Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #15 - Interesting Random Trivia - Actors, CNN, Lunar Module, Celtics

Miscellaneous and Random Quiz Questions - Scroll Down for Answers

  1. Which company first manufactured the electric toothbrush?
  2. Who lived under the pseudonym of Harriet Brown in New
    York form the 40s to the 90s?
  3. Which actor bought the island of Tetiaroa?
  4. Between 1952 and 1954 did the number of TV
    stations in the USA double, triple or quadruple?
  5. Which was the only eastern bloc country to participate in the 1984 LA Olympics?
  6. What was Wham!'s first No 1?
  7. Which musical featured the song
    You'll Never Walk Alone?
  8. In which year was Bloody Sunday in Londonderry?
  9. The first untethered space walk took place from which
    space craft?
  10. What was the main color of a Storm trooper in Star
  11. Which 90s sci fi series with James Belushi was based on
    Bruce Wagner's comic strip of the same name?
  12. Richard Nixon was Vice President to which US state?
  13. Luxor international airport is in which
  14. Which country did Albert Einstein move to as the Nazis
    rose to power?
  15. In the 90s how many points have been awarded for
    finishing first in a Grand Prix?
  16. Which lawyer made Raymond Burr famous?
  17. Which broadcasting company did Edward J Noble
  18. In which decade of the 20th century was Lily Tomlin born?
  19. Peterson Field international airport is in which US
  20. In which decade did the Jackson 5 sign to Motown?
  21. How many vice presidents did Franklin D Roosevelt have?
  22. In which state is Harrah's Auto Collection situated?
  23. If I Were A Rich Man Was a big hit from which stage
  24. What was the name of Gene Autry's horse?
  25. Which city has a sports team of Steelers and 
    team of Pirates?
  26. What did Fort Dearborn, Indian Territory change its
    name to?
  27. Bill Berry retired through ill health as a
    drummer in which band?
  28. Leslie Nielsen trained in which of the armed services in
  29. In Al Pacino's name, what is Al short for?
  30. What went with Blood and Sweat in the name of the 60s
    rock band?
  31. Which musical featured the song I Feel Pretty?
  32. Barry Goldwater came from which state?
  33. Who said, "Being No 1 tennis player in the world
    doesn't necessarily mean you're intelligent?"
  34. Who produced the first Jetliner in 1957?
  35. In which decade of the 20th century was James Caan
  36. In which country is the deepwater port of Trondheim?
  37. In which state is Camp David?
  38. What was the Statue of Liberty originally called?
  39. Who sang the Bond theme form
    From Russia With Love?
  40. Which company was responsible for the oil spill in
    New York harbor in 1990?
  41. In which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born?
  42. Who had an 80s No 1 with Don't You Want Me?
  43. Which star of Hannah And Her Sisters has a child
    called Free?
  44. Who had 70s hits with Have You Seen Her and Oh
  45. In which decade of the 20th century was Father's Day
    first celebrated?
  46. What was the name of the "girl with kaleidoscope eyes"
    in a Beatles song?
  47. Will Rogers airport was built in which US state?
  48. What was the first name of the fictional sleuth
    Captain Furillo?
  49. In which decade of the 20th century was Andy Williams

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #15 - Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. Squibb.
  2. Greta Garbo.
  3. Marlon Brando.
  4. Triple.
  5. Rumania.
  6. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.
  7. Carousel.
  8. 1972.
  9. Challenger.
  10. White.
  11. Wild Palms.
  12. Dwight Eisenhower.
  13. Egypt.
  14. America.
  15. 10.
  16. Perry Mason.
  17. ABC.
  18. 1930s.
  19. Colorado.
  20. 1960s.
  21. Three.
  22. Nevada.
  23. Fiddler on the Roof.
  24. Champion.
  25. Pittsburgh.
  26. Chicago, Illinois.
  27. REM.
  28. Royal Canadian.
  29. Alfredo.
  30. Tears.
  31. West Side Story.
  32. Arizona.
  33. Jana Novotna.
  34. Boeing.
  35. 1930s.
  36. Norway.
  37. Maryland.
  38. Liberty Enlightening the World.
  39. Matt Monro.
  40. Exxon.
  41. Austria.
  42. Human League.
  43. Barbara Hershey.
  44. Chi-Lites.
  45. 1910s.
  46. Lucy.
  47. Oklahoma.
  48. Frank.
  49. 20s.