Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movies Trivia, Quiz #41 - Movies, Films, Actors, Directors, and More!

Movie and Film Trivia - Demolition Man, Steve Martin, Wizard of Oz, Hair, Fiddler on the Roof,  The Jerk, and more.
  1. Who directed Finian's Rainbow, his first film for a major studio?
  2. What was the name of the brothel in The Best Little Whorehouse in
  3. Who wrote the lyrics for the song form Notting Hill sung by Elvis
  4. In what year does Demolition Man take place?
  5. Who played a character based on Bob Fosse in a 1979 Oscar winning
  6. Which musical includes the lines "Got no cheque books, got no banks.
    Still I'd like to express my thanks?"
  7. For which movie did Charlie Chaplin first create his tramp character?
  8. Which comedy contained the song A Wink and a Smile?
  9. Where in Europe was much of Evita filmed?
  10. What was the name of the butler in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  11. What was the real first name of the silent Marx Brother?
  12. What was Steve Martin's first film?
  13. Who directed the film version of Hair?
  14. Which film tells of the exploits of singer Deco Duffe?
  15. In which category was Mrs. Doubtfire Oscar-nominated?
  16. Which musical was Victor Fleming making the same time as he was
    making Gone With the Wind?
  17. Which Club featured in cabaret?
  18. "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye is in which musical?
  19. What was the name of the orphanage where The Blues Brothers were
    brought up?
  20. On which film was Three Men and a Baby based?
  21. Which canine caper had the song The Day I Fall in Love?
  22. What was Xanadu in the title of the film?
  23. Who was the male star of the movie The Man of La Mancha?
  24. Airplane! was triggered off by which movie?
  25. Whose poems returned to the bestsellers list after Four Weddings and
    a Funeral?
  26. Who was the voice of O'Malley in The Aristocats?
  27. What was the name of Bob Fosse's character in All That Jazz?
  28. How old was Macaulay Culkin when he was cast for his role in Home
  29. Who was both Oscar- and BAFTA-nominated for When Harry Met Sally?
  30. In which 70s musical did Paul Michael Glaser star?
  31. In Saturday Night Fever, where does Tony work by day?
  32. In Private "Benjamin, what is the name of "Benjamin's captain?
  33. What was the signal for an angel getting its wings in It's A
    Wonderful Life?
  34. How many different hats does Madonna wear in Evita?
  35. A Little Night Music was based on which non-musical film?
  36. What was the name of the high school in Porky's?
  37. Who was Louise Lasser's husband when she stared with him in What's Up
    Tiger Lily?
  38. What was Tootsie's name before he turned into Tootsie?
  39. What was the first sequel to The Pink Panther called?
  40. Who played the title role in the film version of Jesus Christ
  41. What was the name of the sax player in New York New York who fell for
  42. In Cabaret, what was the profession of Sally Bowles' father?
  43. Who was the leader of the band that appeared in The Brady Bunch
  44. In which film was chorus girl Peggy Sawyer told to "come back a
  45. Who was the father-in-law of the male star of Grease 2?
  46. What are the last lines of My Fair Lady?
  47. In The Muppet Movie what was the name of the restaurant Doc Hopper
    wanted to open?
  48. Who directed The Cable Guy?
  49. What type of drug is Sherman Klump trying to perfect in The Nutty

Answers to  Quiz #41 - Movies

  1. Francis Ford Coppola.
  2. Chicken Ranch.
  3. Herbert Kretzmer.
  4. 2032.
  5. Roy Scheider.
  6. Annie Get Your Gun.
  7. Kid Auto Races in Venice.
  8. Sleepless in Seattle.
  9. Hungary.
  10. Riff Raff.
  11. Adolph.
  12. The Jerk.
  13. Milos Forman.
  14. The Commitments.
  15. Best Makeup.
  16. The Wizard of Oz.
  17. Kit Kat.
  18. Oklahoma.
  19. Saint Helen of the Blessed Shroud.
  20. Trois Hommes et un Couffin.
  21. Beethoven's 2nd.
  22. Roller disco.
  23. Peter O'Toole.
  24. Zero Hour.
  25. W. H. Auden.
  26. Phil Harris.
  27. Joe Gideon.
  28. Nine.
  29. Nora Ephron -- Writer.
  30. Fiddler on the Roof.
  31. DYI store.
  32. Lewis.
  33. Bell ringing.
  34. 39.
  35. Smiles of a Summer Night.
  36. Angel Beach.
  37. Woody Allen.
  38. Michael Dorsey.
  39. A Shot in the Dark.
  40. Ted Neely.
  41. Jimmy.
  42. US diplomat.
  43. Davy Jones.
  44. 42nd Street.
  45. John Mills -- the star was Maxwell Caulfield.
  46. Where the devil are my slippers?
  47. Frogs' Legs.
  48. Ben Stiller.
  49. Weight loss.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

People Trivia Quiz #40 - Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Famous People

Trivia About Famous and Infamous People and Things They Did

People trivia - Lindbergh, Clinton, Thatcher, Winfrey,McAuliffe, Yoko Ono and more.

  1. How old was Charles Lindbergh when he first flew solo across the Atlantic?
  2. Which First Lady had to give evidence over the Whitewater scandal?
  3. About which British politician did Francois Mitterrand say, "She has
    the mouth of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula?"
  4. Nigel Short was the youngest champion in which game in 1984?
  5. Earl Spencer appeared on whose US chat show?
  6. What did Woody Allen call his son as a tribute to Louis 'Satchmo'
  7. What relation is Joey Richardson to Vanessa Redgrave?
  8. Which princess took out an injunction against a photographer after he
    tried to take photographs of her?
  9. Which US journalist was released after  his arrest for spying in
  10. In which decade did Berry Gordy set up Tamla Motown?
  11. Who was the first person to fly in the 'citizen in space' program?
  12. Who designs under the Emporio label?
  13. Who did Mike Tyson defeat when he first won the WBC world heavyweight
    title at the age of 20?
  14. Melanie Molitor is the mom of which tennis world NO 1?
  15. Which American commander reached the North Pole at his sixth attempt
    in 1909?
  16. In 1984 how was the baby who received the heart of a baboon known?
  17. What was the name of NATO spokesman in the 1999 Kosovo crisis?
  18. Marc Dutroux hit the headlines over a 'house of horrors' in which
  19. Which 80s Wimbledon Men's Singles champion is the father of twins?
  20. Which daughter of the last Tsar of Russia was said to have escaped to
  21. Which soul singer is Whitney Houston's god mother?
  22. Which Russian-born American wrote I, Robot?
  23. In which state were Bonnie & Clyde killed?
  24. Which hospital was John Lennon taken to after he was shot?
  25. Which Biblical name does Boris Becker's older son have?
  26. President Kennedy was shot on 22nd November; what day was Lee Harvey
    Oswald shot?
  27. Who founded General Motors in 1908?
  28. Nicoletta Mantovani hit the headlines through her relationship with
    which big figure in the entertainment world?
  29. What was Clive Sinclair's personal transport vehicle called?
  30. In 1997 The Duchess of York was signed up by which US newspaper to
    write a weekly column?
  31. What did Mel ?B call her baby with Jimmy Gulzar?
  32. Who designed Posh "Spice Victoria Adam's wedding dress?
  33. Who is Julian Lennon's step-mother?
  34. Which American contralto was the first black singe to appear at the
    Metropolitan Opera?
  35. Why did Mrs. Tchaikovsky cause a sensation in 1928?
  36. Which American was the first ever person to retain an Olympic
    springboard diving title?
  37. Which university did Tony Blair and Bill Clinton both attend in their
    younger days?
  38. What is the name of Paul and Linda McCartney's only son?
  39. Who won the first men's US Tennis Open, in 1968?
  40. Timothy McVeigh was convicted for which bombing?
  41. What was Al Capone jailed for the very first time?
  42. Who was dubbed The Lone Eagle?
  43. Who was Oliver North's secretary during the Irangate scandal?
  44. Which singer married director Blake Edwards?
  45. What relation was "Waldorf Astor, who became a British member of
    Parliament, to US millionaire John Jacob Astor?
  46. Where did John Dillinger have a distinctive scar?
  47. Which French actor was the first to be broadcast live in the US via

Answers to  Quiz #40 - Answers for Famous People

  1. 25.
  2. Hillary Clinton.
  3. Margaret Thatcher.
  4. Chess.
  5. Oprah Winfrey.
  6. Satchel.
  7. Daughter.
  8. Princess Diana.
  9. Nicholas Daniloff.
  10. 1950s.
  11. Christa McAuliffe.
  12. Armani.
  13. Trevor Berbiek.
  14. Martina Hingis.
  15. Robert F. Peary.
  16. Baby Fae.
  17. Jamie Shea.
  18. Belgium.
  19. Pat Cash.
  20. Anastasia.
  21. Aretha Franklin.
  22. Isaac Asimov.
  23. Louisiana.
  24. Roosevelt Hospital.
  25. Noah.
  26. 24th November.
  27. William C. Durant.
  28. Luciano Pavarotti.
  29. C5.
  30. New York Times.
  31. Phoenix Chi.
  32. Vera Wang.
  33. Yoko Ono.
  34. Marian Anderson.
  35. Claimed to be Russian Tsar's daughter.
  36. Greg Louganis.
  37. Oxford.
  38. James.
  39. Arthur Ash.
  40. Oklahoma.
  41. Carrying a gun.
  42. Charles Lindbergh.
  43. Fawn Hall.
  44. Julie Andrews.
  45. Great-grandson.
  46. Left hand.
  47. Yve Montand.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long TV Trivia Quiz #39 - Trivia Questions and Answers About TV and Television Shows

TV Trivia - Richard Dawson, Green Acres, Murphy Brown, Golden Girls, Vickie Lawrence, and more.
  1. What was the name of Maude's fourth husband in the spin-off from
    All In The Family?
  2. Which actress links Dorothy in The Golden Girls and Maude Findlay in
  3. Which of the Friends cast has a son called Julian in real life?
  4. What was the name of Jed's nephew in The Beverly Hillbillies?
  5. College Bowl was based on the UK show University what?
  6. In Knight Rider, what did the I stand for in KITT?
  7. Who first hosted Family Feud?
  8. What was Green Acres called on radio?
  9. Which 90s sitcom character was said to be a symbol of failing values
    which caused LA riots, according to Dan Quayle?
  10. According to the series when was the Cheers bar founded?
  11. Which sitcom with Vickie Lawrence was a spin-off from the Carol
    Burnett Show?
  12. Who married Danny De Vito during a Taxi lunch break?
  13. Who was creator and executive producer of Magnum PI?
  14. Who bought out ABC in 1986?
  15. What was the name of the vet in Daktari?
  16. Which bank has the A Team raided?
  17. Who bought CBS in 1929 and remained on the board until 1983?
  18. Which actress was born on exactly the same day as singer/ songwriter
    Stephen Stills?
  19. Which executive producer of Dream On is well known for films such as
    Trading Places?
  20. To which interviewer did Richard Nixon say, "I never cry except in
  21. Who did Dick Van Dyke play in The Dick Van Dyke Show?
  22. Which English actress and star of Primary Colors appeared as a guest
    in Cheers?
  23. What was the first sitcom to reach No 1 in the Nielsen ratings?
  24. Who in the singing Jackson family appeared in Different Strokes?
  25. What was the first spin-off from The Beverly Hillbillies called?
  26. Which series was a spin off from the Golden Girls spin-off, Empty
  27. In her first major TV series, what was the only part of Mary Tyler
    Moore visible to viewers?
  28. Who said, "Married men live longer than single men, but married men
    are more willing to die"?
  29. In Laverne & Shirley, what was Laverne's last name?
  30. Which character did Burt Reynolds play in Evening Shade?
  31. Which comedian starred in the ABC sitcom Chicken Soup?
  32. Who did Debbie play in The Debbie Reynolds Show?
  33. Who interviewed Dudley Moore about his illness in November 1999?
  34. Which wife of its producer William Asher was Samantha in Bewitched?
  35. Dorothy, Rose, Sophia and who else formed the Golden Girls?
  36. Who first funded Sesame Street?
  37. What did the Lone Ranger's title Kemo Sabe mean in Apache?
  38. In Family Affair what was the butler called?
  39. Which multi-millionaire was born the same day TV pioneer John Logie
    Baird died?
  40. Who or what was Gentle Ben in the 60s TV series?
  41. In the Addams Family, what is Gomez's octopus called?
  42. How much did Jerry Seinfeld reputedly turn down per episode when he
    refused to continue Seinfeld?
  43. In the animation series, what was Godzilla's nephew called?
  44. Which character did Betty White play in The Betty White Show?
  45. During the series Roseanne changed her name to Arnold from what?
  46. Which hotel sitcom was based on the British series Fawlty Towers?
  47. Which 70s show was based on the British show Till Death Us Do Part?
  48. In Hong Kong Phooey who is 'the cutie beauty who's always on duty'?
  49. On whose Holly6wood lot were The Abbott and Costello shows filmed?
  50. Who did Gary marry at the end of It's Gary Shandling's Show?

Answers to  Quiz #39 - Answers for TV Trivia Quiz

  1. Walter.
  2. Bea Arthur.
  3. Lisa Kudrow.
  4. Jethro Bodine.
  5. Challenge.
  6. Industries.
  7. Richard Dawson.
  8. Granby's Green Acres.
  9. Murphy Brown.
  10. 1895.
  11. Mama's Family.
  12. Rhea Perlman.
  13. Donald P. Bellisario.
  14. Capital Cities Communications.
  15. Marsh Tracy.
  16. The Bank of Hanoi.
  17. William S. Paley.
  18. Victoria Principal.
  19. John Landis.
  20. David Frost.
  21. Rob Petrie.
  22. Emma Thompson.
  23. I Love Lucy.
  24. Janet.
  25. Petticoat Junction.
  26. Nurses.
  27. Her legs.
  28. Johnny Carson.
  29. De Fazio.
  30. Wood Newton.
  31. Jackie Mason.
  32. Debbie Thompson.
  33. Barbara Walters.
  34. Elizabeth Montgomery.
  35. Blanch.
  36. Children's Television Workshop.
  37. White Shirt.
  38. French.
  39. Donald Trump.
  40. Bear cub.
  41. Aristotle.
  42. $5 million.
  43. Godzooky.
  44. Joyce Whitman.
  45. Barr.
  46. Amanda's.
  47. All In The Family.
  48. Rosemary.
  49. Hal Roach's.
  50. Phoebe.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Long People Trivia Quiz #38 - Trivia Questions and Answers about Famous People

Trivia about famous people such as Brian Keenan, George Patton, Amelia Earhart, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi, and more!
  1. Which organization handed over Brian Keenan in Beirut after 1600
  2. In which month in 1997 was The Notorious B.I.G. gunned down?
  3. What was the official occupation of Sir Anthony Blunt who was
    unmasked as a Soviet spy in 1979?
  4. Which famous name was accused f the abduction of Stompie Seipei?
  5. What was the highest rank Charles Lindbergh attained?
  6. What is Arnold Palmer's middle name?
  7. Who was the second person to make a solo transatlantic flight?
  8. Who became commanding general of the First Armored Corps in 1941?

  9. Who was the third wife of the leader of China's Long March?
  10. In 1985 Terry Waite returned to Beirut after securing the release
    of four British hostages where?
  11. Where did Ferdinand Marcos live in exile?
  12. Which American led a team to put 10 people on the summit of
    Everest in 1990?
  13. Which founder of the company Triad was accused by the USA of
    receiving bribes?
  14. UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold was killed over which country?
  15. What was the autobiography of the first president of
    non-Apartheid South Africa called?
  16. Which terrorist group murdered Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro?
  17. General Boris Gromov was the last Soviet soldier to leave where
    in 1989?
  18. Who was the first person after Scott to reach the South Pole
  19. Which politician's wife was acquitted in 1990 of defrauding US
  20. In what year did Saddam Hussein become President of Iraq?
  21. Who became chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1989?
  22. Who became leader of the Bosnian Serbs in 1992?
  23. Who was deputy commander of the 1983 US invasion of Grenada?
  24. Mao wrote a Red Book; who wrote a Green Book?
  25. What was Mother Teresa's real first name?
  26. Which famous daughter was made chief designer at Chloe in 1997?
  27. Which journalist first told the world about the My Lai massacre?
  28. Which supermodel was married to Rod Stewart?
  29. Who was America's first world chess champion?
  30. Which Swiss-born Californian first used an amplifier with a
  31. Who was chairman of the Watergate hearings?
  32. Which member of Britain's Royal Family sold her autobiography for
    $1.3 million to Simon & Schuster?
  33. What is the name of Terence and Shirley Conran's dress designer
  34. Who was credited with popularizing the term rock 'n' roll?
  35. What were Gary Gilmore's final words before his execution in
  36. In which country was Ivana Trump born and brought up?
  37. Who wrote the stage musical Cabaret?
  38. Which drink did The Spice Girls promote?
  39. Flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes hit the headlines in 1996 over his
    relationship with which supermodel?
  40. Who was the youngest brother in the Beach Boys?
  41. Which Italian fashion designer was murdered on the orders of his
  42. Which blonde model appeared in the first Tim Hudson Batman movie?
  43. Which soap star launched a perfume called Scoundrel?
  44. How old was George Gershwin when he died?
  45. Who was the first black man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
  46. Which actress was called by the US Senate a 'powerful force of
    evil' when she left her husband and child in 1948?
  47. Which golfer became only the fifth in history to win both the
    British and US Open championships in the same year, in 1982?
  48. How many times did tennis legend Jimmy Connors win the US Open in
    the 1970s?
  49. What sentence did Charles Manson receive for the murder of
    actress Sharon Tate?
  50. Which pop star did model Iman marry in 1992?

Answers to  Quiz #38

  1. Islamic Dawn.
  2. March.
  3. Art Historian.
  4. Winnie Mandela.
  5. Brigadier General.
  6. Daniel.
  7. Amelia Earhart.
  8. George Patton.
  9. Jiang Qing.
  10. Libya.
  11. Hawaii.
  12. James Whittaker.
  13. Adnan Khashoggi.
  14. Congo.
  15. Long Walk To Freedom.
  16. Red Brigade.
  17. Afghanistan.
  18. Edmond Hillary.
  19. Imelda Marcos.
  20. 1979.
  21. Colin Powel.
  22. Radovan Karadzic.
  23. Norman Schwarzkopf.
  24. Colonel Gaddafi.
  25. Agnes.
  26. Stella McCartney.
  27. Seymour Hersh.
  28. Rachel Hunter.
  29. Bobby Fischer.
  30. Adolph Rickenbacker.
  31. Sam Ervin.
  32. Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.
  33. Jasper.
  34. Alan Freed.
  35. Let's do it.
  36. Czechoslovakia.
  37. Bob Fosse.
  38. Pepsi.
  39. Naomi Campbell.
  40. Carl Wilson.
  41. Gucci.
  42. Jerry Hall.
  43. Joan Collins.
  44. 38.
  45. Ralph Johnson Bunche.
  46. Ingrid Bergman.
  47. Tom Watson.
  48. Three.
  49. Execution (although the death penalty was not in force in
  50. David Bowie.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Trivia Quiz #37 - Movie, Film, and Cinema Questions with the Answers

Trivia about movies, Oscars, actresses, Katharine Hepburn, Omar Sharif, Dustin Hoffman and more.

  1. Which veteran actress Katharine was the first actress to win four
  2. Who won his second Oscar in successive years for Forrest Gump?
  3. Which swashbuckling hero's autobiography was My Wicked Wicked
  4. Which British-born comedian completed a record 60th year of a
    contract with NBC in 1996?
  5. Who won his second Oscar for the role of Raymond in Rain Man?
  6. In 1997 James Cameron won an Oscar for which blockbuster?
  7. Which Nick won an Oscar for The Wrong Trousers?
  8. What is Sean Connery's profession in The Name of the Rose?
  9. Bogart's trademark sneer was due to an injury sustained in which
  10. In which film did Jodie Foster play FBI agent Clarice Starling?
  11. Nigel Hawthorne was Oscar nominated for The Madness of which
  12. Which Julie won an Oscar for Darling in 1965 and was Oscar
    nominated in 19987 for Afterglow?
  13. Which musical set in gangland New York won 11 Oscars in 1961?
  14. Who did Ali McGraw marry after they had made The Getaway
  15. Which Swedish actress won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for
    Murder on the Orient Express?
  16. Who spoke for the first time in Anna Christie?
  17. Who uttered the famous line "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn?
  18. Whose voice did Marni Nixon dub in the classic My Fair Lady?
  19. Who was jailed for her 'obscene' stage play Sex?
  20. Which 1997 movie equaled Ben Hur's record 11 Oscars?
  21. Who won an Oscar wearing an eye patch in True Grit?
  22. In which film did David Niven play James Bond?
  23. Omar Sharif is a worldwide expert in which game?
  24. Which Emma won an Oscar for her screenplay of Sense and
  25. Which film with Ralph Fiennes won Anthony Minghella an Oscar?
  26. I Could Go on Singing was the last film of which screen legend?
  27. Which British actor's autobiography was called What's It All
  28. Judi Dench won an Oscar as which Queen in Shakespeare in Love?
  29. Who won the Best Actor and Best Director Oscar for Dances With
  30. Which Jessica was the then oldest Oscar winner for Driving Miss
  31. Who was the first actress to receive four Oscars?
  32. Which screen legend's daughter shot JR in Dallas?
  33. In the 70s which gangster film won an Oscar as did its sequel?
  34. Geoffrey Rush won an Oscar for Shine, as what type of musician?
  35. Which Oscar-nominated film had You Sexy Thing as its theme song?
  36. For which film about a Scottish hero did Mel Gibson win his first
    Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director?
  37. Who got her first big break in Grease 2?
  38. Which Joan's career revived in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  39. Who played Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough's 1992 film?
  40. Which much-loved actor won the Best Actor Oscar for The
    Philadelphia Story?
  41. Which star of Gypsy and West Side Story married Robert Wagner
  42. Which legendary dancer was Oscar-nominated for The Towering
  43. Which lyricist who has worked with Elton John and Andrew Lloyd
    Webber won an award for  A Whole New World from Aladdin?
  44. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head was an Oscar winner from which
    movie with Robert Redford & Paul Newman?
  45. The multi-Oscar winning The Deer Hunter was about steelworkers
    who went to fight where?
  46. Which red-haired actress had the Margarita cocktail named after
    her as her real name was Margarita Cansino?

Answers to  Quiz #37

  1. Hepburn.
  2. Tom Hanks.
  3. Errol Flynn.
  4. Bob Hope.
  5. Dustin Hoffman.
  6. Titanic.
  7. Park.
  8. Friar.
  9. WWI.
  10. The Silence of the Lambs.
  11. George.
  12. Christie.
  13. West Side Story.
  14. Steve McQueen.
  15. Ingrid Bergman.
  16. Greta Garbo.
  17. Clark Gable.
  18. Audrey Hepburn.
  19. Mae West.
  20. Titanic.
  21. John Wayne.
  22. Casino Royale.
  23. Bridge.
  24. Thompson.
  25. The English Patient.
  26. Judy Garland.
  27. Michael Cane.
  28. Elizabeth I.
  29. Kevin Costner.
  30. Tandy.
  31. Katharine Hepburn.
  32. Bing Crosby.
  33. The Godfather.
  34. Pianist.
  35. The Full Monty.
  36. Braveheart.
  37. Michelle Pfeiffer.
  38. Crawford.
  39. Robert Downey Jr.
  40. James Stewart.
  41. Natalie Wood.
  42. Fred Astaire.
  43. Tim Rice.
  44. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  45. Vietnam.
  46. Rita Hayworth.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Movie Trivia Quiz #36 - Movies, Films, Oscars, Actors, Actresses, Writers and More!

Easy Movie Trivia Questions with the Answers
  1. What sort of Menace was the 1999 Star Wars movie?
  2. What was the name of Drew Barrymore's character in E.T.?
  3. Which ER star played opposite Jenny Seagrove in Don' Go Breaking
    My Heart?
  4. Which Schwarzenegger movie about a man who gets pregnant was
    originally titled Oh Baby?
  5. Who starred in the lead role in the The Fly opposite Geena Davis?
  6. Who played Rick Deckard in Blade Runner?
  7. Beloved in 1999 was whose first movie since The Color Purple in
  8. Which regular member of the Friends cast starred in Lost in
  9. What was the fourth Alien film called?
  10. What number Star Trek movie was called The Wrath of Khan?
  11. In Stepmom who played Susan Sarandon's daughter?
  12. Which King did Leonardo Di Caprio play in The Man in the Iron
  13. Which role did Rupert Everett play in The Madness of King George?
  14. Who received $3 million to recreate her five-year TV role on film
    with her male partner>?
  15. Which UK pop singer an environmental campaigner appeared in Dune?
  16. What was Stanley Kubrick's final movie?
  17. Which animation film was originally a 50s musical set in Siam?
  18. Who tries to save the world from virtual reality in The Matrix?
  19. Which decade does Michael J Fox go back to in Back to the Future?
  20. In which 90s movie did Al Pacino play retired Colonel Frank
  21. What is the name of Kate Winslet's character in Titanic?
  22. Which spin-off from a 60s sitcom was a 1999 movie with Jeff
    Daniels and Christopher Lloyd?
  23. Which Star Trek star directed Three Men and a Baby?
  24. Which sitcom star appeared on the big screening The Object of My
  25. Who played the title role in Emma?
  26. Who played Batman immediately before George Clooney?
  27. Who played the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel?
  28. Who played Drew Barrymore's stepmother in Ever After?
  29. Which character did Julia "Roberts play in Steven Spielberg's
  30. In which 1998 film did Bruce Willis lead a team to confront a
    deadly threat from outer space?
  31. Which 1968 sci fi classic was based on The Sentinel by Arthur C
  32. Which US president did Anthony Hopkins play in a film whose title
    was simply his name?
  33. Which movie was a biopic about the life of David Helfgott?
  34. Which tough guy played Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin?
  35. What was the subtitle of Terminator 2?
  36. Which 1996 film has its climax on 4th of July?
  37. Which film director guested as the FBI Director in The Silence of
    the Lambs?
  38. Which Apollo mission was filmed in 1995 with Tom Hanks?
  39. In which film did Susan Sarandon play Sister Helen Prejean?
  40. In which sci fi classic did the space ship Nostromo first appear?
  41. In which city does the action of the 1998 movie Godzilla take
  42. Which star of Cheers co-starred with ?Whoopi Goldberg in Made in
  43. What was Pierce Brosnan's first outing as 007?
  44. Which The Bridges of Madison County star became a father again
    aged 65?
  45. Who was the star of the dark thriller 8mm?
  46. Where was the 1990s version of Dickens' Great Expectations set?
  47. Which important US building has its roof ripped off in Superman
  48. What is the name of the Darth Vader-to-be in the Star Wars
    Prequel, Episode 1?
  49. What was the first sequel to Star Wars?
  50. Who did Jane Fonda play in the 60s movie of the same name where
    she repeatedly lost her clothes.

Answers to  Quiz #36

  1. Phantom.
  2. Gertie.
  3. Anthony Edwards.
  4. Junior.
  5. Jeff Goldblum.
  6. Harrison Ford.
  7. Oprah Winfrey.
  8. Matt LeBlanc.
  9. Alien Resurrection.
  10. II.
  11. Julia Roberts.
  12. Louis XIV.
  13. The Prince of Wales.
  14. Gillian Anderson -- in The X Files.
  15. Sting.
  16. Eyes Wide Shut.
  17. The King and I.
  18. Keanu Reeves.
  19. 50s.
  20. Scent of a Woman.
  21. Rose.
  22. My Favorite Martian.
  23. Leonard Nimoy.
  24. Jennifer Aniston.
  25. Gwyneth Paltrow.
  26. Val Kilmer.
  27. Ewan McGregor.
  28. Angelica Houston.
  29. Tinkerbell.
  30. Armageddon.
  31. 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  32. Nixon.
  33. Shine.
  34. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  35. Judgment Day.
  36. Independence Day.
  37. Roger Corman.
  38. 13.
  39. Dead Man Walking.
  40. Alien.
  41. New York.
  42. Ted Danson.
  43. Goldeneye.
  44. Clint Eastwood.
  45. Nicolas Cage.
  46. New York.
  47. The White House.
  48. Anakin Skywalker.
  49. The Empire strikes Back.
  50. Barbarella.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trivia Quiz #35 - Internet and Online Trivia Questions With Answers

Easy Long Trivia Quiz with the Answers - Internet, world wide web, online stuff.
  1. What is another name for a URL?
  2. Pong was an early console type of game based on which sport?
  3. In which decade of this century were airmail letters first
  4. What does C stand for in IRC?
  5. Which Defense Department first set up the messaging system which
    became the Internet?
  6. What does V stand for in VR?
  7. In telephone terms, what was a party line?
  8. How many bits are there in a byte?
  9. Alta Vista is a type of what?
  10. Who funded ARPANET?
  11. From Earth, where was the destination of the longest
    long-distance telephone call?
  12. What is the purpose of a dataglove?
  13. What does D stand for in ISDN?
  14. Barclay Square was an early Internet site offering what?
  15. Which company launched CDs in the early 1990s?
  16. What is a message sent to a newsgroup in the Internet called?|
  17. On the Internet what is Spam?
  18. A bitmap is a collection of what?
  19. In the WIMP system of computing, what did W stand for?
  20. If edu appears at the end of an address, what is the host
  21. What does D stand for in CAD?
  22. What does H stand for in http?
  23. What was the name of the first satellite to relay live TV
    pictures between the USA and Europe?
  24. On the Internet, what does the first B stand for in BBS?
  25. What does the first W stand for in WWW?
  26. If you log off, what do you do?
  27. If you surf the Internet, what do you do?
  28. What is netiquette?
  29. Which page of a Web site is called a Home Page?
  30. In addition to the computer, what else must a modem be plugged
  31. What is the minimum number of computers which can be networked?
  32. What does Q mean in FAQ?
  33. What letter appears on the computer screen when you are using
    Microsoft Internet Explorer?
  34. What does S stand for in ISP?
  35. Which name of something used by avid readers is the Netscape
    Navigator name for Favorites?
  36. In which country did the Internet start?
  37. A small a in a circle is pronounced how?
  38. Where does a bounced email return to?
  39. What name is given to the software program needed to access the
  40. Which 'space' refers to the Internet and all that goes with it?
  41. What goes after Netscape in the name of a popular Internet
  42. If you have an active Internet connection, you are said to be on
  43. What does 'Offline' mean?
  44. What is the opposite of downloading?
  45. A newbie is a new what?
  46. What is freeware?
  47. In an e mail address, how is a symbol like a period said out
  48. What name is given to a program designed to cause damage by
    attaching itself to other programs?

Answers to  Quiz #35 - Easy Internet & Online

  1. Web page address.
  2. Table Tennis.
  3. 2nd decade.
  4. Chat.
  5. Pentagon.
  6. Virtual.
  7. Shared phone line.
  8. Eight.
  9. Search Engine.
  10. US Defense Department.
  11. Moon.
  12. Allows people to touch over long distances.
  13. Digital.
  14. Shopping.
  15. Philips.
  16. Article.
  17. Junk mail.
  18. Dots.
  19. Windows.
  20. College or University.
  21. Design.
  22. Hyper.
  23. Telstar.
  24. Bulletin.
  25. World.
  26. Disconnect.
  27. Look around.
  28. Good behavior on the Internet.
  29. First.
  30. Phone.
  31. Two.
  32. Question.
  33. E.
  34. Service.
  36. USA.
  37. At.
  38. Sender.
  39. Browser.
  40. Cyber.
  41. Navigator.
  42. On line.
  43. Not connected.
  44. Uploading.
  45. Internet user.
  46. Free software.
  47. Dot.
  48. Virus.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sports Trivia Quiz #34 - Miscellaneous Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Long Sports Trivia Questions with the Answers.
  1. Where was the Rumble in the Ali v Foreman fight in Zaire in 1974?
  2. In baseball, where do the Orioles come from?
  3. Who said in 1998, "The ball doesn't know how old you are?"
  4. How many people are there in an official tug of war team?
  5. In which month is horse racing's Melbourne Cup held?
  6. What is the nationality of athlete Donovan Bailey?
  7. The Curragh is in which country?
  8. Which country hosts the Belmont and Preakness Stakes?
  9. In which decade did Joe Montana retire from football?
  10. Which African country does Nick Price come from?
  11. What position did football great Jim Brown play?
  12. Where were the last Olympics of the 20th century in the USA held?
  13. What is Magic Johnson's real first name?
  14. In baseball, when a team is pitching how many players do they
    have on the field?
  15. Which golf tournament presents its winner with a green jacket?
  16. In football, what do the letters NFL stand for?
  17. In which jumping event did Carl Lewis win Olympic gold's?
  18. In golf, how many majors are played in the US each year?
  19. In football, what position is WR?
  20. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded to winners of what?
  21. The Naismith Award is presented in which sport?
  22. What was the nationality of the athletes killed at the 1972
    Munich Olympics?
  23. Which cartoon and film character is the nickname of super athlete
    Michael Johnson?
  24. The Prix du Jockey-Club is held at which race course?
  25. In which decade did the Super Bowl begin?
  26. Which gold medalist Mark was told by his father, "Swimming isn't
    everything, winning is"?
  27. In which country is Flemington park race course?
  28. For which team did Babe Ruth blast his last Major League home
  29. Who won golf's US Amateur Championship for the first time i
  30. In which sport was Richard Upton found positive in a drugs test
    in 1998?
  31. Which European won tennis's 1989 Men's Singles at the US Open?
  32. In which sport's globalization plan includes the ' Dream Team,'
    playing in the McDonald's Classic and the Three-on-Three Challenge?
  33. Which country does boxer Vitali Klitschko come from?
  34. In which state did Michael Jordan play college basketball?
  35. With which university did Magic Johnson win the 1979 NCAA title?
  36. Who won golf's US Open in 1994 and 1997?
  37. What has been won by Australia II and America 3?
  38. Which university did Cheryl Miller attend?
  39. At which sport did Keanu Reeves excel while at high school?
  40. In Hockey, who did Maurice Rocket Richard play for?
  41. Golf star Vijay Singh comes form where?
  42. Kirk Douglas supplemented his acting earnings in his early years
    as what type of professional sportsman?
  43. "The early days of which sport featured the Renshaw twins, the
    Baddeley twins and the Doherty brothers?
  44. Who was known as the Manassa Mauler?

Answers to Long Sports Quiz #34

  1. Jungle.
  2. Baltimore.
  3. Mark O'Meara.
  4. Eight.
  5. November.
  6. Canadian.
  7. Ireland.
  8. United States.
  9. 1990s.
  10. Zimbabwe.
  11. Fullback.
  12. Atlanta.
  13. Earvin.
  14. Nine.
  15. The Masters.
  16. National Football League.
  17. Long Jump.
  18. Three (the Masters, US Open, and PGA Championship).
  19. Wide receiver.
  20. Super Bowl.
  21. Basket ball.
  22. Israeli.
  23. Superman.
  24. Chantilly.
  25. 1960s.
  26. Mark Spitz.
  27. Melbourne, Australia.
  28. Boston Braves.
  29. Tiger Woods.
  30. Swimming.
  31. Boris Becker.
  32. Basket ball.
  33. Ukraine.
  34. North Carolina.
  35. Michigan State.
  36. Ernie Els.
  37. America's Cup.
  38. University of Southern California.
  39. Hockey.
  40. Montreal Canadians.
  41. Fiji.
  42. Wrestler.
  43. Tennis.
  44. Jack Dempsey.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sports Trivia Quiz #33 - Long Quiz About Sports, Athletes, and Sporting Events

Long Sports Trivia Questions with the Answers.
  1. What distance is the Breeder's Cup Turf?
  2. Who was the first motor racing driver in the 90s to win opening
    "Formula One race and not end the season as champion?
  3. Where was the 1985US PGA Championship held?
  4. In what years did John Henry win the Arlington Million?
  5. Who lost in the first Super Bowl of the 1990s?
  6. Who was the first president of the National Football League?
  7. Who rode Affirmed for each race when he won the Triple Crown?
  8. Who equaled Michael Johnson's winning individual gold's in the
    women's events in "Atlanta in 1996?
  9. Which team lost the most Super Bowls in the 1970s?
  10. Who won the first all American French Open Men's Singles final
    for almost 40 years in the 90s?
  11. Where did Texan "Bill Rogers win his British Open title in 1981?
  12. How many times did Sugar Ray Robinson win a world championship?
  13. What was the first British-trained horse to run in the Kentucky
  14. In which sport did Eric Navet of France become a 1990 world
  15. Which boxer famously said," If I can't beat this bum take my name
    off the record books?"
  16. Where did Jonathan Edwards set his 1995 triple jump world record?
  17. In which city was the last Super Bowl of the 60s held?
  18. To within 20, how many rides did South African-born Michael
    Roberts take in 1992 English horse racing?
  19. Who won baseball's first World Series of the 70s?
  20. What was the original name of the Kansas City Chiefs?
  21. Who was Super Bowl MVP the year after Joe Namath won it?
  22. In 1952 who was the then oldest boxer to become world champoion?
  23. Who missed a putt in the final singles game of the 1991 Ryder Cup
    to give the US victory?
  24. In 1988 who won the tennis Grand Slam and Olympic gold?
  25. How was Walker Smith Robinson better known?
  26. Who coached the Boston Celtics basketball team from 1950 to 1966?
  27. Where did Joe Montana play NCAA Division I football?
  28. What is the nickname of record-breaking sprinter Maurice Greene?
  29. Who was the first boxer to twice regain the world heavyweight
  30. The Melbourne Cup horse race is run at which course?
  31. Peter Nichol became the first Brit in 25 years to win the British
    open in which sport?
  32. In what decade did Bill Shoemaker ride his first winner?
  33. Who told a Wimbledon umpire, "You are the pits of the world?"
  34. Which Robin was the first yachtsman to sail non-stop around the
  35. Who led the US team to Davis Cup championships in 1968,1969,and
  36. Warren Beatty was offered full college scholarships in which
  37. Billy Crystal had a full college scholarship in which sport?
  38. Who beat Jim Brown's rushing yards total of 12,312 yards in the
  39. Who fought George Foreman in the Rumble In The Jungle?
  40. What was Hank Aaron's first Major League team?
  41. Who had English Derby victories riding Tory, Henbit, Nashwan and
  42. Which country does marathon man Abel Anton come form?
  43. Which was Hideo Nomo's first US baseball team?
  44. With which track and field even was Geoff Capes particularly
  45. Which country does tennis player Marcelo Rios come from?

Answers to Long Sports Quiz #33

  1. One and a half miles.
  2. David Coulthard (1997).
  3. Cherry Hills, Colorado.
  4. 1981 & 1984.
  5. Denver Broncos.
  6. Jim Thorpe.
  7. Steve Cauthen.
  8. Marie Jose Perce.
  9. Minnesota Vikings.
  10. Jim Courier.
  11. Royal St George's Sandwich.
  12. Six, five middleweight, one welterweight.
  13. Bold Arrangement.
  14. Show Jumping.
  15. Rocky Marciano.
  16. Sweden.
  17. Orange Bowl, Miami.
  18. 1,068.
  19. Baltimore Orioles.
  20. Dallas Texans.
  21. Len Dawson.
  22. Jersey Joe Walcott.
  23. Bernhard Langer.
  24. Steffi Graf.
  25. Sugar Ray Robinson.
  26. Red Auerbach.
  27. Notre Dame University.
  28. Kansas Cannonball.
  29. Muhammad Ali.
  30. Flemington Park.
  31. Squash.
  32. 1940s.
  33. John McEnroe.
  34. Knox-Johnson.
  35. Arthur Ash.
  36. Football.
  37. Baseball.
  38. Walter Payton.
  39. Muhammad Ali.
  40. Milwaukee Braves.
  41. Willie Carson.
  42. Spain.
  43. Los Angeles Dodgers.
  44. Shot.
  45. Chile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sports Trivia Quiz #32 - Long Sports Quiz with Answers

Long Sports Trivia Quiz -  Athletes, Breeder's Cup, Super Bowl, World Series, baseball, and more!
  1. What distance is the Breeders' Cup Classic?
  2. Where did Venus Williams make her 127.4 mph serve in 1998?
  3. Where was golf's 1977 US Open held?
  4. Who shared world amateur baseball championship with USA in1973?
  5. Who lost the first Super Bowl of the 70s?
  6. How many times did the New York Yankees win the World Series in
    the 1970s?
  7. Which team in the 80s won the Super Bowl by the biggest margin?
  8. Where did Maurice Green set his 9.79 seconds for the 100m in
  9. Who won baseball's first World Series of the 50s?
  10. Who kicked a record-breaking punt 98 yards against the Denver
    Broncos in 1969?
  11. Which American was the youngest Olympic medalist when she won in
    Helsinki in 1952?
  12. Who was Jermaine O'Neal playing against when he made his debut in
  13. Who won the most Super Bowls in the 1970s?
  14. Who's home runs record did Mark McGwire break in the 1998 season?
  15. To the nearest 1,000 how many rides did the legendary Willie
    Shoemaker take?
  16. Who was the second American to win the Indianapolis 500 four
  17. Who was the Super Bowl MVP in 1979 and 1980.
  18. Who was the aerobatic world champion in 1988?
  19. In 1978 US Masters, who was leading Gary Player by seven strokes,
    only to lose by a single stroke?
  20. Where were the first World Athletics Championships held?
  21. Which was the first team to win three Super Bowls?
  22. Who was the first MVP in a Super Bowl to be on the losing side?
  23. Who won the Princess Cup in 1997 with Monica Seles?
  24. Which two "Americans were in the winning team in Le Mans in 1979?
  25. Which team has not won a World Series since Babe Ruth stopped
    pitching for them?
  26. Which teams lost the most Super Bowls in the 1980s?
  27. What were Joe DiMaggio's two baseball-playing brothers called?
  28. Who won baseball's first World Series of the 80s?
  29. In golf, who was the oldest British Open winner of the century?
  30. Arnaud Massey is the only Frenchman to have won that?
  31. Which sportswoman wrote the novel Total Zone?
  32. Which golfer's record of 270 did Tiger Woods break when he won
    his first US Masters?
  33. Who skippered Stars & Stripes in the America's Cup in 1987 and
  34. Who did Alexandra Nicholson succeed as world
    trampoline champion
    in 1972?
  35. Who did Martina Navratilova beat to win her ninth Wimbledon
  36. Who captained the US Ryder Cup team in 1991?
  37. Which team in the 70s won the Super Bowl by the biggest margin?
  38. Who was the winner of the last Open at Carnoustie before Paul
  39. Who was the youngest person to win in the Federation Cup in 1996?
  40. What was Pete Sampras seeded when he won his first US Open?
  41. Which head coach holds the record for most Super Bowl wins?

Answers to Long Sports Quiz #32

  1. One and a quarter miles.
  2. European Indoor Championships Zurich.
  3. Tulsa Oklahoma.
  4. Cuba.
  5. Minnesota Vikings.
  6. Twice.
  7. Chicago Bears.
  8. Athens.
  9. New York Yankees.
  10. Steve O'Neal.
  11. Barbara Jones.
  12. Denver Nuggets.
  13. Pittsburg Steelers.
  14. Roger Maris.
  15. 40,000.
  16. Al Unser Sr.
  17. Terry Bradshaw.
  18. Henry Haigh.
  19. Hubert Green.
  20. Helsinki.
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers.
  22. Chuck Howley.
  23. Anna Kournikova.
  24. Bill & Don Whittington.
  25. Boston Red Sox.
  26. Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins.
  27. Dom & Vincent.
  28. Philadelphia Phillies.
  29. Robert de Vicenzo (44 years, 93 days).
  30. Golf's British Open.
  31. Martina Navratilova.
  32. Jack Nicklaus, Ray Floyd.
  33. Dennis Conner.
  34. Rence Ransom.
  35. Zina Garrison.
  36. Dave Stockton.
  37. Oakland Raiders.
  38. Tom Watson.
  39. Anna Kournikova.
  40. 12.
  41. Chuck Noll.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trivia Quiz #31 - Sports & Athletes Trivia Questions and Answers - Fun Free Sports Trivia

Sports Trivia -  Athletes, Sporting Events, Bobbie Riggs, Arthur Ash, Golf, Chris Evert, Hockey, Triple Crown, and more.
  1. In which US state were the last summer Olympics of the century
  2. Who beat Tim Henman in his first Wimbledon singles semifinal?
  3. Who did Billie Jean King beat in the famous battle of the sexes
    in 1973?
  4. Who inflicted Nigel Benn's first defeat as a professional?
  5. Which movie star was an Austrian Junior Olympic Weightlifting
  6. Who was non-playing captain of the US Davis Cup team in '81 and
  7. Who back in 1920, was the first football player to be traded?
  8. What relation was Flo Jo to Jackie Joyner Kersee?
  9. How long was swimmer Michelle Smith-de Bruin banned for 
    attempting to manipulate a drugs test?
  10. In which sport did Andy Thomson become a world champion?
  11. Yuan Yuan was caught carrying drugs for which Chinese team?
  12. Which legendary American golfer played his last British Open in
  13. Which grand slam did Pete Sampras not win in the 20th century?
  14. Which tennis star married sportsman Andy Mill?
  15. In which decade did Martina Navratilova take US citizenship?
  16. How was Mildred "Didrikson better known?
  17. Who beat Carl Lewis's best time of 9.86 seconds for the 100
  18. What was the first venue of the Breeders Cup?
  19. Which future tennis pro won the US Collegiate champion ship in
  20. Who won a record ninth Wimbledon singles title in 1990?
  21. On which course does the Kentucky Derby take place?
  22. At which venue did Sandy Lyle win the British Open?
  23. Which American was the youngest male Olympic gold medalist when
    he won in 1948?
  24. In women's field hockey, which country has won the most World
  25. Name France's last Wimbledon men's singles winner of this
  26. Who trained the first European-trained horse to win one of the
    Triple Crown races?
  27. Who was the oldest US Open golf champion of the 20th century?
  28. Who did Hubert Green beat to win the US PGA Championship in 1985?
  29. Who devised the Breeder's Cup?
  30. Which team lost the first Super Bowl of the 1980s?
  31. Which was the last horse before Nijinsky to win the English
    Triple Crown of 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St. Leger?
  32. Which team won baseball's first World Series of the 60s?
  33. Who was the first woman tennis player born in the US to win the
    US Open after Chris Evert's 1984 triumph?
  34. Which Bond movie used Stoke Poges golf club for some location
  35. How many races did Ed Moses win in succession between '77 and
  36. What distance is the Breeders' Cup Sprint?
  37. What number did Flo Jo have on her vest when she won in Seoul?
  38. Which team won the most Super Bowls in the 1980s?
  39. In which events did Gert Fredriksson win six Olympic gold
  40. Anton Geesink was the first non-Japanese judoka to win a judo
    world championship, but which country did he come from?
  41. Who was the defending champion when Chris Evert first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  42. Who was Super Bowl MVP in successive years in 1967 and 1968?
  43. Who won the most men's US Open tennis titles in the 20th century?
  44. How many of his 45 races did Mike Hawthorn, a former Formula One
    motor racing world champion, win?
  45. Which sporting star had dogs called Roland and Garros?
  46. In which decade were the Badminton Horse Trials first held?

Answers to Sports and Athletes Trivia Quiz #31

  1. Georgia.
  2. Pete Sampras.
  3. Bobbie Riggs.
  4. Chris Eubank.
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  6. Arthur Ash.
  7. Bob Nash.
  8. Sister-in-law.
  9. 4 years.
  10. Bowls.
  11. Swimming.
  12. Arnold Palmer.
  13. French.
  14. Chris Evert.
  15. 1980s.
  16. Babe Zaharias.
  17. Leroy Burrell.
  18. Hollywood Park, LA.
  19. Jimmy Connors.
  20. Martina Navratilova.
  21. Churchill Downs.
  22. Sandwich.
  23. Bob Mathias.
  24. Netherlands.
  25. Yvon Petra.
  26. Dermot Weld.
  27. Hale Irwin.
  28. Lee Trevino.
  29. John Gaines.
  30. Los Angeles Rams.
  31. Bahram.
  32. Pittsburg Pirates.
  33. Lindsay Davenport.
  34. Goldfinger.
  35. 122.
  36. Six furlongs.
  37. 569.
  38. San Francisco 49ers.
  39. Canoeing.
  40. Netherlands.
  41. Billie Jean King.
  42. Bart Star.
  43. Bill Tilden.
  44. Three.
  45. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.
  46. 1940s.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trivia Quiz #30 Trivia About Famous World Leaders - Reagan, Truman, Gorbachev, Thatcher, Ho Chi Min, Mussolini, and More!

World and US Leaders including, Ho Chi Minh, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Gorbachev, Dwight D. Eisenhower and more.
  1. Who attempted to assassinate President Roosevelt in 1933?
  2. Who did Mrs. Thatcher describe as "a man we can do business
  3. How is Tenzin Gyatso better known?
  4. Which former leader wrote the novel The Cardinal's Hat?
  5. Which US senator was assassinated in Louisiana in 1935?
  6. How was Nguyen that Tan better known?
  7. Who did the Americans recognize as ruler of Vietnam in 1950 when
    the Soviets acknowledged Ho Chi Min?
  8. Where was Nelson Mandela's first foreign trip to after his
    release from prison?
  9. What rank did Harry S. Truman reach in the Great War?
  10. Who was the defeated Presidential candidate in the 1900 US
  11. Who was the first leader of the Belgian Congo?
  12. Who assassinated President McKinley?
  13. Who replaced MacArthur as UN commander in Korea?
  14. Who was Greece's first socialist Prime Minister?
  15. Which leader has played in goal for Polish soccer side Wotsyla?
  16. Canadian leader Lester Pearson won the Nobel Peace prize for his
    mediation role in which conflict?
  17. Who  became the first President of Israel?
  18. Who was Pope during World War II?
  19. In 1990 who faced banners saying Goodbye Pineapple Face?
  20. Who was the youngest US Vice President of the 20th century?
  21. Who took over as president of Romania after Ceaucescu was
  22. Who was mayor of New York during the race riots of 1996?
  23. Who formulated his Sinatra Doctrine - Foreign policy to be
    constructed on a My Way basis?
  24. Which president decided to build a naval station at Pearl Harbor?
  25. Vaclav Havel and British King George VI both lost what part of
    their bodies?
  26. Who was the first US president to visit Great Britain?
  27. Who was Oliver North's immediate boss who admitted authori8zing
    funding the Contra rebels in Nicaragua?
  28. Which ex-president died shortly after he death of Harry S.
  29. Who was the first Democrat President of the 20th century?
  30. Who was North Vietnam's chief negotiator at the '73 Paris peace
  31. Who was the first president to be elected for a third four-year
  32. Which Secretary of State under Truman helped formulate the
    Marshall Plan?
  33. Senator Joe McCarthly representred which state?
  34. Who did Roosevelt defeat when he won the 1932 election?
  35. Which President gave the go-ahead to build an H Bomb?
  36. Which president was responsible for setting up the Manhattan
  37. Who took part in the first televised debate between two
    presidential candidates?
  38. Which president called for a league of Nations in May 1916?
  39. Who was the oldest US President before Ronal Reagan?
  40. Dan Quayle was Senator form which state when he was chosen as
    George Bush's Vice President?
  41. Where was Lyndon Johnson when he first took the Presidential
  42. Where did Reagan and Gorbachev have their Star Wars summit in
    October 19865?
  43. Under how many US presidents did FBI director J Edgar Hoover
  44. How much did Clint Eastwood receive per month for his duties as
    Mayor of Carmel?
  45. Which US president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1920?
  46. Who was Walter Mondale's running mate in the 1984 election?
  47. What was Ronald Reagan's last movie?
  48. Who was Ronald Regan's first Secretary of State?
  49. Who led the Paris talks on behalf of the USA in May 1968?
  50. How many 'points for peace' did President Wilson announce in

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #30

  1. Guiseppe Zingara.
  2. Gorbachev.
  3. The Dali Lama.
  4. Mussolini.
  5. Huey Long.
  6. Ho Chi Minh.
  7. Bao Dai.
  8. Zambia.
  9. Captain.
  10. William Jennings Bryan.
  11. Lumumba.
  12. Leon Czolgosz.
  13. General Ridgeway.
  14. Papandreou.
  15. Pope John Paul II.
  16. Suez.
  17. Chiam Weizmann.
  18. Pius XII.
  19. Manuel Noriega.
  20. Richard Nixon.
  21. Ion Hiescu.
  22. John Lindsay.
  23. Eduard Shevardnadze.
  24. William Taft.
  25. Lung.
  26. Woodrow Wilson.
  27. John Poindexter.
  28. Lyndon B. Johnson.
  29. Woodrow Wilson.
  30. Le Duc Tho.
  31. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  32. Dean Acheson.
  33. Wisconsin.
  34. Herbert Hoover.
  35. Truman.
  36. Roosevelt.
  37. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy
  38. Wilson.
  39. Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  40. Indiana.
  41. Air force I.
  42. Iceland.
  43. Eight.
  44. $200,
  45. Woodrow Wilson.
  46. Geraldine Ferraro.
  47. The Killers.
  48. Alexander Haig.
  49. Averill Harriman.
  50. 14.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

 Trivia Quiz #29 - Hard, TV Show Trivia Questions and Answers

Hard Trivia about Television and TV shows and actors
  1. Where does Roseanne have a tattoo of a pink rose?
  2. Which future Hollywood star got her break as Wonder Girl, Wonder
    Woman's sister Drusilla?
  3. Who was the original host of The Price Is Right?
  4. In which Series did Happy Days' Joanie find fame?
  5. Mickey Braddock in the 50s series Circus Boy found fame with
    which surname in which pop band?
  6. Which member of the Maverick clan was played by a future 007?
  7. What was the name of the bar in Ace Crawford Private Eye?
  8. What did the Inspector have on his car sticker in Sledge Hammer?
  9. Which Laugh In catchphrase was said on the show by Richard Nixon?
  10. Who hosted the early series of The Pink Panther cartoons?
  11. Pee Wee Herman made his TV debut on which show?
  12. Which 1992 sitcom was based in Venice Beach, Ca.?
  13. In Makin' It, who was the John Travolta-type character?
  14. In the pilot show of Fish, who played Bernice?
  15. Which Hollywood star starred in the 50s show My Three Sons?
  16. Which war veteran was Director of News & Special Events for ABC
    before find fame as a TV cop?
  17. The actor who played Jack Geller in Friends was married once to
    which superstar?
  18. What US sitcom was the first exported to Britain?
  19. In Hanna and Barbera's TV cartoons base on The Addams Family who
    was the voice of Gomez?
  20. Who guested in Happy Days where his daughter was playing Jenny
  21. The Flying Nun was based on which book?
  22. The older Smothers Brother played what musical instrument?
  23. Who played the hero of the show based on the movie Coogan's
  24. In the TV sitcom Adam's Rib, who played the Spencer Tracy Film
  25. What was the first sitcom where Mickey Rooney was not called
  26. Which character did Tom Hanks play in early episodes of Family
  27. Who was the famous brother of the writer of American Gothic?
  28. What are Buddy Ebsen's real first names?
  29. Before it was made famous by Pigmeat of Rowan and Martin's Laugh
    In fame, who first said, "Here comes the judge"?
  30. Which member of The A Team played Clubber Lang in Rocky III?
  31. Who was the only female victim to be killed off in the opening
    credit sequence in Police Squad?
  32. Who said in which series, "And hey let's be careful out here"?
  33. Peter Faulk received his first Emmy for a performance on which
  34. Where was Running the Halls set?
  35. In Top Cat, who was the voice of Choo Choo?
  36. Who played Leroy Johnson in the movie Fame and on TV?
  37. Who was the only leading member of M*A*S*H to have starred on TV
    and in the movie? 

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #29 

  1. Her foot.
  2. Debra Winger.
  3. Bill Cullen.
  4. Daktari.
  5. Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees).
  6. Beau (Roger Moore).
  7. The Shanty.
  8. I Love Violence.
  9. Sock It To Me!
  10. Lenny Schulz.
  11. The Gong Show.
  12. Pacific Station.
  13. Billy Manucci.
  14. Doris Belack.
  15. Fred MacMurray.
  16. Tom Selleck.
  17. Elliott Gould married Barbra Streisand.
  18. Amos 'N' Andy.
  19. John Astin.
  20. Phil Silvers.
  21. The Fifteenth Pelican.
  22. Guitar.
  23. Dennis Weaver (McLoud).
  24. Ken Howard.
  25. One of The Boys.
  26. Ned Keaton.
  27. David Cassidy's brother Shaun.
  28. Christian Rudolf.
  29. Sammy Davis Jr.
  30. Mr. T.
  31. Florence Henderson.
  32. Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues.
  33. The Dick Powell Show.
  34. Middlefield Academy.
  35. Marvin Kaplan.
  36. Gene Anthony Ray.
  37. Gary Burghoff.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Hard Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz #28 - Broad Coverage of Trivia Topics

Hard Trivia about such things as states, presidents, countries, comic strips, places, people and more.
  1. Who wrote the novel Delta Connection?
  2. In the 70s George Lee was a world champion in which sport?
  3. Which river is spanned by the world's longest cantilever bridge?
  4. Which branch of the arts is Karen Kane linked with.
  5. Who preceded Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt?
  6. What would an Englishman mean by a minim?
  7. What instrument is associated with Illinois-born John Lewis?
  8. What type of aid was developed my Miller Hutchinson in the early
    years of the 20th century?
  9. Who said, "My whole life has been one of rejection. Women. Dogs.
    Comic strips."
  10. John Singer Sargent worked in which branch of the arts?
  11. Who was the defending champion when Martina Navratilova first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  12. Cuscatlan international airport is in which country?
  13. In The Rockford Files, what was Jim Rockford's daily fee?
  14. Who was Pope for the shortest length of time in the 20th century?
  15. What was Gene Kelly's middle name?
  16. What was the profession of William Eugene Smith?
  17. What replaced the KGB in 1991?
  18. Which country does the airline Pluna come form?
  19. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Play That Funky Music?
  20. Who directed A Passage To India?
  21. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle form
  22. Which state celebrated its centenary of joining the Union in
  23. What is Gregory Peck's real first name?
  24. Golfer Bobby Jones was born in which state?
  25. In the media, who went under the name Sparky?
  26. Who was the first US-born winner of golf's British Open?
  27. What was the world's first atomic-powered ship called?
  28. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Duke of Earl?
  29. Which soap boasted a cafe called the Hot Biscuit?
  30. Which architect designed the Seagram Building, New York City?
  31. To a thousand square miles, what is the area of Connecticut?
  32. Who first coined the term Apartheid?
  33. Which gossip columnist was born in the same day as Sir Alexander
    Fleming who discovered penicillin?
  34. In what year was the first performance of Copland's ballet Rodeo?
  35. Ferihegy international airport is in which country?
  36. Which country of islands was declared a republic in 1987?
  37. Who was the defending champion when Virginia Wade won the
    Wimbledon singles?
  38. Who is the youngest female tennis player to win the US Open?
  39. What was the first top ten hit single for Foreigner?
  40. In which country is the Sky Train Rail bridge?
  41. How many 'victories' did The Red Baron claim in aerial dogfights?
  42. Which great guitarist had the first names Aaron Thibodaux?
  43. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letter LT?
  44. Who first coined the term paradigm for all the factors that
    influence the scientist's research?
  45. In which country was Sam Neill born?
  46. What was the Paramount Film Company originally called?
  47. What was Dorothy Parker's maiden name?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #28 - Long Hard Miscellaneous Triva

  1. Hammond Innes.
  2. Gliding.
  3. St. Lawrence.
  4. Ballet.
  5. Anwar El-Sadat.
  6. Half not - in music.
  7. Piano.
  8. Hearing Aid.
  9. Charles Schulz.
  10. Painting.
  11. Virginia Wade.
  12. El Salvador.
  13. $200 plus expenses.
  14. John Paul I.
  15. Curran.
  16. Photographer.
  17. Russian Federal Security Agency.
  18. Uruguay.
  19. Barry Crocker.
  20. David Lean.
  21. EAU.
  22. Maine.
  23. Eldred.
  24. Georgia.
  25. Charles Schulz.
  26. Walter Hagen.
  27. Lenin.
  28. Gene Chandler.
  29. Dallas.
  30. Philip Johnson.
  31. 4,844 Square miles.
  32. Rev J C du Plessis.
  33. Louella Parsons.
  34. 1942.
  35. Hungary.
  36. Fiji.
  37. Chris Evert.
  38. Tracey Austin.
  39. Feels Like The First Time.
  40. Canada.
  41. 80.
  42. T-Bone Walker.
  43. Lithuania.
  44. TS Kuhn.
  45. N. Ireland.
  46. Famous Players Film Company.
  47. Rothschild.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trivia Quiz #27 - Long Trivia Quiz About Miscellaneous Topics

Hard Trivia - Hollywood, singers, politicians, actors, history, French Open, and much more!
  1. Who was the youngest Hollywood producer of the 20th century?
  2. Arturo Marino Benitez international airport is in which country?
  3. How old would Bobby Kennedy have been had he lived to the end of
    the 20th century?
  4. Who wrote the words to Thank Heaven For Little Girls?
  5. What was Jane Russell's real first name?
  6. The Fabulous Cullinan diamond was cut into how many separate gems?
  7. Which singer-songwriter was born on the same day as actor Billy Dee
  8. John and Mary Evans of Alaska grew the world's biggest what?
  9. Where is the University of New Hampshire located?
  10. What is the biggest studio in Hollywood called?
  11. Who was the first person to win the Indianapolis 500 six times?
  12. To five thousand, hat is the area of Georgia in square miles?
  13. Gunn-toting Wyatt Earp survived to what age?
  14. Which sporting world championship has been held at the Kuusinski
    and Kitka Rivers in Finland?
  15. Which country does the airline Tower Air come from?
  16. In which country is the Bendorf  bridge?
  17. Which pop singer blamed his cocaine addiction of the break0-up of
    his relationship with Victoria principal?
  18. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with The Night Chicago Died?
  19. What was Bob Hoskins' profession when he worked in the circus?
  20. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letters
  21. Which state was Peggy Lee born in?
  22. Who was the last man to win Wimbledon and the French open singles
    in the same year?
  23. Who directed the movie The Blues Brothers?
  24. In WWII what did kamikaze mean?
  25. In which country did the first Mickey Mouse comic appear?
  26. What was the name of the island off Iceland which appeared in 1963
    as a result of an underwater volcano?
  27. What is Don Johnson's real name?
  28. Which band has featured Gregg Rolie, David Brown and Autlan de Bavarro?
  29. Which city took Wilbert Harrison to the top of the singles charts?
  30. Which US soap actress's real name is Patsy Mclenny?
  31. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Arizona?
  32. Robert Mugabe was the first Prime Minister of which country?
  33. In which state is the Creighton University?
  34. In England, who was Princess Diana referring to when she said her
    marriage was ' a bit crowded?'
  35. What is Brad Pitt's real first name?
  36. Which label was responsible for John Lennon's final album made in
    his lifetime?
  37. What was Elton John's first album to enter the US charts at No 1?
  38. In which state was Quincy Jones born?
  39. Which country does the airline Norontair come form?
  40. Which incident escalated US involvement in Vietnam?
  41. What was Michael Jackson's last UK No 1 of the 80s?
  42. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from
  43. The world's biggest what was made in Seymour, Wisconsin in August
  44. What was Warren Beatty's first movie?
  45. Who designed the New York pink skyscraper with the Chippendale-style
    cabinet top?
  46. Who wrote the novel Tycoon in 1996?

Answers to Long Hard Trivia Quiz #26

  1. Steven Paul.
  2. Chile.
  3. 74.
  4. Alan Jay Lerner.
  5. Ernestine.
  6. 105.
  7. Merle Haggard.
  8. Broccoli.
  9. Durham.
  10. Universal City.
  11. Al Unser.
  12. 58,900 square miles.
  13. 80.
  14. Fly Fishing.
  15. USA.
  16. Germany.
  17. Andy Gibb.
  18. Paper Lace.
  19. Fire-eater.
  20. Sierra Leone.
  21. North Dakota.
  22. Bjorn Borg.
  23. John Landis.
  24. Wind of the Gods.
  25. Italy.
  26. Surtsey.
  27. Donald Wayne.
  28. Santana.
  29. Kansas City.
  30. Morgan Fairchild.
  31. 114,000 square miles.
  32. Zimbabwe.
  33. Nebraska.
  34. Camilla Parker Bowles.
  35. William.
  36. Geffen.
  37. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy.
  38. Illinois.
  39. Canada.
  40. Tonkin Gulf incident.
  41. I Just Can't Stop Loving You.
  42. EAT.
  43. Hamburger.
  44. Splendor in the Grass.
  45. Philip Johnson.
  46. Harold Robbins.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard, Fun, Trivia Quiz #26 - Famous People, Actors, Politicians, and More!

Hard Trivia - Entertainers, Politicians, Actors, Cities, Famous People, Places and More!
  1. Which entertainer said, "He was into animal husbandry--until they
    caught him at it?
  2. According to hippy guru Dr. Timothy Leary, what did you do before
    you "drop out?"
  3. What is Nelson Mandela's middle name?
  4. How old would James Dean have been had he lived to the end of the
    20th century?
  5. Barry Clifford found fame discovering what?
  6. What was Christopher Reeve's first movie?
  7. The Porcaro Brothers featured in which group?
  8. How did Guenter Parche leave his mark on sport in the 90s?
  9. Which city was called Leninakan until 1990?
  10. What is Iggy Pop's real name?
  11. What did Franz Kafka do for a day job?
  12. Which musician founded the Red Hot Peppers?
  13. Dorval International airport is in which country?
  14. In square miles how big is lake Michigan?
  15. Who wrote the song Momma Told Me Not To Come?
  16. What star sign is Harrison Ford?
  17. Who founded the Organization of Afro American Unity?
  18. Which NASA space probe was launched to Venus in 1989?
  19. To ten thousand square miles what is the area of Kansas?
  20. Harry Weinstein became a world champion under which name?
  21. Where did the Shinning Path terrorists operate?
  22. Who took Da Doo Ron Ron to No 1 in the charts in the 70s?
  23. Who directed Good Morning Vietnam?
  24. What was Bette Davis's real first name?
  25. In which sport did Hollywood star Sonja Henie win Olympic Gold?
  26. In which decade was Alzheimer's disease first clinically
  27. Which singer signed his editorials "Always your boy" in his own
    50s comic?
  28. What star sign is Glenda Jackson?
  29. Who won Super Bowl XXV?
  30. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be born overseas?
  31. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1990?
  32. Robert Mueller Municipal Airport is in which US state?
  33. In what year were women first admitted to Harvard?
  34. Who had  70s No 1 hit with Show and Tell?
  35. Balice international airport is in which country?
  36. What was the first name of the original food manufacturer Mr.
  37. Panama proclaimed independence in 1903 from which country?
  38. How old was Ronald Reagan when he became US President?
  39. How old was Jimi Hendrix when he died?
  40. Which Iowa-born artist painted American Gothic and Spring
  41. Which country does the airline Garuda come from?
  42. To a thousand square miles, what is the area of New Jersey?
  43. Which Brit broke the land speed record in 1990 in Thrust 2?
  44. What is Christian Slater's real name?
  45. The State University of New York established a College at where
    in the 1960s?
  46. Mark Hogg of Louisville set a record for eating what in Nov 1998?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #26

  1. Tom Lehrer.
  2. Turn on, tune in.
  3. Rolihlahla.
  4. 68.
  5. Sunken pirate ships.
  6. Gray Lady Down.
  7. Toto.
  8. Stabbed Monica Setes.
  9. A:  Kumayri.
  10. James Osterberg.
  11. Worked in insurance.
  12. Jelly Roll Morton.
  13. Canada.
  14. 22,300.
  15. Randy Newman.
  16. Cancer.
  17. Malcolm X.
  18. Magellan.
  19. 81,823.
  20. Gary Kasparov.
  21. Peru.
  22. Shaun Cassidy.
  23. Barry Levinson.
  24. Ruth.
  25. Ice Skating.
  26. First decade.
  27. Pat Boone.
  28. Taurus.
  29. New York Giants.
  30. Bonar Law.
  31. Belmont Park, New York.
  32. Texas.
  33. 1969.
  34. Al Wilson.
  35. Poland.
  36. Henry.
  37. Columbia.
  38. 69.
  39. 27.
  40. Grant Wood.
  41. Indonesia.
  42. 7,417 square miles.
  43. Richard Noble.
  44. Christian Hawkins.
  45. Old Westbury.
  46. Nightcrawler worms.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sports and Athletes Trivia Quiz #24 - Baseball, Football, Boxing, Basketball, Lacrosse, and more!

Sports trivia questions and answers about sports and athletes - Olympics, NBA, NFL,  Deion Sanders... Scroll down for the answers
  1. What Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher hit a home run in his first
    major league at-bat--and never hit another?
  2. What baseball player hit the only home run of his 22-year major
    league career off his own brother?
  3. What 1921 sporting event took up all of the first 13 pages of The
    New York Times --except for a little space on the front page devoted
    to the formal end of World War I?
  4. In the National Football League, how many footballs is the home
    team required to provide for each game?
  5. Brooks Robinson and Carl Yastrzemski hold the major league
    baseball record for playing the greatest number of seasons with the
    same team.  How many years did they play-- and with what teams?
  6. Why is the site of a boxing match called a ring when it's square?
  7. In the very first Boston Marathon, 15 runners competed.  How
    many finished?
  8. How long is the average pool cue?
  9. Under the rules outlined in the charter of the International
    Olympic Committee, how much pure gold must there be in each gold
    medal awarded to first-place winners?
  10. What professional ice hockey star didn't hang up his skates until
    he was 52?
  11. What is the state sport of Alaska?
  12. Who was the first athlete to hit a major league home run and make
    a professional football touchdown in the same week?
  13. Who was the famous great-great-grandfather of San Francisco 49er
    quarterback Steve Young?
  14. Who was the first professional athlete to win championship rings
    in two major sports?
  15. How long and wide is the balance beam used in Olympic gymnastic
  16. What sport besides football did famed fullback Jim Brown compete
    and excel in while he attended Syracuse University in the mid 1950s?
  17. How much did a one-minute TV spot cost advertisers on the first
    Super Bowl broadcast in 1967?
  18. How many of the four Grand Slam trophies in tennis are gold; how
    many are silver?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #24 - Sports Trivia

  1. New York Giant knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm, in 1952.
  2. Joe Nickro in 1976. Nickro, a pitcher with the Houston Astros, hit a four-bagger off his brother Phil, who was pitching fro the Atlanta Braves.  Houston won the game, 4-3.
  3. The July 2nd heavyweight championship bout between Jack Dempsey and George Carpenter, the first fight to gross over $1 million in gate receipts.  Dempsey won in a fourth-round knockout.
  4. 24--although from 8 to 12 are usually used.
  5. 23 years.  Third baseman Robinson played with the Baltimore Orioles from 1955 to 1977; Carl Yastrzemski, outfielder/first baseman, played with the Boston Red Sox from 1961 to 1983.
  6. Boxing rings were originally circular.
  7. 10.
  8. 57 inches.
  9. At least 6 grams.  Silver medals must  be at least .925 sterling silver.
  10. Gordie Howe, who played in 1,687 games in the National Hockey League.
  11. Dog-mushing.
  12. Jim Thorpe, in 1917. He did it a second time in 1919. Deion Sanders was the second athlete to accomplish the feat---70 years later in 1989.
  13. Mormon leader Brigham Young.
  14. Gene Conley. He pitched for the Milwaukee Braves team that won the 1957 World Series, and was on the Boston Celtic teams that won National Basketball Association championships in 1959,1960 and 1961.
  15. Length, 16 feet 3 inches; width, 4 inches.
  16. Lacrosse. He made All-American.
  17. $85,000.
  18. Only the Wimbledon trophy is gold; the others--for the U.S. Open, the French Open and the Australian Open--are sliver.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hard General Knowledge Trivia Quiz #23 - Hard Miscellaneous Trivia Questions and Answers

Difficult General Knowledge Trivia - Scroll down for the answers
  1. The worlds biggest what was made in London in 1998 to celebrate
    the re-release of Disney's Lady And The Tramp?
  2. How old was Elizabeth Taylor when she appeared in National
  3. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Idaho?
  4. In which state was Gene Vincent born?
  5. How was the European Recovery Program in the 1940s more commonly
  6. In which decade was the University of Miami founded?
  7. Who were joint ballet masters of the NYCB from 1983?
  8. Who choreographed Oklahoma on Broadway in the 40s?
  9. Sarah Vaughan first joined which band as singer?
  10. Elmas international airport is in which country?
  11. Which pioneering aviator had a plane called Percival Gull?
  12. Brandon Lee died during the making of which movie?
  13. Which British political figure became Baroness Kesteven?
  14. Henri Becquerel shared a Nobel prize for his work in discovering
  15. Who was the first white music star to record on Atlantic, through
    its sister label Atco?
  16. Who took the assumed name Sebastian Melmoth when living in Paris?
  17. Who signed the Pacific Security Treaty with the USA in 1951?
  18. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with Let's Do It Again?
  19. How many miles long is the canal which links the Pacific and
    Atlantic Oceans?
  20. Who founded the off-Broadway theater where Hair had its premier?
  21. Established in 1919, which is the world's oldest surviving
  22. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letter MA?
  23. Mel Fisher was noted for searching for what?
  24. Which US First Lady said, "No one can make you feel interior
    unless you consent?"
  25. Who won super bowl X?
  26. Who brought to an end Jahangir Khan's long unbeaten run of
    success in squash in the 80s?
  27. Who had a Too Legit To Quit Tour?
  28. Which instrument did bandleader Phil Harris play?
  29. Jomo Kenyatta was born into which tribe?
  30. According to Rudyard Kipling what were the "two imposters" to
    meet and treat the same day?
  31. Who is the most successful UK solo artist in the USA?
  32. Bryan Abrams, Sam Walters, Mark Calderon and Kevin Thornton
    formed which group?
  33. Which European country was the first to allow women the vote?
  34. Who was the British Prime Minister when independence was granted
    to India, Pakistan and Ceylon?
  35. Who was the defending champion when Bjorn Borg first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  36. When was the Scrabble World championship first held?
  37. Arlanda international airport is in which country?
  38. Where was horse racing's Breeder's Cup held in 1987?
  39. In which year was Grace Kelly born?
  40. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Montana?
  41. What year was the centenary of Arkansas joining the Union?
  42. Which singer formed his own Berlee record label?
  43. Who duetted with Barbra Streisand on Till I Loved You in 1988?
  44. Which country does the airline TAAG come from?
  45. Who  directed The Silence of the Lambs?
  46. What was first published on 21st December 1913 in the New York
  47. What finally knocked One Sweet Day off the No 1 position in the
    charts in the 90s?

Answers to Hard Trivia Quiz #23- Harder Trivia

  1. Bowl of spaghetti.
  2. 10.
  3. 82,751 square miles.
  4. Virginia.
  5. Marshall Plan.
  6. 1920s.
  7. Peter Martins and Anthony Tudor.
  8. Agnes de Mille.
  9. Earl Hines.
  10. Italy.
  11. Jean Batten.
  12. The Crow.
  13. Margaret Thatcher.
  14. Radioactivity.
  15. Bobby Darin.
  16. Oscar Wilde.
  17. Australia & New Zealand.
  18. The Staple Singers.
  19. 50 miles.
  20. Joseph Papp.
  21. KLM.
  22. Morocco.
  23. Sunken Treasure.
  24. Eleanor Roosevelt.
  25. Pittsburgh.
  26. Ross Norman.
  27. MC Hammer.
  28. Drums.
  29. Kikuyu.
  30. Triumph and Disaster.
  31. Elton John.
  32. Color Me Badd.
  33. Finland.
  34. Clement Attlee.
  35. Arthur Ashe.
  36. 1991.
  37. Sweden.
  38. Hollywood Park L.A.
  39. 1929.
  40. 145,556 square miles.
  41. 1936.
  42. Del Shannon.
  43. Don Johnson.
  44. Angola.
  45. Jonathan Demme.
  46. A crossword puzzle.
  47. Because You Loved Me.