Friday, July 1, 2011

Pot Luck Trivia, Quiz #42 Movies, Famous People, Hollywood Stars, Places, and Things

Trivia - Miscellaneous pot luck trivia including movies, actors, states, countries, plays, books, Famous and
  1. On which date in 1945 did Hitler take cyanide then shoot himself?
  2. What star sign is shared by Tommy Lee Jones and Oliver Stone?
  3. For which movie did Meryl Streep win her first Oscar?
  4. Bluegrass players Flatt and Scruggs had been together in whose band?
  5. Who devised Monopoly?
  6. In the 1990s Babrak Karmal and Sultan Ali Keshtmond have been Prime
    Minister in which country?
  7. What was the first international hit on the A & M record Label?
  8. Which 60s pop band made an unsuccessful movie called Head?
  9. Who was Anne Sullivan's most famous pupil?
  10. Which actress was voted Miss Burbank 1948?
  11. Which state did Amelia Earhart land in on her first solo Pacific
  12. What is Billy Ocean's real name?
  13. How was writer William Sydney Porter better known?
  14. What was The Zaire River called before 27th October 1971.
  15. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of the state of
  16. What was the profession of Thomas Eakins?
  17. Who wrote the novel Fairy Tale?
  18. Who is credited with the discovery of galaxies outside of our own?
  19. Who was the defending champion when Andre Agassi first won Wimbledon
  20. How old would Judy Garland have been had she lived to the end of the
    20th century?
  21. How many people was Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose meant to carry?
  22. To within one million, what is the population of Illinois?
  23. Boukhalef International airport is in which country?
  24. Alan Freed is usually credited for popularizing which expression?
  25. How old would Elvis Presley have been had he lived to the end of the
    20th century?
  26. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter
  27. What was the 70s No 1 hit for Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds?
  28. In what year was the Kellogg Company set up to manufacture
  29. Which wartime classic was the title of a 1980 film with Hanna
    Schygulla & Mel Ferrer?
  30. In which river is the Boulder Dam?
  31. Who was the voice of Matt Dillon for 11 years on radio's Gunsmoke?
  32. Which country does the airline Ladeco come from?
  33. Where was the UN Atomic Energy Agency based when it was set up in
  34. Oran international airport is in which country?
  35. Where did Johnny Ace die in 1954?
  36. Who was the first chemist to be Britain's Prime Minister?
  37. In which Olympics was taekwondo a demonstration sport?
  38. Which sports event was first held at Worcester, Massachusetts in
  39. What was Jimi Hendrix's middle name?
  40. In which European city is the Belvederen Gallery?
  41. How old was Woody Herman when he founded his own orchestra?
  42. Who was buried in Milan under the name of Maria Maggi to discourage
    grave robbers?
  43. In which month of the year did Bing Crosby record White Christmas?
  44. Which country does the airline Transkei Airways come from?
  45. For which movie did Katharine Hepburn win her second Oscar?
  46. What was the last name of Judy in radio's A Date With Judy series?
  47. Which hit starting with the word Rock took over NO 1 from Rock The
  48. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with This Diamond Ring?
  49. In the 1940s, the University of North Carolina was founded at
    Charlotte and where else?

Answers to  Quiz #42 - Pot Luck Trivia

  1. April 30th.
  2. Virgo.
  3. Kramer v Kramer.
  4. Bill Monroe.
  5. Charles Darrow.
  6. Afghanistan.
  7. This Guy's In Love With You.
  8. The Monkees.
  9. Helen Keller.
  10. Debbie Reynolds.
  11. California.
  12. Leslie Charles.
  13. O Henry.
  14. Congo.
  15. 47,687 square miles.
  16. Photographer.
  17. Alice Thomas Ellis.
  18. Edwin Hubble.
  19. Michael Stich.
  20. 77.
  21. 750.
  22. 11,829,950.
  23. Morocco.
  24. Rock' n ' Roll.
  25. 64.
  26. Liberia.
  27. Fallin' In Love.
  28. 1906.
  29. Lili Marlene.
  30. Colorado.
  31. William Conrad.
  32. Chile.
  33. Vienna.
  34. Algeria.
  35. Houston, Texas.
  36. Margaret Thatcher.
  37. Seoul 1988.
  38. Ryder Cup.
  39. Marshall.
  40. Vienna.
  41. 13.
  42. Eva Peron.
  43. May.
  44. South Africa.
  45. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.
  46. Foster.
  47. Rock Your Baby.
  48. Gary Lewis and the Playboys.
  49. Wilmington.