Wednesday, June 29, 2011

People Trivia Quiz #40 - Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Famous People

Trivia About Famous and Infamous People and Things They Did

People trivia - Lindbergh, Clinton, Thatcher, Winfrey,McAuliffe, Yoko Ono and more.

  1. How old was Charles Lindbergh when he first flew solo across the Atlantic?
  2. Which First Lady had to give evidence over the Whitewater scandal?
  3. About which British politician did Francois Mitterrand say, "She has
    the mouth of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula?"
  4. Nigel Short was the youngest champion in which game in 1984?
  5. Earl Spencer appeared on whose US chat show?
  6. What did Woody Allen call his son as a tribute to Louis 'Satchmo'
  7. What relation is Joey Richardson to Vanessa Redgrave?
  8. Which princess took out an injunction against a photographer after he
    tried to take photographs of her?
  9. Which US journalist was released after  his arrest for spying in
  10. In which decade did Berry Gordy set up Tamla Motown?
  11. Who was the first person to fly in the 'citizen in space' program?
  12. Who designs under the Emporio label?
  13. Who did Mike Tyson defeat when he first won the WBC world heavyweight
    title at the age of 20?
  14. Melanie Molitor is the mom of which tennis world NO 1?
  15. Which American commander reached the North Pole at his sixth attempt
    in 1909?
  16. In 1984 how was the baby who received the heart of a baboon known?
  17. What was the name of NATO spokesman in the 1999 Kosovo crisis?
  18. Marc Dutroux hit the headlines over a 'house of horrors' in which
  19. Which 80s Wimbledon Men's Singles champion is the father of twins?
  20. Which daughter of the last Tsar of Russia was said to have escaped to
  21. Which soul singer is Whitney Houston's god mother?
  22. Which Russian-born American wrote I, Robot?
  23. In which state were Bonnie & Clyde killed?
  24. Which hospital was John Lennon taken to after he was shot?
  25. Which Biblical name does Boris Becker's older son have?
  26. President Kennedy was shot on 22nd November; what day was Lee Harvey
    Oswald shot?
  27. Who founded General Motors in 1908?
  28. Nicoletta Mantovani hit the headlines through her relationship with
    which big figure in the entertainment world?
  29. What was Clive Sinclair's personal transport vehicle called?
  30. In 1997 The Duchess of York was signed up by which US newspaper to
    write a weekly column?
  31. What did Mel ?B call her baby with Jimmy Gulzar?
  32. Who designed Posh "Spice Victoria Adam's wedding dress?
  33. Who is Julian Lennon's step-mother?
  34. Which American contralto was the first black singe to appear at the
    Metropolitan Opera?
  35. Why did Mrs. Tchaikovsky cause a sensation in 1928?
  36. Which American was the first ever person to retain an Olympic
    springboard diving title?
  37. Which university did Tony Blair and Bill Clinton both attend in their
    younger days?
  38. What is the name of Paul and Linda McCartney's only son?
  39. Who won the first men's US Tennis Open, in 1968?
  40. Timothy McVeigh was convicted for which bombing?
  41. What was Al Capone jailed for the very first time?
  42. Who was dubbed The Lone Eagle?
  43. Who was Oliver North's secretary during the Irangate scandal?
  44. Which singer married director Blake Edwards?
  45. What relation was "Waldorf Astor, who became a British member of
    Parliament, to US millionaire John Jacob Astor?
  46. Where did John Dillinger have a distinctive scar?
  47. Which French actor was the first to be broadcast live in the US via

Answers to  Quiz #40 - Answers for Famous People

  1. 25.
  2. Hillary Clinton.
  3. Margaret Thatcher.
  4. Chess.
  5. Oprah Winfrey.
  6. Satchel.
  7. Daughter.
  8. Princess Diana.
  9. Nicholas Daniloff.
  10. 1950s.
  11. Christa McAuliffe.
  12. Armani.
  13. Trevor Berbiek.
  14. Martina Hingis.
  15. Robert F. Peary.
  16. Baby Fae.
  17. Jamie Shea.
  18. Belgium.
  19. Pat Cash.
  20. Anastasia.
  21. Aretha Franklin.
  22. Isaac Asimov.
  23. Louisiana.
  24. Roosevelt Hospital.
  25. Noah.
  26. 24th November.
  27. William C. Durant.
  28. Luciano Pavarotti.
  29. C5.
  30. New York Times.
  31. Phoenix Chi.
  32. Vera Wang.
  33. Yoko Ono.
  34. Marian Anderson.
  35. Claimed to be Russian Tsar's daughter.
  36. Greg Louganis.
  37. Oxford.
  38. James.
  39. Arthur Ash.
  40. Oklahoma.
  41. Carrying a gun.
  42. Charles Lindbergh.
  43. Fawn Hall.
  44. Julie Andrews.
  45. Great-grandson.
  46. Left hand.
  47. Yve Montand.