Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun Long Trivia Quiz #18 - Forty Four Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions

Long Trivia Quiz - 44 Questions - Miscellaneous Topics

  1. In the TV series what was Jim Rockford's rate of pay per day?
  2. Who was British Prime Minister when World
    War II broke out?
  3. How was Oflag IVC prison camp better
  4. Who succeeded Theodore Roosevelt as President?
  5. To whom did the Bee Gees pay tribute in
    Tapestry Revisited?
  6. Who was born first, James Caan or Michael Douglas?
  7. Who wrote The Simpsons?
  8. What was President Gerald Ford's middle name?
  9. Who had a big 70s No 1 with How Can You Mend A Broken
  10. In which country is the deepwater ort of Brindisi?
  11. Who recorded the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack?
  12. The word anchorman was credited by Sig
    Michelson about which CBS News Legend?
  13. Art Garfunkel trained for which profession
    although he didn't qualify?
  14. If it is 9 a.m. in Washington state, what time is it
    in Arkansas?
  15. Who was the last inmate of Spandau jail in Berlin?
  16. What was Eddie Murphy's first movie?
  17. In which country was Omar Sharif born?
  18. Del Ballard Jr. was a world champion in which port?
  19. Who wrote The Picture Of Dorian Gray?
  20. Who sang the title song for the Bond film You Only
    Live Twice?
  21. Who had a big 90s No 1 with This Is How We Do
  22. Which national park, famous for aboriginal rock
    paintings, is near Darwin?
  23. What were the first names of the
    fictional sleuth Magnum?
  24. In TV's All In The Family what was Mike and
    Gloria's son called?
  25. Who sang with Crosby, Stills and Young?
  26. In which John Logie Baird invent television?
  27. Who wrote The Thorn Birds?
  28. What does the letter C stand for in CIA?
  29. Who sang the title song for the Bond film License To
  30. the Soviet secret police were known by which
  31. Who became director of the FBI in 1987?
  32. Black or White came from which Michael
    Jackson album?
  33. On a computer keyboard, which letter is between G ad
  34. In which town or city was General Motors founded?
  35. Which musical featured the song Anything You
    Can Do?
  36. In the 80s who wrote the novel Empire of
    The Sun?
  37. What did the D stand for in Franklin D
    Roosevelt's name?
  38. Kagoshima international airport is in which country?
  39. In which decade of the 20th century was Emilio Estevez
  40. How old was Sean Connery when he played 46-year old
    Harrison Ford's father in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade?
  41. In which sport could the Pacers take on the Pistons?
  42. Which Oscar nominated actress appeared in the
    short lived sitcom Sibs in 1991?
  43. In which country was the Russian Revolutionary
    Leon Trotsky murdered?
  44. Which duo had a 60s No 1 with A World Without Love?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #18

  1. $200 plus expenses.
  2. Neville Chamberlain.
  3. Colditz.
  4. William Howard Taft.
  5. Carole King.
  6. James Caan.
  7. Matt Groening.
  8. Rudolph.
  9. Bee Gees.
  10. Italy.
  11. Harry Connick Jnr.
  12. Walter Cronkite.
  13. Architect.
  14. 11 a.m.
  15. Rudolf Hess.
  16. 48 Hours.
  17. Egypt.
  18. Bowls.
  19. Oscar Wilde.
  20. Nancy Sinatra.
  21. Montell Jordan.
  22. Kakadu National Park.
  23. Thomas Sullivan.
  24. Joey.
  25. Graham Nash.
  26. 1920s.
  27. Colleen McCullogh.
  28. Central.
  29. Gladys Knight.
  30. KGB.
  31. William Sessions.
  32. Dangerous.
  33. H.
  34. Flint, Michigan.
  35. Annie Get Your Gun.
  36. J. G. Ballard.
  37. Delano.
  38. Japan.
  39. 1960s.
  40. 58.
  41. A:  Basketball.
  42. Marsh Mason.
  43. Mexico.
  44. Peter & Gordon.