Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fifty Question Trivia Quiz #49 - Fun Free Trivia For Everyone

50 Miscellaneous Trivia Questions  (Scroll down for Answers)
  1. Who was President when the first Peanuts cartoon was published?
  2. Which American-born Sinclair won the Nobel Prize for Literature in
  3. Who was the man behind The Chipmunks?
  4. Where in England was Dame Judi Dench born?
  5. William Christensen of Madison, New Jersey, has claimed to have the
    world's biggest collection of what?
  6. In which decade did Billboard magazine first publish and American hit
  7. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1988?
  8. Asmara international airport is in which country?
  9. From which country did Angola achieve independence in 1975?
  10. Which city does David Soul come from?
  11. Who won Super Bowl XX?
  12. Which was the first European country to abolish capital punishment?
  13. What first appeared in Ohio in 1914 to affect transport?
  14. What star sign is Jamie Lee Curtis?
  15. In what field did the brother of the author of The Turn of the Screw
    find fame?
  16. In which country did he widespread use of ISDN begin in 1988?
  17. What is Bruce Willis' real first name?
  18. Which William wrote the novel Lord Of The Flies?
  19. Which innovation for the car was developed by Prince Henry of Prussia
    in 1911?
  20. How is musician William Lee Conley better known?
  21. To ten thousand square miles what it the area of New Mexico?
  22. How is Joan Molinsky better known?
  23. In which branch of the arts is Patricia Neary famous?
  24. Which country is Europe's largest silk producer?
  25. The VS-300 was a type of what?
  26. At which university did Joseph Goebbels become a doctor of
  27. Which prince is Queen Elizabeth II's youngest son?
  28. When did the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses say the world would end?
  29. Who found the remains of the Titanic?
  30. What was the profession of Sir David Frost's father?
  31. Who was the only Spice Girl not to have a middle name?
  32. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from
  33. How did Jock die in Dallas?
  34. Which Lloyd Webber musical premiered in the US on 10th December 1993?
  35. Who said, "Anybody wishing to banish theft from the world must cut
    off the thief's hands?
  36. To the nearest 10,000 square miles, what is the area of Arkansas?
  37. What star sign is Michael Caine?
  38. At whose concert were 11 people trampled to death in Ohio in 1979?
  39. Who wrote the novel Evening Class?
  40. Which country does the airline Air Pacific come from?
  41. Who was the next British Prime Minister after Arthur Balfour?
  42. In which branch of the arts does Allegra Kent work?
  43. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from
  44. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with Billy, Don't Be A Hero?
  45. Banting and Best pioneered the use of what?
  46. Who directed the movie La Dolce Vita?
  47. Which country does the airline LACSA come from?
  48. Who directed 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  49. Which is the largest of the Japanese Volcano Islands?
  50. Who had a 70s No 1 hit with Kiss You All Over?

Answers to  Quiz #48 - Miscellaneous Trivia Answers

  1. Harry Truman.
  2. Sinclair Lewis.
  3. David Seville.
  4. York.
  5. Beer Cans.
  6. 30s.
  7. Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.
  8. Eritrea.
  9. Portugal.
  10. Chicago.
  11. Chicago Bears.
  12. Norway.
  13. First Traffic Lights.
  14. Scorpio.
  15. Psychology (William James was the brother of Henry).
  16. Japan.
  17. Walter.
  18. Golding.
  19. Windshield wipers.
  20. Big Bill Broonzy.
  21. 121,364 square miles.
  22. Joan Rivers.
  23. Ballet.
  24. Italy.
  25. Helicopter.
  26. Heidelberg.
  27. Edward.
  28. 1914.
  29. Robert Ballard.
  30. Clergyman.
  31. Posh Spice.
  32. DZ.
  33. Helicopter accident.
  34. Sunset Boulevard.
  35. Ayatollah Khomeini.
  36. 53,187.
  37. Pisces.
  38. The Who.
  39. Maeve Binchy.
  40. Fiji.
  41. Campbell-Bannerman.
  42. Ballet.
  43. BH.
  44. Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods.
  45. Insulin.
  46. Federico Fellini.
  47. Costa Rica.
  48. Stanley Kubrick.
  49. Iwo Jima.
  50. Exile.