Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sports Trivia Quiz #33 - Long Quiz About Sports, Athletes, and Sporting Events

Long Sports Trivia Questions with the Answers.
  1. What distance is the Breeder's Cup Turf?
  2. Who was the first motor racing driver in the 90s to win opening
    "Formula One race and not end the season as champion?
  3. Where was the 1985US PGA Championship held?
  4. In what years did John Henry win the Arlington Million?
  5. Who lost in the first Super Bowl of the 1990s?
  6. Who was the first president of the National Football League?
  7. Who rode Affirmed for each race when he won the Triple Crown?
  8. Who equaled Michael Johnson's winning individual gold's in the
    women's events in "Atlanta in 1996?
  9. Which team lost the most Super Bowls in the 1970s?
  10. Who won the first all American French Open Men's Singles final
    for almost 40 years in the 90s?
  11. Where did Texan "Bill Rogers win his British Open title in 1981?
  12. How many times did Sugar Ray Robinson win a world championship?
  13. What was the first British-trained horse to run in the Kentucky
  14. In which sport did Eric Navet of France become a 1990 world
  15. Which boxer famously said," If I can't beat this bum take my name
    off the record books?"
  16. Where did Jonathan Edwards set his 1995 triple jump world record?
  17. In which city was the last Super Bowl of the 60s held?
  18. To within 20, how many rides did South African-born Michael
    Roberts take in 1992 English horse racing?
  19. Who won baseball's first World Series of the 70s?
  20. What was the original name of the Kansas City Chiefs?
  21. Who was Super Bowl MVP the year after Joe Namath won it?
  22. In 1952 who was the then oldest boxer to become world champoion?
  23. Who missed a putt in the final singles game of the 1991 Ryder Cup
    to give the US victory?
  24. In 1988 who won the tennis Grand Slam and Olympic gold?
  25. How was Walker Smith Robinson better known?
  26. Who coached the Boston Celtics basketball team from 1950 to 1966?
  27. Where did Joe Montana play NCAA Division I football?
  28. What is the nickname of record-breaking sprinter Maurice Greene?
  29. Who was the first boxer to twice regain the world heavyweight
  30. The Melbourne Cup horse race is run at which course?
  31. Peter Nichol became the first Brit in 25 years to win the British
    open in which sport?
  32. In what decade did Bill Shoemaker ride his first winner?
  33. Who told a Wimbledon umpire, "You are the pits of the world?"
  34. Which Robin was the first yachtsman to sail non-stop around the
  35. Who led the US team to Davis Cup championships in 1968,1969,and
  36. Warren Beatty was offered full college scholarships in which
  37. Billy Crystal had a full college scholarship in which sport?
  38. Who beat Jim Brown's rushing yards total of 12,312 yards in the
  39. Who fought George Foreman in the Rumble In The Jungle?
  40. What was Hank Aaron's first Major League team?
  41. Who had English Derby victories riding Tory, Henbit, Nashwan and
  42. Which country does marathon man Abel Anton come form?
  43. Which was Hideo Nomo's first US baseball team?
  44. With which track and field even was Geoff Capes particularly
  45. Which country does tennis player Marcelo Rios come from?

Answers to Long Sports Quiz #33

  1. One and a half miles.
  2. David Coulthard (1997).
  3. Cherry Hills, Colorado.
  4. 1981 & 1984.
  5. Denver Broncos.
  6. Jim Thorpe.
  7. Steve Cauthen.
  8. Marie Jose Perce.
  9. Minnesota Vikings.
  10. Jim Courier.
  11. Royal St George's Sandwich.
  12. Six, five middleweight, one welterweight.
  13. Bold Arrangement.
  14. Show Jumping.
  15. Rocky Marciano.
  16. Sweden.
  17. Orange Bowl, Miami.
  18. 1,068.
  19. Baltimore Orioles.
  20. Dallas Texans.
  21. Len Dawson.
  22. Jersey Joe Walcott.
  23. Bernhard Langer.
  24. Steffi Graf.
  25. Sugar Ray Robinson.
  26. Red Auerbach.
  27. Notre Dame University.
  28. Kansas Cannonball.
  29. Muhammad Ali.
  30. Flemington Park.
  31. Squash.
  32. 1940s.
  33. John McEnroe.
  34. Knox-Johnson.
  35. Arthur Ash.
  36. Football.
  37. Baseball.
  38. Walter Payton.
  39. Muhammad Ali.
  40. Milwaukee Braves.
  41. Willie Carson.
  42. Spain.
  43. Los Angeles Dodgers.
  44. Shot.
  45. Chile.