Friday, July 22, 2011

Trivia Quiz #61 - Crime & Criminals

Crime and Criminal Trivia Quiz Questions - Criminals and Crimes.

  1. Parker and Barrow were more usually known as what?
  2. Al Capone was finally nailed for what crime?
  3. Alcatraz was in which Bay?
  4. Which 20s gangland boss was nicknamed Scarface?
  5. Where is the Valley of the Kings, the scene of a terrorist attack in
  6. Who was Butch Cassidy's partner?
  7. In which city was John Lennon murdered?
  8. In which month was JFK assassinated?
  9. Irish Olympic champion Michelle smith was suspended in 1999 over drug
    allegations in which sport?
  10. In which decade did the Nuremberg trials take place in Germany?
  11. How was President Kennedy assassinated?
  12. Which caped crusader operated in Gotham City?
  13. Colombian underworld boss Pablo Escobar dealt in what commodity?
  14. Which actress Sharon was murdered by Charles Manson?
  15. In which state was the 1999 massacre at Columbine High?
  16. Which saint's day saw a massacre in Chicago in 1929?
  17. In the 70s which Gary was the first man executed in the US for ten years?
  18. Who did Jack Ruby shoot in November 1963?
  19. What was supposedly the profession of Sweeney Todd in London?

Answers to Quiz #61 - Crime and Criminals Trivia Answers

  1. Bonnie and Clyde.
  2. Tax evasion.
  3. San Francisco.
  4. Al Capone.
  5. Egypt.
  6. The Sundance Kid.
  7. New York.
  8. November.
  9. Swimming.
  10. 1940s.
  11. Shot.
  12. Batman.
  13. Drugs.
  14. Tate.
  15. Colorado.
  16. St. Valentine's Day.
  17. Gilmore.
  18. Lee Harvey Oswald.
  19. Barber.