Friday, June 3, 2011

Free Long Trivia Quiz #16 Interesting Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions

Long Trivia Quiz - Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Theodore Francis international airport is in which US state?
  2. In which soap did Demi Moore find fame?
  3. To the nearest million, what is the
    population of London, England?
  4. What did Clarice Cliff create?
  5. Which James Bond film features a song by Louis
  6. In which decade of the 20th
    century was William Hurt born?
  7. Which actress was voted Miss Greenwich Village in 1942?
  8. In what year were US ground troops first
    dispatched to Vietnam?
  9. In 1999 Anna Kournikova signed a lucrative contract to
    model what?
  10. Which member of the Monkees came from Washington DC?
  11. Which ship was sunk by a German submarine in 1915
    with a loss of 1400 lives including 128 Americans?
  12. In what decade were video recorders first developed?
  13. Who had the noels Spy Hook and Spy Line published in the
  14. the first credit cards were for use in what type
    of establishments?
  15. In which country was Ursula Andrews born?
  16. What was CBS TV news broadcaster Walter Cronkite's
    stock closing phrase?
  17. Which item of clothing cost Isadora
    Duncan her life?
  18. Who had a 70s No 1
    hit with Let Your Love Flow?
  19. Who directed the classic movie The African
  20. Who followed Woodrow Wilson as US President?
  21. Which state renewed Mike Tyson's boxing license
    in 1998?
  22. Who wrote the Scarlet Pimpernel?
  23. In broadcasting, what do the letters CBS stand
  24. Neil Armstrong was a pilot in
    which war?
  25. Which English-born US citizen hosted Masterpiece
  26. Nickelodeon was founded in 1979 by which
  27. Which element along with polonium did the Curies
  28. In The Banana Splits what sort of animal was Snorky?
  29. Who had an 80s No 1 hit with Can't Fight This
  30. What does Blitz mean?
  31. Which parallel was the truce line in the Korean War?
  32. On a computer keyboard which letter is between A
    and D?
  33. Which musical featured the song Flash Bang, Wallop?
  34. What is the Japanese share index called?
  35. What was Hitchcock's first sound movie?
  36. Which newspaper did Jackie Kennedy work for just
    before her marriage?
  37. What are the international
    registration letters of a vehicle from Turkey?
  38. What was the name of Michael Jackson's autobiography
    written in 1988?
  39. Who wrote The Turn Of The Screw in the 19th century
    and The Ambassadors in the 20th?
  40. Which American nuclear submarine was the first to
    sail across the North Pole under the ice cap?
  41. What was John Glenn/'s first spacecraft called?
  42. Which branch of medicine is concerned with
    disorders of the blood?
  43. Which country did Phil "Collins move to in the
  44. In which year did Muhammad Ali announce his
  45. Where was Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead?
  46. Where was The Iron Triangle?
  47. What is the correct name of laughing gas?
  48. What is Reba McEntire's best of album called?
  49. In which decade  was Kirstie Alley
  50. In which decade did stereo records first go on sale?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #15 - Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. Rhode Island.
  2. General Hospital.
  3. 7 million.
  4. Pottery.
  5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  6. 1950s.
  7. Lauren Bacall.
  8. 1965.
  9. Bras.
  10. Peter Tork.
  11. Lusitania.
  12. 50s.
  13. Len Deighton.
  14. Restaurants.
  15. Switzerland.
  16. And that's the way it is.
  17. Scarf- it was caught in a moving car wheel.
  18. Bellamy Brothers.
  19. John Huston.
  20. Warren Harding.
  21. Nevada.
  22. Baroness Orczy.
  23. Columbia Broadcasting System.
  24. Korean.
  25. Alistair Cooke.
  26. Warner Amex.
  27. Radium.
  28. Elephant.
  29. REO Speedwagon.
  30. Lightning.
  31. 38th Parallel.
  32. S.
  33. Half.
  34. Nikkei.
  35. Blackmail.
  36. Washington Times Herald.
  37. TR.
  38. Moonwalk.
  39. Henry James.
  40. Nautilus.
  41. Friendship 7.
  42. Haematology.
  43. Switzerland.
  44. 1979.
  45. Underground car park.
  46. Vietnam.
  47. Nitrous oxide.
  48. Moments and Memories.
  49. 1950s.
  50. 1930s.