Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hard General Knowledge Trivia Quiz #23 - Hard Miscellaneous Trivia Questions and Answers

Difficult General Knowledge Trivia - Scroll down for the answers
  1. The worlds biggest what was made in London in 1998 to celebrate
    the re-release of Disney's Lady And The Tramp?
  2. How old was Elizabeth Taylor when she appeared in National
  3. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Idaho?
  4. In which state was Gene Vincent born?
  5. How was the European Recovery Program in the 1940s more commonly
  6. In which decade was the University of Miami founded?
  7. Who were joint ballet masters of the NYCB from 1983?
  8. Who choreographed Oklahoma on Broadway in the 40s?
  9. Sarah Vaughan first joined which band as singer?
  10. Elmas international airport is in which country?
  11. Which pioneering aviator had a plane called Percival Gull?
  12. Brandon Lee died during the making of which movie?
  13. Which British political figure became Baroness Kesteven?
  14. Henri Becquerel shared a Nobel prize for his work in discovering
  15. Who was the first white music star to record on Atlantic, through
    its sister label Atco?
  16. Who took the assumed name Sebastian Melmoth when living in Paris?
  17. Who signed the Pacific Security Treaty with the USA in 1951?
  18. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with Let's Do It Again?
  19. How many miles long is the canal which links the Pacific and
    Atlantic Oceans?
  20. Who founded the off-Broadway theater where Hair had its premier?
  21. Established in 1919, which is the world's oldest surviving
  22. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letter MA?
  23. Mel Fisher was noted for searching for what?
  24. Which US First Lady said, "No one can make you feel interior
    unless you consent?"
  25. Who won super bowl X?
  26. Who brought to an end Jahangir Khan's long unbeaten run of
    success in squash in the 80s?
  27. Who had a Too Legit To Quit Tour?
  28. Which instrument did bandleader Phil Harris play?
  29. Jomo Kenyatta was born into which tribe?
  30. According to Rudyard Kipling what were the "two imposters" to
    meet and treat the same day?
  31. Who is the most successful UK solo artist in the USA?
  32. Bryan Abrams, Sam Walters, Mark Calderon and Kevin Thornton
    formed which group?
  33. Which European country was the first to allow women the vote?
  34. Who was the British Prime Minister when independence was granted
    to India, Pakistan and Ceylon?
  35. Who was the defending champion when Bjorn Borg first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  36. When was the Scrabble World championship first held?
  37. Arlanda international airport is in which country?
  38. Where was horse racing's Breeder's Cup held in 1987?
  39. In which year was Grace Kelly born?
  40. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Montana?
  41. What year was the centenary of Arkansas joining the Union?
  42. Which singer formed his own Berlee record label?
  43. Who duetted with Barbra Streisand on Till I Loved You in 1988?
  44. Which country does the airline TAAG come from?
  45. Who  directed The Silence of the Lambs?
  46. What was first published on 21st December 1913 in the New York
  47. What finally knocked One Sweet Day off the No 1 position in the
    charts in the 90s?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #23- Harder Trivia

  1. Bowl of spaghetti.
  2. 10.
  3. 82,751 square miles.
  4. Virginia.
  5. Marshall Plan.
  6. 1920s.
  7. Peter Martins and Anthony Tudor.
  8. Agnes de Mille.
  9. Earl Hines.
  10. Italy.
  11. Jean Batten.
  12. The Crow.
  13. Margaret Thatcher.
  14. Radioactivity.
  15. Bobby Darin.
  16. Oscar Wilde.
  17. Australia & New Zealand.
  18. The Staple Singers.
  19. 50 miles.
  20. Joseph Papp.
  21. KLM.
  22. Morocco.
  23. Sunken Treasure.
  24. Eleanor Roosevelt.
  25. Pittsburgh.
  26. Ross Norman.
  27. MC Hammer.
  28. Drums.
  29. Kikuyu.
  30. Triumph and Disaster.
  31. Elton John.
  32. Color Me Badd.
  33. Finland.
  34. Clement Attlee.
  35. Arthur Ashe.
  36. 1991.
  37. Sweden.
  38. Hollywood Park L.A.
  39. 1929.
  40. 145,556 square miles.
  41. 1936.
  42. Del Shannon.
  43. Don Johnson.
  44. Angola.
  45. Jonathan Demme.
  46. A crossword puzzle.
  47. Because You Loved Me.