Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hard Trivia Quiz #20 - Questions about stars, movies, actors, religion, songs, singers and more!

Hard Miscellaneous Trivia - Movies, Actors, Songs, Singers and More!
  1. In which American state are the Merril Collection and the Burke
    Museum of Fine Arts?
  2. Which actor paid $93,500 for the baseball which rolled between
    Bill Buckner's legs in game six of the 1986 World Series?
  3. Who was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President between 1905 and
  4. Which nation was the first to ratify the United Nations charter
    in 1945?
  5. What is the Alaskan terminus of the Alaskan Highway?
  6. What was Buster Keaton's actual first name?
  7. From 1903 to 1958, every Pope--bar one--took which name?
  8. Which US No 1 single came from Diana Ross's platinum album Diana?
  9. Which brothers were Warner Bros' first major record success?
  10. What is Whoopi Goldberg's real name?
  11. Other than justice and liberty, how many females have appeared on
    US currency?
  12. River Phoenix died during the making of which  movie?
  13. What was the title of Kitty Kelley's book about Elizabeth Taylor?
  14. What was Eddie Fisher's last top ten hit?
  15. What are the international registration letters for a vehicle
    form Jordan?
  16. Which artist David was born in Bradford UK?
  17. Which actress was born on exactly the same day as Al Gore?
  18. What is Mel Gibson's middle name?
  19. In which country was Julie Christie born?
  20. Which artist created the Katzenjammer Kids?
  21. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Johnny Angel?
  22. Which country does the airline VIASA come from?
  23. Who directed Back To The Future?
  24. Richard Daley was mayor of which city for 21 years?
  25. Where was Che Guevara killed?
  26. Daryl Dragon used which name when he formed a 70s duo?
  27. What's the link between a certain Peter Scott and Lauren Bacall,
    Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren?
  28. Which has the highest population, Rode island or South Dakota?
  29. What was Oliver Reed's real first name?
  30. Which European newspaper published detailed photographs of the
    car crash involving Diana, Princess of Wales?
  31. Which country does the airline Sansa come from?
  32. Who drew Felix the cat?
  33. Who wrote the song Harper Valley PTA?
  34. Which singer was born in Tennessee in 1917 with the first names
    Francis Rose?
  35. What was Elvis's last No 1 in his own lifetime?
  36. Who choreographed the first performance of Copland's Rodeo?
  37. Who wrote Riders of the Purple Sage?
  38. What were D W Griffith's first names?
  39. Who created the line, "Happiness is a warm puppy?
  40. Who was the voice of Popeye for 45 years?
  41. Who directed The Big Sleep and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
  42. In which year was the talkie The Jazz Singer released?
  43. Alborg Roedslet international airport is in which country?
  44. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letters WG?
  45. What was Elton John's first US No 1 hit?
  46. In which decade was the Oral Roberts University founded at Tulsa?
  47. In which English city is the Burrows Toy Museum?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #19 - Harder Trivia

  1. Texas.
  2. Charlie Sheen.
  3. Charles W. Fairbanks.
  4. Nicaragua.
  5. Fairbanks.
  6. Joseph.
  7. Pius.
  8. Upside Down.
  9. Everly.
  10. Caryn Johnson.
  11. Three - Martha Washington, Pocahontas, Susan B Anthony.
  12. Dark Blood.
  13. Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star.
  14. Cindy Oh Cindy.
  15. HKJ.
  16. Hockney.
  17. Rhea Pearlman.
  18. Columcille.
  19. India.
  20. Rudolph Dirks.
  21. Shelley Fabares.
  22. Venezuela.
  23. Robert Zemeckis.
  24. Chicago.
  25. Bolivia.
  26. Captain.
  27. He robbed them.
  28. Rhode Island.
  29. Robert.
  30. Bild.
  31. Costa Rica.
  32. Otto Messmer.
  33. Tom T. Hall.
  34. Dinah Shore.
  35. Suspicious Minds.
  36. Agnes de Mille.
  37. Zane Gray.
  38. David Wark.
  39. Charles Schulz.
  40. Jack Mercer.
  41. Howard Hawks.
  42. 1927.
  43. Denmark.
  44. Grenada.
  45. Crocodile Rock.
  46. 1960s.
  47. Bath.