Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trivia Quiz #56 - 50 Trivia Questions About Famous People With Famous Names

Trivia about people with Famous Names.

  1. Who described his acting range as left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow
  2. Which actress is ex-beauty queen Miss Orange County 1976?
  3. Which actor became playwright  Arthur Miller's son-in-law in
  4. Which actress perished in the shower in the remake of Psycho?
  5. Which American scientist discovered that sickle cell anemia is caused
    by a molecular fault in the blood?
  6. Who was the last Emperor of Vietnam?
  7. Which major event was covered by war correspondent Martha Gellhorn?
  8. Who first coined the term cybernetics?
  9. Who played Tarzan in the first two Tarzan films?
  10. Which film director was Anthony Quinn's father-in-law?
  11. Who said, "I squint because I can't take too much light?"
  12. Who wrote the screenplay for The Crying Game?
  13. Who was the senior US diplomat held in the US Embassy in
  14. Who was the first freely elected Marxist president in Latin America?
  15. Which doctor from the Rockefeller Institute in New York discovered
    that cancer was caused by a virus?
  16. Who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  17. Who was the first black student at the University of Alabama?
  18. Who invented the liquid fuel powered rocket?
  19. Who was Geena Davis's husband when they made the loss-maker Cutthroat
  20. Which novelist appeared in the film Day For Night?
  21. In 1993 who tried to buy the rights of his first movie Sizzle Beach
  22. What is Barbra Streisand's middle name?
  23. What did Jorge Luis Borges refer to as "a fight between two bald men
    over a comb?"
  24. Who was William Taft's Vice President between 1909 and 1912?
  25. Who said, "How can you rule a country which produces 246 different
    kinds of cheese?
  26. Which US committee won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997?
  27. Who first drew Mickey Mouse when ?Disney first supplied the voice?
  28. Who invented the Polaroid camera?
  29. Which star of The Krays wrote a prose and poetry book called America?
  30. How many films had Christopher Reeve made before Superman in 1978?
  31. Who owned the LA nightclub The Viper Room at the time of River
    Phoenix's death there in 1993?
  32. Who starred in Roger Vadim's remake of And God Crated Woman?
  33. Which future First Lady had walk on parts in Becky Sharp and Small
    Town Girl in the 30s?
  34. Which actress wrote the novel The Last of the Really Great
  35. Who was described by co star Nick Nolte as, "...a ball buster.
    Protect me from her?"
  36. Who were the first two men to drive on the Moon?
  37. Who in 1996 made the longest spaceflight by a woman?
  38. Who won the first of his Nobel prizes in 1956 for research which led
    to the invention of the transistor?
  39. Who led the 12th Army group in WWII, the largest US force ever
  40. Which electrical engineer invented the triode valve in 1907?
  41. Who performed the first artificial heart transplant?
  42. In which movie did Bogart have his first gangster part?
  43. Which film maker's first film was Pather Panchali?
  44. Which actress was Roger Moor's first Bond girl?
  45. Who did Winona Ryder replace on the set of Mermaids?
  46. Who designed the Geodesic Dome in the US Pavilion at the 1967
    Montréal's World's Fair exhibition?
  47. Who was the top star at the US box office in 1935?
  48. Who was the star of the film based on the record Harper Valley PTA by
    Jeannie C Riley?
  49. How is Paul Reubens also known in the film and TV world?
  50. Who founded the magazine Camera Work?
Answers to Quiz #56 - 50 Questions about Famous Names

  1. Roger Moore.
  2. Michelle Pfeiffer.
  3. Daniel Day-Lewis.
  4. Anne Heche.
  5. Linus Pauling.
  6. Bao Dai.
  7. D Day landings.
  8. Norbert Wiener.
  9. Elmo Lincoln.
  10. Cecil B de Mille.
  11. Clint Eastwood.
  12. Neil Jordan.
  13. Bruce Laingen.
  14. Allende.
  15. Dr. Francis Peyton Rous.
  16. Sinclair Lewis.
  17. Autherine Lucy.
  18. Robert H. Goddard.
  19. Renny Harlin.
  20. Graham Greene.
  21. Kevin Costner.
  22. Joan.
  23. Falklands conflict.
  24. James S. Sherman.
  25. Charles de Gaulle.
  26. Land Mines.
  27. Ub Iwerks.
  28. Edwin Herbert Land.
  29. Steven Berkoff.
  30. One.
  31. Johnny Depp.
  32. Rebecca de Mornay.
  33. Patricia Nixon.
  34. Julie Andrews.
  35. Barbra Streisand.
  36. David Scott and James Irwin.
  37. Shannon Lucid.
  38. John Bardeen.
  39. Omar Bradley.
  40. Lee De Forest.
  41. William DeVries.
  42. The Petrified Forest.
  43. Satyajit Ray.
  44. Jane Seymour.
  45. Emily Lloyd.
  46. Buckminster Fuller.
  47. Shirley Temple.
  48. Barbara Eden.
  49. Pee Wee Herman.
  50. Alfred Stieglitz.