Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trivia Quiz #63 - Entertainment, Entertainers, Actors, Actresses, Movie Stars, Singers and More!

Trivia Quiz questions about Entertainment.
  1. In Chaplin's The Great Dictator, what was the dictator's name?
  2. To which conductor did Vaughan Williams dedicate his 8th Symphony?
  3. What did critic John Mason Brown describe as "chewing gum for the eyes?"
  4. Who wrote the book on which the musical Whistle Down the Wind was based?
  5. In what country was British choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton born?
  6. Which orchestral conductor was married to one of the subjects of the film
    Hillary and Jackie?
  7. Which director's autobiography was called The Name Above the Title?
  8. Where was blues singer Leadbelly when he was 'discovered' musically?
  9. Most of the Three Tenors come from which country?
  10. Who is taller, Holly Hunter or Madonna?
  11. What is Ryan O'Neal's real first name?
  12. Who wrote the song Mad Dogs And Englishmen?
  13. Who wrote the children's classic The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?
  14. The first Miss World came from which country?
  15. Which writer and politician became Lord Tweedsmuir?
  16. Who directed the 1980 film of Popeye?
  17. For which movie did Spielberg win his first Oscar?
  18. Which part did Michael Jackson play in The Wiz?
  19. What was advertised by Rod Stewart and Tina Turner's version of It Takes Two?
  20. Which brothers bought Shepperton movie studios in 1994?
  21. Which studios did the Rank Organization open in 1936?
  22. Who made the film Renaldo and Clara with Bob Dylan?
  23. Which British composer wrote the theme music for the film Murder on the
    Orient Express?
  24. The expression Great White Hope was used to describe which black boxer's
  25. Which Dallas actress was born on exactly the same day as singer / songwriter
    Stephen Stills?
  26. Which Bond girl was played by Diana Rigg?
  27. Who was the German soldier in Rowan and Martin's Laugh In?
  28. In which decade was Kim Basinger born?
  29. Who had a 1980s No 1 hit with Shakedown?
  30. What food has sexual overtones in Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris?
  31. On whose life was the short-lived musical Winnie based?
  32. How many Gilbert & Sullivan operas are there?
  33. Who said, "Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle?"
  34. About whom did Kenneth Tynan say, "What one sees in other women
    drunk, one sees in... sober?"
  35. Which pop star went on The Serious Tour?
  36. In what year was the first Tarzan novel published?
  37. Michael Jackson's Will You Be There came from which movie?
  38. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with The Theme From a Summer Place?
  39. What was Blossom's last name in the comedy series?
  40. Who won the Best Director Oscar for Platoon?
  41. In which decade of the 20th century was Jessica Lange born?
  42. The first great rock charity show was in aid of the people of which country?
  43. Which film poster included the line "I told you... you know nothing about
  44. Who wrote the very last episode of Seinfeld?
Answers to Quiz #63 - Enterainment Trivia Answers

  1. Adenoid Hynkel.
  2. Barbirolli.
  3. TV.
  4. Mary Hayley Bell.
  5. Ecuador.
  6. Daniel Barenboim.
  7. Frank Capra.
  8. Prison.
  9. Spain.
  10. Madonna.
  11. Patrick.
  12. Noel Coward.
  13. C. S. Lewis.
  14. Sweden.
  15. John Buchan.
  16. Robert Altman.
  17. Schindler's List.
  18. The Scarecrow.
  19. Pepsi.
  20. Scott.
  21. Pinewood.
  22. Joan Baez.
  23. Richard Rodney Bennett.
  24. Jack Johnson.
  25. Victoria Principal.
  26. Tracy Vincenzo.
  27. Artie Johnson.
  28. 50s.
  29. Bob Seger.
  30. Butter.
  31. Winston Churchill.
  32. 13.
  33. Bob Hope.
  34. Greta Garbo.
  35. Phil Collins.
  36. 1914.
  37. Free Willy.
  38. Percy Faith.
  39. Russo.
  40. Oliver Stone.
  41. 1940s.
  42. Bangladesh.
  43. The Lady From Shanghai.
  44. Larry David.