Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pot Luck Trivia, Quiz #43 - Fascinating Interesting Miscellaneous Trivia Questions and Answers - 50 Questions!

Pot Luck Trivia - Hollywood Stars, Famous Places, Actions, People and More- 50 Questions!
  1. The world was first aware of the Chernobyl disaster after detectors
    were triggered at a nuclear plant in which country?
  2. Which country was the first to make catalytic converters compulsory?
  3. Christa McAuliffe died in an accident in what type of vehicle in
  4. Who was Benazir Bhutto's Father who was executed in 1988?
  5. Where was John Paul II when an attempt was made on his life in 1981?
  6. Who signed the INF Treaty in 1987?
  7. Which form of death penalty was abolished by Francois Mitterrand?
  8. In which country was the first permanent bungee jumping site
  9. Who succeeded Brezhnev as Soviet premier?
  10. Which capital city was the scene of a major summit between Reagan and
    Gorbachev in 1986?
  11. Which drink did the Coca Cola Company launch in 1982?
  12. Which telescope was launched into space on board a space shuttle in
  13. Jonas Salk developed the Salk vaccine against which disease?
  14. Which of London's four airports is the only one to be connected to
    the city Underground system?
  15. Which two men walked on the Moon on the United States' second
  16. In the late 60s Owen Finlay MacLaren pioneered what useful item for
    parents of small chldren?
  17. Who constructed the world's first laser?
  18. Which Wisconsin salesman developed a safety razor in 1901?
  19. In which country were Daewoo cars originally produced?
  20. Which toy company did Ruth and Elliot Handler found?
  21. Which country was the first in the world to introduce a driving test?
  22. Who launched the short-lived Skytrain air service?
  23. What did Guinness adopt as its trademark in the 60s?
  24. Which city was the HQ of the European Space program?
  25. Which Andre built the first factory to mass-produce rubber tires?
  26. Which film actor became mayor of Carmel, California in 1986?
  27. Which pop artist  died in New York in1987?
  28. How did James F Fixx, promoter of jogging for good health, die in
  29. How was Jean Claude Duvalier known before he ws exiled in 1986?
  30. Where did teenager Matthias Rust land his plane in 1987 much to the
    surprise of the country's authorities?
  31. From which UK airport did Virgin Atlantic flights first depart for
    New York-Newark?
  32. Great Briton fought which country over the Falkland Islands?
  33. In which city's shipyard was Solidarity set up?
  34. Where did Torvill and Dean win Olympic gold with their Bolero
  35. Which oil tanker disastrously ran aground off 'Brittany in 1987?
  36. Where did the US side of the Band Aid concert take place?
  37. Natan Sharansky was released from prison in the USSR to begin a new
    life where?
  38. The Center for Disease Control identified a deadly illness called
    AIDS; what does the A stand for?
  39. Which country celebrated its bicentenary in 1988?
  40. The mother of which Monkee invented typewriter correction fluid?
  41. Who performed the world's first open-heart operation?
  42. What type of aircraft is the Hawker Siddley Harrier?
  43. What does Volkswagen actually mean?
  44. What does the Transalaska Pipeline System transport?
  45. Who is credited with introducing the world's first credit card?
  46. What was the name of the world's first nuclear-powered submarine?
  47. In which city are the headquarters if the IMF?
  48. Which American company pioneered electric ignition in motor cars?
  49. Who invented the world's first photocopier?
  50. What was the first spacecraft to land on another planet?

Answers to  Quiz #43 - Pot Luck Trivia

  1. Sweden.
  2. Switzerland.
  3. Space Shuttle.
  4. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  5. Rome.
  6. USA & USSR.
  7. Guillotine.
  8. New Zealand.
  9. Andropov.
  10. Reykjavik.
  11. Diet Coke.
  12. Hubble.
  13. Polio.
  14. Heathrow.
  15. Charles Conrad & Alan Bean.
  16. Baby Buggy.
  17. Theodore Maiman.
  18. King Camp Gillette.
  19. Korea.
  20. Mattel.
  21. France.
  22. Freddie Laker.
  23. Harp.
  24. Paris.
  25. Michelin.
  26. Clint Eastwood.
  27. Andy Warhol.
  28. Heart attack while jogging.
  29. Baby Doc.
  30. Red Square.
  31. London Gatwick.
  32. Argentina.
  33. Gdansk, Poland.
  34. Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
  35. Amoco Cadiz.
  36. Philadelphia.
  37. Israel.
  38. Acquired.
  39. Australia.
  40. Mike Nesmith.
  41. J Gibbon.
  42. Jump Jet.
  43. People's car.
  44. Oil.
  45. Ralph Schneider.
  46. Nautilus.
  47. Washington.
  48. Cadillac.
  49. Chester Carlson.
  50. Venera 7 (Venus.)