Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #14 - Long Trivia Quiz Questions About Miscellaneous Topics

Miscellaneous and Random Quiz Questions - Scroll Down for Answers
  1. Who was the director of the CIA from 1976-81?
  2. In which mountains are Camp David?
  3. Which song say, "The words of the prophet are
    written on the subway walls?"
  4. Who sang the title song for the Bond film A
    View To A Kill?
  5. In which country did General Jaruzelski impose
    marital law in 1981?
  6. How is Truman Streckfus Persons better known?
  7. In which decade of the 20th century was Drew
    Barrymore born?
  8. Who won the Oscar for directing It Happened One Night?
  9. If it is 8 a. m. in California, what time is it in
  10. To a couple of years, when did Bobby Rydell have his
    first top ten hit?
  11. In which decade of the 20th century was Ted Danson born?
  12. Hellenikon international airport is in which country?
  13. Who had a 60s No 1 with Lightnin' Strikes?
  14. In which year was CNN founded?
  15. Who was President Reagan's Secretary for Defense from
    1987 to 1989?
  16. Which famous brother of Talia Shire does not
    share her last name?
  17. Which musical featured the song The
    Street Where You Live?
  18. In basketball where do the Celtics come from?
  19. What does D stand for in the Computer Assisted CAD?
  20. Which Disney film had the theme tune A Whole New World?
  21. What does MG sand for in Booker T & The MG's?
  22. Florence Ballard was a member of which girl
  23. Who was the target of the failed "Bomb Plot" of 1944?
  24. Who was born first, Susan Sarandon or Glenn Close?
  25. Who wrote the novel The Go Between?
  26. In which musical do the sweeps sing Chim Chim
  27. Who had a big 60s No 1 with Tossin' and Turnin'?
  28. Sam Phillips was owner of which legendary
    recording studio?
  29. Which actor played Maxwell Smart?
  30. On a computer keyboard which letter on the same line
    is between C and B?
  31. Lunar 10's Lunar Excursion Module was named after which
    famous character?
  32. Who had an 80s No 1 hit with Hold On To The Nights?
  33. In which decade did golfer Gary Player last win
    the British Open?
  34. Sarah FitzGerald has been a 90s world champion in which
  35. Where was the peace treaty signed that brought World
    War I to an end?
  36. Who directed the classic 30s western Stagecoach?
  37. Which Chinese year follows the year of the sheep?
  38. Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters were in which rock group?
  39. What does the letter C stand for in OPEC?
  40. Which Welsh singer was invited to sing at the White
    House on Millennium Eve?
  41. Which company was responsible for the oil spill in
    Alaska in 1989?
  42. Vehicles from which country use the international
    registration letter C?
  43. What date is Father's Day?
  44. Which highway was Revisited in a classic
    60s album by Bob Dylan?
  45. In which decade of the 20th century was the FBI set up?
  46. In which decade of the 20th century was Dan Aykroyd
  47. Which American wrote The Game of Chess in 1959?
  48. Which leader did Hitler meet in the Brenner Pass
    in WWII?
  49. Birkdale golf course is in which British resort?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #14 - Miscellaneous Trivia
Quiz Answers

  1. George Bush.
  2. Appalachian.
  3. Sound of Silence.
  4. Duran Duran.
  5. Poland.
  6. Truman Capote.
  7. 1970s.
  8. Frank Capra.
  9. 10 a.m.
  10. 1959.
  11. 1940s.
  12. Greece.
  13. Lou Christie.
  14. 1980.
  15. Frank Carlucci.
  16. Francis Ford Coppola.
  17. My Fair Lady.
  18. Boston.
  19. Design.
  20. Aladdin.
  21. Memphis Group.
  22. Supremes.
  23. Hitler.
  24. Susan Sarandon.
  25. L. P. Hartley.
  26. Mary Poppins.
  27. Bobby Lewis.
  28. Sun.
  29. Don Adams.
  30. V.
  31. Snoopy.
  32. Richard Marx.
  33. 70s.
  34. Squash.
  35. Versailles.
  36. John Ford.
  37. Monkey.
  38. Pink Floyd.
  39. Countries.
  40. Tom Jones.
  41. Exxon.
  42. Cuba.
  43. 3rd Sunday in June.
  44. 61.
  45. 1900s.
  46. 50s.
  47. Bobby Fischer.
  48. Mussolini.
  49. Southport.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #13 - Trivia Quiz Questions About Africa and African People, Places, and Things

Africa and African trivia questions and answers.
  1. Which is the second longest river in Africa?
  2. Who was Zambia's first president?
  3. Which 100-mile long waterway links the Mediterranean and the Red
  4. In which country is the Aswan Dam?
  5. Where did Idi Amin rule from 1971-1979?
  6. What does ANC stand for?
  7. Which country has the rand as its currency?
  8. What is the former name of the People's Republic of Venin?
  9. In which country are Tangier and Casablanca?
  10. Who was the Egyptian president who was assassinated in 1981?
  11. Which country, bordering Zaire, takes its name from the former
    name of the Zaire river?
  12. Which country unilaterally declared independence in November
  13. Which country was called Upper Volta until 1984?
  14. Which narrow stretch of water separates North Africa from Spain?
  15. Which volcano in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa?
  16. Who was the Egyptian king whose tomb an treasures were discovered
    in the Valley of the Kings in 1922?
  17. The flag of Libya is a plain rectangle of which color?
  18. Name the East African country which lies on the equator.
  19. What are the two main arms of the River Nile called?
  20. Which explorer was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope?
  21. In which country did King Hassan II ascend the throne in 1961?
  22. Which British general was killed at Khartoum in 1885?
  23. On the border of which two countries is Victoria Falls?
  24. What is the name shared by the currency units of Algeria and
  25. What is the name of  the volcanic valley that runs from the
    Sinai peninsula to central Mozambique?
  26. Which actor won an Academy Award for his performance in The
    African Queen?
  27. Who wrote the novel Cry, the Beloved Country about South Africa?
  28. What is the capital of Kenya?
  29. From which European country did Angola achieve independence in
  30. Which country mainly makes up the Horn of Africa?
  31. At which town in the Sudan do the White and Blue Niles join?
  32. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak of which range of mountains?
  33. What is the capital of Sierra Leone?
  34. Which country is the island of Zanzibar part of?
  35. What is Africa's largest country?
  36. Which African country is bordered by Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast,
    Niger, and Mali?
  37. Who was the woman sentenced to six years in jail after the murder
    of Stompei Seipi?
  38. In which country are the towns of Gweru and Kwekwe?
  39. Of which African country is Niamey the capital?
  40. Who was the founder of the Back to Africa movement who largely
    inspired Rastafarianism?
  41. Which African country is sandwiched between Ghana and Benin?
  42. The Zambesi and which other river define the borders of

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #13 - Africa and African Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. Zaire, formerly Congo.
  2. Kenneth Kuanda.
  3. Suez Canal.
  4. Egypt.
  5. Uganda.
  6. African National Congress.
  7. South Africa.
  8. Dohomey.
  9. Morocco.
  10. Sadat.
  11. Congo.
  12. Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
  13. Burkina Faso.
  14. Straight of Gibraltar.
  15. Kilimanjaro.
  16. Tutankhamen.
  17. Green.
  18. Kenya.
  19. Blue Nile and White Nile.
  20. Bartholomew Diaz.
  21. Morocco.
  22. Gordon.
  23. Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  24. Dinar.
  25. Great Rift Valley.
  26. Humphrey Bogart.
  27. Alan Paton.
  28. Nairobi.
  29. Portugal.
  30. Somalia.
  31. Khartoum.
  32. Atlas Mountains.
  33. Freetown.
  34. Tanzania.
  35. Sudan.
  36. Burkino Faso.
  37. Winnie Mandela.
  38. Zimbabwe.
  39. Niger.
  40. Marcus Garvey.
  41. Togo.
  42. Limpopo.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #12 - Miscellaneous Food and Beverage Questions

Fun Trivia questions and answers - Food, crackers, coffee, onions, spices, animal crackers...
  1. How did pound cake get its name?
  2. What breakfast food gets its name from the German word for
  3. What animal is the source of the milk used in making Roquefort
  4. Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?
  5. How did the manufacturers of Old Grand-Dad bourbon get away with
    producing their whisky during Prohibition?
  6. What popular drink did a Dutch medical professor produce in his
    laboratory while trying to come up with a blood cleanser that could
    be sold in drugstores?
  7. What beverage did Pope Clement VIII officially recognize as a
    Christian drink in an edict issued in 1592?
  8. In wine making, what is the must?
  9. What elaborate confection was inspired by St. Bride's Church in
  10. On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand
    when taking an oath?
  11. How was the dish we know as chicken a la king first listed when
    it was added to the menu at New York's Delmonico's restaurant in the
  12. What American city produces most of the egg rolls sold in grocery
    stores in the United States?
  13. What drink is named for the wormwood plant?
  14. Italy leads the world in pasta consumption with 61.7 pounds eaten
    per person per year. What country is second?
  15. When Birdseye introduced the first frozen food in 1930, what did
    the company call it/
  16. What two spices are derived from the fruit of the nutmeg tree?
  17. How many different animal shapes are there in the "Animal
    Crackers" cookie zoo?
  18. How many flowers are in the design stamped on each side of an
    Oreo cookie?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #12 - Food Trivia

  1. From the one-pound quantities of the key ingredients (sugar,
    butter, eggs, and flour) in the original recipe.
  2. The Bagel.
  3. The ewe, or female sheep.
  4. The animal-shaped cookie treats were introduced in 1902 as a
    Christmas novelty--and packaged so they could be hung from Christmas
  5. The marked the bottles "for medicinal purposes."
  6. Gin.
  7. Coffee, which had been introduced to Europe by Arab traders and
    was considered by many Roman Catholics to be the wine of infidels.
  8. The juice drawn from the grapes but not yet fermented into wine.
  9. The tiered wedding cake--which was based on the tiered spire of
    the church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
  10. The onion. Its round shape symbolized eternity.
  11. As chicken a la Keene--it was named in honor of Foxhall Keene, a
    regular at Delmonico's.
  12. Houston Texas.
  13. A :Vermouth, which is flavored with wormwood (vermout in French;
    wermut in German)--so called because the bitter-tasting plant was
    once used as a cure for intestinal worms. Only the harmless blossoms
    of the plant, not its toxic leaves, are used in making vermouth.
  14. Venezuela, where the annual pasta consumption is 27.9 pounds.
  15. Frosted food.
  16. Nutmeg, which is produced from he kernel; and mace, which is
    produced from the kernel's lacy covering.
  17. Eighteen--two bears (one walking, one seated), a bison, camel,
    cougar, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, hippopotamus, hyena , kangaroo,
    lion, monkey, rhinoceros, seal, sheep, tier, and zebra.
  18. Twelve. Each has four petals.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #11 - Miscellaneous Sports Questions

Fun Trivia questions and answers - Questions about the Boston Marathon, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the National Football League, Steve Young, the Houston Astros and more.
  1. What Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher hit a home run in his first
    major league at-bat--and never hit another?
  2. What baseball player hit the only home run of his 212-year major
    league career off his own brother?
  3. What 1921 sporting event took up all of the first 13 pages of The
    New York Times --except for a little space on the front page devoted
    to the formal end of World War I?
  4. In the National Football League, how many footballs is the home
    team required to provide for each game?
  5. Brooks Robinson and Carl Yastrzemski hold the major league
    baseball record for playing the greatest number of seasons with the
    same team.  How many years did they play-- and with what teams?
  6. Why is the site of a boxing match called a ring when it's square?
  7. In the very first Boston Marathon, 15 runners competed.  How
    many finished?
  8. How long is the average pool cue?
  9. Under the rules outlined in the charter of the International
    Olympic Committee, how much pure gold must there be in each gold
    medal awarded to first-place winners?
  10. What professional ice hockey star didn't hang up his skates until
    he was 52?
  11. What is the state sport of Alaska?
  12. Who was the first athlete to hit a major league home run and make
    a professional football touchdown in the same week?
  13. Who was the famous great-great-grandfather of San Francisco 49er
    quarterback Steve Young?
  14. Who was the first professional athlete to win championship rings
    in two major sports?
  15. How long and wide is the balance beam used in Olympic gymnastic
  16. What sport besides football did famed fullback Jim Brown compete
    and excel in while he attended Syracuse University in the mid 1950s?
  17. How much did a one-minute TV spot cost advertisers on the first
    Super Bowl broadcast in 1967?
  18. How many of the four Grand Slam trophies in tennis are gold; how
    many are silver?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #11 - Sports Trivia

  1. New York Giant knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm, in 1952.
  2. Joe Nickro in 1976. Nickro, a pitcher with the Houston Astros,
    hit a four-bagger off his brother Phil, who was pitching fro the
    Atlanta Braves.  Houston won the game, 4-3.
  3. The July 2nd heavyweight championship bout between Jack Dempsey
    and George Carpenter, the first fight to gross over $1 million in
    gate receipts.  Dempsey won in a fourth-round knockout.
  4. 24--although from 8 to 12 are usually used.
  5. 23 years.  Third baseman Robinson played with the Baltimore
    Orioles from 1955 to 1977; Carl Yastrzemski, outfielder/first
    baseman, played with the Boston Red Sox from 1961 to 1983.
  6. Boxing rings were originally circular.
  7. 10.
  8. 57 inches.
  9. At least 6 grams.  Silver medals must  be at least .925
    sterling silver.
  10. Gordie Howe, who played in 1,687 games in the National Hockey
  11. Dog-mushing.
  12. Jim Thorpe, in 1917. He did it a second time in 1919. Deion
    Sanders was the second athlete to accomplish the feat---70 years
    later in 1989.
  13. Mormon leader Brigham Young.
  14. Gene Conley. He pitched for the Milwaukee Braves team that won
    the 1957 World Series, and was on the Boston Celtic teams that won
    National Basketball Association championships in 1959,1960 and 1961.
  15. Length, 16 feet 3 inches; width, 4 inches.
  16. Lacrosse. He made All-American.
  17. $85,000.
  18. Only the Wimbledon trophy is gold; the others--for the U.S. Open,
    the French Open and the Australian Open--are sliver.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #10 - Sports trivia questions and answers about baseball, boxing, football, baseball, rodeos, Tennis and more!

Fun sports trivia questions and answers - Ty Cobb, the Olympics, little league baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Cross Country Bike Racing
  1. What is the distance between bases on a little league baseball
  2. What college once had 22 members of the Phi Beta Kappa honor
    society on its football team?
  3. What was the first sport in which women were invited to compete
    at the Olympics?
  4. What sport was the first to be filmed---and who filmed it?

  5. How many home runs did baseball great Ty Cobb hit in the three
    world series in which he played?
  6. In cross-country bike racing, what do the initials BMX represent?
  7. Under what name did Dr. Joshua Pim of Great Britain enter and win
    the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 1893?
  8. In 1939, what famous American athlete starred on UCLA's
    undefeated football team and was the top scorer in the Pacific Coast
    Conference for Basketball?
  9. What popular sport did Joe Sobek invent at the Greenwich,
    Connecticut, MCA in 1950?
  10. Who was the first Olympic gold medalist to win a professional
    world boxing title?
  11. What sports activity was originally known in England as
  12. Which was the first sport to have its top players named to an
    All-American team?
  13. What was golfing great Ben Hogan's famous reply when he was asked
    how to improve one's game?
  14. How many world records did swimmer Mark Spitz set when he won
    seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics?
  15. After retiring as a player, with what team did baseball great
    Babe Ruth spend one year as a coach?
  16. In what year's Olympics were electric timing devices and a
    public-address system used for the first time?
  17. What is the maximum weight permitted for calves in rodeo
    calf-roping competition?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #10 - Sports Trivia 

  1. 60 feet.
  2. Dartmouth, in 1925.
  3. Tennis, at the 1900 games in Paris.  Charlotte Cooper of Great
    Britain was the first gold medalist.
  4. The sport was boxing; the man who did the filming, Thomas A.
    Edison; the year, 1894. Edison filmed a boxing match between Jack
    Cushing and Mike Leonard in a studio on the grounds of his
    laboratory complex in West Orange, New Jersey.
  5. None.
  6. Bicycle moto x (cross).
  7. Mr. X. Because he feared that revealing his true identity would
    hurt his medical practice, Pim entered under the mystery name.
  8. Jackie Robinson, who later gained national fame playing
    professional baseball. At UCLA, he earned letters in baseball,
    basketball, football and track.
  9. Racquetball. Sobek designed a "strung paddle racquet" and
    handle, and combined the rules of squash and handball, to create the
    game he called "paddle rackets."
  10. Floyd Patterson, who won the Olympic gold medal as a middleweight
    in 19+52, and the world championship as a heavyweight in 1956.
  11. Waterskiing.  The first recorded mention of the sport in
    England was in 1914.
  12. Football, in 1889. The idea originated with famed football
    authority Walter Camp, who picked 36 All-American teams until his
    death in 1925.
  13. "Hit the ball closer to the hole."
  14. Seven--one in each of the races in which he competed.
  15. The Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938.
  16. In 1912, in Stockholm.
  17. 350 pounds.  The minimum is 200 pounds.

Free Trivia Quiz #9 - Greek mythology and other myth trivia questions and answers

Fun Trivia questions and answers - Greek, Roman, and Norse Myths Trivia
  1. Name the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne---the nine Muses of
    Greek mythology?
  2. What mythological beast has the head of a man, the body of a
    lion, and the tail and feet of a dragon?
  3. The diet of what mythical monster periodically included seven
    youths and seven maidens?
  4. In Greek mythology, who was the goddess of the rainbow?
  5. In ancient Athens, what tree was considered sacred -- with all
    its fruit belonging to the state, and death the penalty for anyone
    caught cutting one down?
  6. What legendary fire-breathing female monster had a lion's head, a
    goat's body and a dragon's tail?
  7. What famous structure in Greek mythology was built by a man named
  8. According to legend, who fired the arrow that hit Achilles in the
    heel, his only vulnerable spot?
  9. What mythological god was portrayed as the Colossus of Rhodes,
    the more than 100-foot-high sculpture that was one of the Seven
    Wonders of the World?
  10. In Greek mythology, who were Arges, Brontes and Steropes?
  11. In Greek mythology, who was the queen of the underworld and wife
    of Hades?
  12. Who was the ancient Greek god of dreams?
  13. What bird was credited with saving Rome from attack y the Gauls
    in 390B.C.?
  14. According to classical mythology, who was the first mortal woman?
  15. Janus--the ancient Roman god of good beginnings for whom January
    is named-- is pictured on early coins with two faces looking in
    opposite directions.  What did the faces represent?
  16. What is the name of the imaginary city built in the air in The
    Birds, the comedy written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in
  17. In Greek mythology, what were the names of  Oedipus's
  18. According to legend, what is the color of the horn in the middle
    of the unicorn's forehead?
  19. According to Norse legend, what animals pulled Thor's chariot
    across the sky?
  20. According to legend, what Hindu god died as Achilles did---from
    an arrow shot into his heel?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #9 - Greek and other Mythology Trivia

  1. Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia,
    Terpischore, Thalia, and Urania.
  2. A manticore.
  3. The Minotaur's.
  4. Iris.
  5. The olive tree.
  6. The Chimera.
  7. The Trojan Horse.  According to the legend, Epeius was a
    skilled woodworker commissioned by Odysseus to build the huge gift
  8. Paris.
  9. Helios, the sun god. The statue was destroyed by an earthquake in
  10. Cyclopes.
  11. Persephone.
  12. Morpheus. (Hypnus was the god of sleep.)
  13. The goose.  According to legend, the honking of geese
    alerted the Romans to a night raid by the Gauls.
  14. Pandora.
  15. The future and the past.
  16. Cloud-Cuckoo-Land-- or Nephelococcygia in Greek.
  17. Laius, King of Thebes, and his queen, Jocasta.
  18. White at the base, black in the middle and red at the tip.
  19. Two goats.  Thor was the god of thunder.
  20. Krishna.  He was shot by a hunter who mistook him for a
    deer. His heel was his only vulnerable spot.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #8 - Biblical and Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Biblical trivia questions and answers.

  1. Why is the egg a symbol of Easter?
  2. What is the most common name in the Bible--shared by 32 people in
    the Old Testament and one in the New Testament?
  3. According to the Bible, what weapons was the Philistine giant
    Goliath carrying when he was slain by David?
  4. Along what body of water is there a low salt mountain some
    believe is the pillar of salt that Lot's wife was turned into after
    the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?
  5. What does the word Amen mean?
  6. How wide and deep was the moat dug around the famous 21-foot-high
    wall that protected the biblical city of Jericho in 7000 B.C.?
  7. In what language was the New Testament originally written?
  8. How many of the 150 psalms in the Bible's Book of Psalms are
    attributed to Moses?
  9. According to the Bible, on what day did God divide land and
  10. What was the playing time of the Bible when the American
    Foundation for the Blind recorded the entire 774,000-word King James
    version in 1944?
  11. According to the Bible, how many pearly gates are there?
  12. What was the total population of the world at the time of Christ?
  13. According to the Bible, in what city were the disciples of Jesus
    first called Christians?
  14. In the Bible, who saw the handwriting on the wall?
  15. What were the names of the three wise men?
  16. How high were the walls of Jericho before they came tumbling
  17. How many people were on Noah's Ark?
  18. How many decks were there on Noah's Ark?
  19. Who were the parents of King Solomon?
  20. What was the first imprisonment recorded in the Bible?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #8 - Biblical Trivia

  1. As an ancient symbol of new life, it's considered a fitting
    symbol for the Resurrection.
  2. Zechariah.
  3. A sword and a spear, according to I Samuel 17:45
  4. The Dead Sea.
  5. "So be it" or "Let it be".
  6. It was 15 feet wide and 9 feet deep.
  7. In Greek.
  8. One-- Psalm 90, "A Prayer of Moses, the man of God."
  9. On the third day. (Genesis 1:9)
  10. 84-1/2 hours.
  11. 12 (Revelations 21:12-21.
  12. About 200 million.
  13. In Antioch, one of the earliest centers of Christianity (Acts
  14. The Babylonian king Belshazzar (Daniel 5:1-5).
  15. Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior.
  16. Twenty one feet.
  17. Eight--- Noah, his wife; and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth and
    their wives.
  18. Three, according to Genesis 6:16
  19. David and Bathsheba.
  20. The jailing of Joseph by Potiphar, the captain of the Egyptian
    pharaoh's guards, after Joseph was falsely accused of trying to
    seduce Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39:6-20)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #7 - Bible and Biblical Stories Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Bible trivia and Biblical questions and answers, scroll down for the bible trivia answers.
  1. How much time did Jonah spend in the belly of the whale?
  2. Why did a Bible published in London in 1632 become known as the
    Wicked Bible?
  3. The name of God is not mentioned in only one book of the Bible.
    Which one?
  4. What kind of wood was used to make Noah's Ark?
  5. Who was the only Englishman to become Pope?
  6. For what event in February 1964 did evangelist Billy Graham break
    his strict rule against watching TV on Sunday?
  7. According to the Bible, what substance was used to caulk Noah's
    ark and to seal the basket in which the infant Moses was set adrift
    on the Nile?
  8. How old was Moses when he died?
  9. How tall was Goliath, the Philistine giant slain by David with a
    stone hurled from a sling?
  10. What biblical Babylonian king cast Daniel into the lion's den for
    praying to God in defiance of a royal decree?
  11. What is the longest name in the Bible?
  12. In the Bible, which of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse rides
    a red horse?
  13. How many books of the Bible are named for women?
  14. What language is Jesus believed to have spoken?
  15. In the Bible, for what "price" did Esau sell his birthright to
    his younger twin brother, Jacob?
  16. What did the lords of the philistines offer Delilah for revealing
    the secret of Samson's strength?
  17. In the Old Testament, who was Jezebel's husband?
  18. What bird is named for the apostle Peter?
  19. What was the first town in the United States to be given a
    biblical name? Hint: Its name is the most common biblical place name
    in the country.

  20. In the Bible, who did the sun and moon stand still before?
  21. Who is the only woman whose age is mentioned in the Bible?
  22. What Michelle Pfeiffer movie got a boost from the Coolio song
    Gangsta's Paradise?


Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #7

  1. Three days and three nights.
  2. Because "not" was missing from the seventh commandment, making it
    "Thou shalt commit adultery."
  3. The Book of Esther.
  4. Gopher wood, according to Genesis 6:14.
  5. Nicholas Breakspear, who was Adrian IV from 1154 to 1159.
  6. The Beatles' first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
  7. Pitch, or natural asphalt.
  8. He was 120 years old, according to the Bible (Deuteronomy 34:7).
  9. "Six cubits and a span,"
  10. Darius the Mede (Book of Daniel, Chapter6).
  11. Mahershalalbashbaz, which is also written Maher-shalal-hash-baz.
    (Isaiah 8:1).
  12. War (Book of Revelation).
  13. Two -  Ruth and Esther.
  14. Aramaic -- an ancient language in use on the north Arabian
    Peninsula at the time of Christ.  A modern version of the
    language is spoken today in Syria and among Assyrians in Azerbaijan.
  15. Pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:29-34).
  16. They promised the sum of 1,100 pieces of silver each, according
    to the Bible (Judges 16:5).
  17. Ahab, King of Israel (I Kings 16:28-31).
  18. The petrel, from a diminutive form of Petrus, or "Peter," in
  19. Salem, Massachusetts.  Salem is the shortened form of
    Jerusalem, which means "the city of peace" in Hebrew.
  20. Joshua.
  21. Sarah. 
  22. Dangerous Minds.

Free Trivia Quiz #6 - Poets, Hollywood, Riddler, Books, Clark Kent, Van Gogh, Leo Tolstoy, Don Quixote, Keats, and More!

Fun free trivia questions and answers about comics, dramas, authors, books, plays, and more.
  1. What famous British poet and playwright had an m--for "murderer"--branded on his left thumb?
  2. What famous character in literature was inspired by an Augustinian monk named Alonso Quizado.
  3. What was popular author Louis L'Amour's real name?
  4. The title of what poetic drama by Robert Browning was used to name a Kentucky town?
  5. What did L. Fran Baum, author of the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, call his home in Hollywood?
  6. What is the real name of the evil Batman comic strip character known as the Riddler?
  7. What were the names of the brothers Karamozov in the novel by Feodor Dostoevsky?
  8. What exotic city was featured in National Geographic magazine's first photo story in 1905?
  9. What was the name of Dick and Jane's baby sister in elementary school primers of old?
  10. What was mystery writer Dashiell Hammett's first name?
  11. How many exclamation points did author Tom Wolfe use in his blockbuster bestseller The Bonfire of the Vanities?
  12. What is the literary source of the F. Scott Fitzgerald book title Tender Is the Night?
  13. Why was Clark Kent -- alias Superman--rejected for military service during World War II?
  14. What is the native language of English playwright Tom Stoppard, author of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Travesties and The Real Thing?
  15. What was Captain Queeg's first name and rank in the 1951 novel--and later movie-- The Caine Mutiny?
  16. Under what name did Italian artist Jocopo Robusti gain world renown?
  17. What title did Russian author Leo Tolstoy originally give to the novel we know as War and Peace?
  18. What classic adventure story did author William Styron reject when he was a reader for the McGraw-Hill--a mistake he had his narrator, Stingo, repeat in his novel Sophie's Choice?
  19. Vincent Van Gogh's painting Sunflowers was sold at auction for $39.9 million in 1987. How much did that come to per sunflower?
  20. What famous character in English literature made his debut in Beeton's Christmas Annual in 1887?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #6

  1. Ben Jonson, for killing an actor in a duel in 1598. Jonson escaped the gallows by pleading benefit of clergy and forfeiting all his goods and chattels.
  2. Don Quixote.
  3. Louis La Moore.
  4. Pippa Passes.
  5. Ozcot.
  6. E. Nigma. The E. is for Edward.
  7. Dmitri, Ivan, Alexei and Smerdyakov.
  8. Lhasa, Tibet.
  9. Sally.
  10. Samuel, or Sam.
  11. 2,343.
  12. Keats' poem Ode to a Nightingale.
  13. He failed the eye test portion of the Army physical. Because of his X-ray vision, he inadvertently read an eye chart in another room.
  14. Czech.  He was born Thomas Straussler in Zlin, Czechoslovakia, 1937.  Stoppard is the name of the British Army officer his mother married in 1946.
  15. First name, Philip; rank, lieutenant commander.
  16. Tintorette.  Robusti's nickname--Italian for "little dyer"--was bestowed on him because his father was a dyer, or tintore, of silk.
  17. All's Well That Ends Well.
  18. Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl.
  19. $2.66 million.  There are 15 sunflowers in the painting.
  20. Sherlock Holmes. His first published exploit was A Study  in Scarlet, for which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was paid L25.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #5 - The Arts, Books, Novels, Authors, Cartoons, Comic Strips and More!

Fun Trivia questions and answers - books, comics, comic strips, novels, artists, and even inventors
  1. What play opens with "Now is the winter of our discontent"?
  2. What was the title of the biography of Thomas Crapper, the
    British sanitary engineer who invented the modern flush toilet in
  3. What is the origin of the expression "Cowabunga!"--the war cry of
    the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
    A :It was the greeting exchanged by Buffalo Bob Smith and Chief
    Thunderthud on the "Howdy Doody"
  4. How many times did Ernest Hemingway revise the last page of A
    Farewell To Arms?
  5. What is the name of the elementary school attended by Lucy, Linus
    and Charlie Brown in Charles Schulz's Peanuts comic strip?
  6. How many syllables are there in a Japanese haiku poem?
  7. In Lewis Carroll's poem The Hunting of the Snark, what did the
    elusive, troublesome snark turn into to fool hunters?
  8. What unflattering observation did poet Dylan Thomas make about
    writer T.S. Eliot's name?
  9. In the original L. Frank Baum story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,
    what color were Dorothy's slippers?
  10. What was art-world guru Andy Warhol's name at birth?
  11. What phrase did French impressionist artist Paul Cezanne teach
    his pet parrot to say over and over again?
  12. What was the maiden name of Blondie Bumstead, the comic-strip
    wife of hapless Dagwood Bumstead?
  13. Whose autobiography is entitled The Wheel of Fortune?
  14. What famous comic strip character was inspired by the 1936 Henry
    Fonda film Trail of the Lonesome Pine?
  15. What was the original name of the orphan created in 1924 by
    cartoonist Harold Gray in the comic strip we know as Little Orphan
  16. What Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist worked as a hod carrier,
    wheeling 100-pound barrows of concrete along scaffolding, during
    construction of New York's Madison Square Garden in the 1920s?
  17. In what play does the title character have a son named Swiss
  18. How many grandchildren did artist Grandma Moses have?
  19. In the early James Bond books, Agent 007 packed a Walther PPK.
    What weapon replaced it in his later appearances?
  20. In what state was playwright Tennessee Williams born?
  21. Who said "Nothing is so much to be feared as fear?
  22. What was the name of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's pet golden
    cocker spaniel ?
  23. What famous novel provided the basic story line for Francis Ford
    Coppola's 1979 Vietnam war film epic, Apocalypse Now?


Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #5 

  1. Shakespeare's "The Tragedy of King Richard III."
  2. Flushed with Pride; The Story of  Thomas Crapper.
  3. It was the greeting exchanged by Buffalo Bob Smith and Chief Thunderthud on the "Howdy Doody" TV show in the 1950s.
  4. 39 times.
  5. Birchwood.
  6. 17, arranged in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.
  7. A boojum.
  8. Backward--but for one misplaced letter--it would spell toilets.
  9. Sliver.
  10. Andrew Warhola.
  11. "Cezanne is a great painter!"
  12. Boopadoop.
  13. The answer is not Vanna White, who was only eight years old when
    the book was published in 1965. Its author was French singer Edith
  14. Al Capp's Li'l Abner.
  15. Otto. 
  16. John Steinbeck.
  17. Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht.
  18. 11
  19. A German-made, 9-millimeter, Heckler and Koch semi-automatic
  20. In Mississippi, as Thomas Lanier Williams.  He took the name
    Tennessee after his father's home state.
  21. Henry David Thoreau, in his 14-volume Journal, published
    posthumously in 1906.
  22. Flush.
  23. The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, published in 1902 and set
    in Africa.

Free Trivia Quiz #4 - The Arts - Authors, Books, Novels, Cartoons & More!

Fun Trivia questions and answers - The Arts.
  1. What was the title of Harpo Marx's 1985 autobiography?
  2. How many references are there to crying in Tammy Faye Bakker's
    two books, I Gotta Be Me and Run to the Roar?
  3. What well-known writer appeared in the 1981 movie Ragtime as
    Stanford White, the celebrated architect who was shot to death in
    the sensational Girl in the Red Velvet Swing murder?
  4. What did Jughead, the buddy of comic strip character Archie,
    become when he grew up, according to a 1990 TV movie about the two
    Riverdale High School grads?
  5. What was the name of the dog that was with Rip Van Winkle when he
    fell asleep for 22 years?
  6. What was Dr. Frankenstein's first name in the famous novel by
    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly?
  7. What cartoon character's "racy lifestyle" once led to a ban on
    his comic books in youth club libraries in Helsinki, Finland?
  8. What was the name of the cat Alice left behind when she fell down
    the rabbit hole in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis
  9. What was Rembrandt's last name?
  10. What American novel was the first to sell over one million
  11. What comic strip character was the first to grow up and age in
    the strip?
  12. What is the name of the gypsy girl the hunchback Quasimodo falls
    in love with in Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
  13. Who wrote the poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin?
  14. By what score was Mudville defeated in Ernest Thayer's classic
    poem Casey at the Bat?
  15. For what career was Western writer Zane Grey trained?
  16. What famous play served as the inspiration for the 1956 science
    fiction film Forbidden Planet?
  17. What is the name of the town in which Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer
    Prize-winning play Our Town takes place?
  18. What famous writer is believed to have made the first reference
    to tennis in English literature?
  19. How much was poet John Milton paid for his epic poem Paradise
    Lost, which was first published in 1667?
  20. In Gulliver's Travels, what was a professor at the Grand Academy
    in Lagado busily trying to extract from cucumbers?
  21. What was the first name of super capitalist war profiteer "Daddy"
    Warbucks in the Little Orphan Annie cartoon series?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #4  Books, Authors, Comics, etc.

  1. The zany, but silent Marx brother called his book Harpo Speaks!
  2. 60.
  3. A :Norman Mailer.
  4. A psychiatrist--known by his given name, Forsythe, rather than
  5. Wolf.
  6. Victor.
  7. Donald Duck's, in 1978.
  8. Dinah.
  9. Van Ryn.
  10. Uncle Tom's Cabin.
  11. Skeezix, who first appeared in the Gasoline Alley comic strip as
    a baby left on bachelor Walt Wallet's doorstep.
  12. Esmeralda.
  13. Russian Wassily Kandinsky.
  14.  The score was 4 to 2.
  15. Dentistry.
  16. Shakespeare's The Tempest.
  17. Grover's Corners, New Hampshire.
  18. Geoffery Chaucer, in 1380, when he wrote of "playen racket to and
    fro " in Troilus and Criseyde.
  19. Ten pounds-- five down and another five pounds when all 1,300
    copies in the first printing were sold. After Milton's death, his
    widow gave up all future claims for an additional eight pounds.
  20. Sunbeams.
  21. Oliver.

Free Trivia Quiz #3 With The Answers - The Arts - Authors, Books, Novels, Cartoons & More!

Free trivia questions  - The Arts, Authors, Plays, Books, Stories etc.
  1. What was the title of Mac West's 1959 autobiography?
  2. How many copies did Doubleday run off the presses in its first printing of
    Bill Cosby's 1987 book Time Flies?
  3. Complete this Biblical quotation: "It is easier for a camel to go through the
    eye of a needle, than...
  4. What is unusual about the 50,100-word novel Gatsby, written by Ernest Vincent
    Wright in 1937?
  5. What words did Lewis Carroll combine to come up with the term "chortle" in
    Through a Looking-Glass?
  6. What literary animals "dined on mince, and slices of quince, which they ate
    with a runcible spoon"? And just what is a runcible spoon?
  7. Who wrote, "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall
  8. Who was the subject of the 1968 biography Always on Sunday?
  9. Where did mystery writer Agatha Christie acquire her extensive knowledge of
  10. What was Truman Capote's last name before he was adopted by his stepfather?
  11. What book knocked Henry Kissinger's White house Years out of first place on
    the best-seller list in November 1979?
  12. Shakespeare wrote that "brevity is the soul of wit." What did noted wit
    Dorothy Parker say it was?
  13. Puddleburg was the hometown of what cartoon character?
  14. "The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived" was the opening line
    of one of the best-selling novel ever. What was it?
  15. What is the native country of Agatha Chrisitie's detective Hercule Poirot?
  16. What was the hometown of Sgt. Snorkel in Beetle Bailey?
  17. In the Robin Hood stories, what was the real name of Little John?
  18. Most of us are familiar with the faces of Dr. B. H. McKeeby and Nan Wood, but
    who are they and where have we seen them?
  19. The Last Of The Really Great Whangdoodles and Mandy are children's books
    written by what well-known Oscar-winning actress?
  20. By what pseudonym is writer Frederick Dannay Manfred Bennington Lee better
  21. Why did 70-year-old Miguel Ramirez sue writer Ernest Hemingway?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #3  Books, Authors, Comics, etc.

  1. Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.
  2. 1.5 million.
  3. "...for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." The words are those
    of Jesus, from Matthew 19:24.
  4. It doesn't contain a single letter "e" -- the most frequently used letter
    in the English alphabet.  Wright made sure he didn't use it by tying down
    the "e" bar on his typewriter.
  5. Chuckle and snort.
  6. The Owl and the Pussy-Cat did the dining in the poem of the same name by
    Edward Lear. A runcible spoon is a three-pronged fork, that's curved like a
    spoon and has a cutting edge.
  7. Rudyard Kipling, in "The Ballad of East and West."
  8. Ed Sullivan.
  9. In a hospital dispensary--where she worked during World War I.
  10. Persons.
  11. "Aunt Erma's Cope Book," by Erma Bombeck.
  12. "The soul of lingerie."
  13. Woody Woodpecker.
  14. The Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.
  15. Belgium.
  16. Pork Corners, Kansas.
  17. John Little.
  18. The farmer and his wife in Grant Wood's classic painting, American Gothic.
  19. Julie Andrews.
  20. Ellery Queen.
  21. The Cuban fisherman claimed Hemingway stole his story, the Pulitzer
    Prize-winning 'The Old Man and the Sea. The suit was thrown out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #2 With The Answers - Theater, Comics, Books, Novels, Music and more!

Free Printable Trivia Questions and Answers - The Arts - Scroll Down for Answers

Fun trivia questions and answers - the arts.
  1. What book was Mark David Chapman carrying with him when he killed
    John Lennon on 12/8/80?
  2. What writer worked as a Pinkerton detective on cases involving
    movie comic Fatty Arbuckle and gambler Nick  Arnstein?
  3. What writer was expelled from West Point for showing up for a
    public parade wearing only a white belt and gloves?
  4. What was the working title of Joseph Heller's a best-selling
    Catch 22?
  5. What Frenchman wrote about two fantastic space odysseys--one to
    the moon and one to the sun--more than 200 years before Jules Verne?
  6. What kind of tree was Betty Smith referring to in her book "A Tree
    Grows in Brooklyn"?
  7. Men Against the Sea and Pitcairn's Island were two sequels to
    what famous novel?
  8. In what comic strip would you have found an animal called the "Schmoo"?
  9. What couple live next door to Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead in
  10. What is the only novel to top the best-seller lists for two
    consecutive years?
  11. What classic gothic novel of 1818 was subtitled, The Modern
  12. Who was the Lone Ranger's great grand-nephew?
  13. Psychologist William Moulton Marston, inventor of the polygraph, or lie
    detector, also created a famous comic book heroine,. Who was she?"
  14. The Max Fleischer cartoon character, Betty Boop, was based on
    which real-life actress?
  15. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again," was the first
    line of what Daphne du Maurier novel?
  16. What is the actual title of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"?
  17. Who did cartoonist Milton Caniff use as his inspiration for the
    Dragon Lady, in his "Terry and the Pirates" comic strip?
  18. In Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, Hiawatha, what was
    the name of Hiawatha's wife?
  19. What famous American writer worked as an entertainer aboard a
    Swedish ocean liner cruising the Caribbean before being drafted to
    serve in World War II?
  20. To whom did Helen Keller dedicate her autobiography, The Story of
    My Life?
  21. What did famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright reply when an
    important client called to complain that water on the roof of his
    newly completed house was leaking onto a dinner guest?
  22. What were the first names of L'il Abner Yokum's parents in the
    popular Al Capp comic strip?
  23. How many husbands did the Wife of Bath have, as reported in
    Chaucer's Canterbury Tales?
  24. What were the first names of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll
    and Mr. Hyde?
  25. In what unusual way did writer Nathan Weinstein follow publisher
    Horace Greeley's advice to "Go west, young man"?
  26. What was the name of the she-ape that rescued the infant Tarzan
    and raised him to be Lord of the Apes?
  27. In what best-selling book did an author offer acknowledgement to
    a friend who later killed him?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz

  1. J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye.
  2. Dashiell Hammett.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe.
  4. Catch 18.
  5. Cyrano de Bergerac.
  6. An ailanthus, known as "the tree of heaven."
  7. Mutiny On The Bounty.
  8. Li'l Abner.
  9. Herb and Tootsie Woodley.
  10. Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
  11. Frankenstein.
  12. The Green Hornet.
  13. Wonder Woman.
  14. Helen Kane, known as the boop-boop-a-doop girl.
  15. Rebecca.
  16. La Gioconda.
  17. Joan Crawford.
  18. Minnehaha.
  19. J. D. Salinger.
  20. To inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who helped direct her
    education and considered himself, first and foremost, a teacher of
    the deaf.
  21. "Tell him to move his chair".
  22. Mammy was Pansy; Pappy, Lucifer.
  23. Five.
  24. The good doctor was Henry; the evil Mr. Hyde, Edward.
  25. He changed his last name to West--and became famous as Nathanael
    West, author of "Miss Lonelyhearts" and "The Day of the Locust."
  26. Kala.
  27. "The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet," in which Dr. Herman
    Tarnower thanked his friend Jean Harris.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Trivia Quizzes With The Answers - Arts

Free Trivia Questions and Answers The Arts - Scroll Down for Answers
  1. What is the name of Dr. Seuss's egg-hatching elephant?
  2. Who was Clark Kent's high school sweetheart?
  3. What novel contains the longest sentence in literature?
  4. What famous book begins: "Chug, chug, chug.  Puff, puff,
  5. What was the first published Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir
    Arthur Conan Doyle?
  6. To whom did Herman Melville dedicate his novel, Moby Dick?
  7. What was the name of the girlfriend of Felix the Cat?
  8. Under what assumed name did Oscar Wilde live out the last three
    years of his life, in "France?
  9. What was Scarlett O'Hara's real first name?
  10. Who was the first writer to incorporate himself?
  11. How many years did Robinson Crusoe spend shipwrecked on his
  12. The title of what artist's painting was used to name the Blue
    Rider (Blaue Reiter) school of German expressionist painters?
  13. George G. Moppet was the father of what comic strip character?
  14. What one word was intentionally left out of the movie version of
    Mario Puzo's novel, "The Godfather". even though this word was the
    working title of the book?
  15. Ernest Hemingway once wrote that a man must do four things in his
    life to demonstrate his manhood. What were they?
  16. In the comic strips, what was the name of Mandrake the Magician's
    giant partner?
  17. Where did Samuel Clemens get the idea for his pseudonym, Mark
  18. What was the name of the pig leader in George Orwell's Animal
  19. Tess Trueheart is the wife of what comic strip character?
  20. In the Little Orphan Annie comic strip, what was the name of
    Daddy Warbucks's Giant bodyguard who wore a turban?
  21. What comic strip character was named after heavyweight boxing
    champion James J. Jeffries?
  22. The Terror of the Monster was an early title for a best-selling
    novel which inspired one of the highest-grossing movies of the
    mid-70's. Under what name did it eventually terrify the reading and
    film going public?
  23. Who wrote the story upon which Alfred Hitchcock based his 1963
    suspense film The Birds?
  24. What famous American writer was granted a patent for a
    best-selling book that contained no words?

  25. Where will you find a 24-foot long, 3,500-pound aluminum lipstick
    tube mounted on a caterpillar tractor tread?

  26. What famous American poet was a West Point cadet for two weeks,
    but was forced to leave after failing arithmetic and grammar?
  27. The Emerald City was the working title of which classic novel?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz

  1. Horton.
  2. Lana Lang.
  3. Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, with 823 words.
  4. The Little Engine that Could.
  5. A Study In Scarlet, in 1887.
  6. Nathanial Hawthorne.
  7. Phyllis.
  8. Sebastian Melmoth.
  9. Katie.
  10. Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, who became a
    corporation in 1923.
  11. 24.
  12. Russian Wassily Kandinsky.
  13. Little Lulu.
  14. "Mafia".
  15. Plant a tree, fight a bull, write a book, and have a son.
  16. Lothar.
  17. It was the river call used by boatmen on the Mississippi to
    signify two fathoms of water.
  18. Napoleon.
  19. Dick Tracy.
  20. Punjab.
  21. Jeff, of Mutt and Jeff.
  22. Jaws.
  23. Daphne du Maurier, best known for Rebecca.
  24. Mark Twain. It was a Self-Pasting Scrapbook containing blank
    pages coated with a gum veneer.
  25. On the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut-- it's a
    sculpture donated by pop artist Claes Oldenburg.
  26. Carl Sandburg, in 1899,
  27. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.