  24. Which president decided to build a naval station at Pearl Harbor?
  25. Vaclav Havel and British King George VI both lost what part of
    their bodies?
  26. Who was the first US president to visit Great Britain?
  27. Who was Oliver North's immediate boss who admitted authori8zing
    funding the Contra rebels in Nicaragua?
  28. Which ex-president died shortly after he death of Harry S.
  29. Who was the first Democrat President of the 20th century?
  30. Who was North Vietnam's chief negotiator at the '73 Paris peace
  31. Who was the first president to be elected for a third four-year
  32. Which Secretary of State under Truman helped formulate the
    Marshall Plan?
  33. Senator Joe McCarthly representred which state?
  34. Who did Roosevelt defeat when he won the 1932 election?
  35. Which President gave the go-ahead to build an H Bomb?
  36. Which president was responsible for setting up the Manhattan
  37. Who took part in the first televised debate between two
    presidential candidates?
  38. Which president called for a league of Nations in May 1916?
  39. Who was the oldest US President before Ronal Reagan?
  40. Dan Quayle was Senator form which state when he was chosen as
    George Bush's Vice President?
  41. Where was Lyndon Johnson when he first took the Presidential
  42. Where did Reagan and Gorbachev have their Star Wars summit in
    October 19865?
  43. Under how many US presidents did FBI director J Edgar Hoover
  44. How much did Clint Eastwood receive per month for his duties as
    Mayor of Carmel?
  45. Which US president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1920?
  46. Who was Walter Mondale's running mate in the 1984 election?
  47. What was Ronald Reagan's last movie?
  48. Who was Ronald Regan's first Secretary of State?
  49. Who led the Paris talks on behalf of the USA in May 1968?
  50. How many 'points for peace' did President Wilson announce in

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #30

  1. Guiseppe Zingara.
  2. Gorbachev.
  3. The Dali Lama.
  4. Mussolini.
  5. Huey Long.
  6. Ho Chi Minh.
  7. Bao Dai.
  8. Zambia.
  9. Captain.
  10. William Jennings Bryan.
  11. Lumumba.
  12. Leon Czolgosz.
  13. General Ridgeway.
  14. Papandreou.
  15. Pope John Paul II.
  16. Suez.
  17. Chiam Weizmann.
  18. Pius XII.
  19. Manuel Noriega.
  20. Richard Nixon.
  21. Ion Hiescu.
  22. John Lindsay.
  23. Eduard Shevardnadze.
  24. William Taft.
  25. Lung.
  26. Woodrow Wilson.
  27. John Poindexter.
  28. Lyndon B. Johnson.
  29. Woodrow Wilson.
  30. Le Duc Tho.
  31. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  32. Dean Acheson.
  33. Wisconsin.
  34. Herbert Hoover.
  35. Truman.
  36. Roosevelt.
  37. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy
  38. Wilson.
  39. Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  40. Indiana.
  41. Air force I.
  42. Iceland.
  43. Eight.
  44. $200,
  45. Woodrow Wilson.
  46. Geraldine Ferraro.
  47. The Killers.
  48. Alexander Haig.
  49. Averill Harriman.
  50. 14.