Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun Long Trivia Quiz #19 - Random Miscellaneous Trivia

Harder Random Miscellaneous Trivia questions and their answers.
  1. In which US state was Tennessee Williams born?
  2. Which record was heavily sampled in Hammer's Pray?
  3. Which astronaut said, "This must be what God sees.?
  4. Who was Israeli Prime Minister from 1969 to 1974?
  5. How were Berry and Torrance better known as a musical duo?
  6. What is Robert Redford's real first name?
  7. Bob Gaudio and Nick Massi sang with which group?
  8. Which country does the airline LTU International Airways come from?
  9. In which country was Angelica Huston born?
  10. How would John F. Kennedy have been had he lived to the end of the 20th century?
  11. What was the original name of Michael Jackson's ranch Never Land?
  12. Who was the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van?
  13. Kim Carnes' nine weeks at No 1 with Bette Davis Eyes was interrupted for one
    week by which song?
  14. What were the first two names of 'Cannonball' Adderley?
  15. Where in Canada is the Lion's Gate bridge?
  16. Carrasco international airport is in which country?
  17. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter RA?
  18. What was Walter Matthau's first movie?
  19. Which record company signed Fabian?
  20. Ron Bower and John Williams set a speed record for going round the world in a
  21. What was the profession of New Yorker Garry Winogrand?
  22. In 1903 which state celebrated its centenary of joining the Union?
  23. Amelia Earhart was born in which state?
  24. Who was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President between 1901 and 1905?
  25. What was Phil Collins' last UK No 1 of the 80s?
  26. What was Al Pacino's first movie?
  27. Who discovered the layer of electrically charged particles in the upper
    atmosphere which now bears his name?
  28. In which year did Alcock and Brown make their Atlantic crossing?
  29. Which movie director was born on exactly the same day as  actor Tommy Lee
  30. Which singer wrote the musical Someone Like You?
  31. What state had its bi-centenary of joining the Union a year after North
  32. With which instrument was Charlie Christian associated?
  33. In which country is the Howrah bridge?
  34. Who was the first person to fly at over 100 miles per hour?
  35. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Brunei?
  36. What was Oliver Hardy's real first name?
  37. Who wrote Babel Tower?
  38. Benito Juarez international airport is in which country?
  39. Otis Barton was a pioneer in exploring where?
  40. Where in England was actor Nigel Hawthorne born?
  41. What would Kevin Scale have been called if it had adopted the originator's first
  42. What is Sigourney Weaver's real name?
  43. How old would Rocky Marciano have been had he lived to the end of the 20th
  44. In which year were the first Winter Olympics?
  45. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia?
  46. Which country does the airline Gronlandsfly come from?
  47. Who directed the Exorcist?
  48. Which famous actress was born on exactly the same day as gymnast Olga Korbut?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #19

  1. Mississippi.
  2. When Doves Cry by Prince.
  3. Frank Borman.
  4. Golda Meir.
  5. Jan & Dean.
  6. Charles.
  7. The Four Seasons.
  8. Germany.
  9. Ireland.
  10. 82
  11. Sycamore Ranch.
  12. Superman.
  13. Stars on 45 medley.
  14. Julian Edwin.
  15. Vancouver.
  16. Uruguay.
  17. Argentina.
  18. The Kentuckian.
  19. Chancellor.
  20. Helicopter.
  21. Photographer.
  22. Ohio.
  23. Kansas.
  24. No one.
  25. Another Day in Paradise.
  26. Me Natalie.
  27. Edward Appleton.
  28. 1919.
  29. Oliver Stone.
  30. Petula Clark.
  31. Rhode Island.
  32. Guitar.
  33. India.
  34. Lionel Twiss.
  35. BRU.
  36. Norvell.
  37. A. S. Byatt.
  38. Mexico.
  39. Underwater.
  40. Coventry.
  41. William Scale.
  42. Susan Weaver.
  43. 76.
  44. 1924.
  45. Vicki Lawrence.
  46. Greenland.
  47. William Friedkin.
  48. Debra Winger.