Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miscellaneous Trivia, Quiz #46 - Free Fun Trivia Quiz with the Answers

Miscellaneous Trivia - subjects like Richard Gere, Brenda Lee, Rotary Club, ZZ Top, centern
  1. Which band made the albums Deguello and Tejas?
  2. At which university did Madonna get a dance scholarship?
  3. Which stuntman leapt between flying jets in the movie Cliffhanger?
  4. Which American artist painted No 14 and Guardians Of The Secret?
  5. What was Brenda Lee's last No 1 hit?
  6. Who set up a club of business people which developed into the Rotary
    Club movement?
  7. Athlete John Landy became the first Australian to do what?
  8. Who was the only British Prime Minister to die at NO. 10 Downing?
  9. Which state celebrates its centenary of joining the Union in 2012?
  10. What is Richard Gere's real name?
  11. Which tennis player was born the day Lyricist Lorenz Hart died?
  12. The first time Michael Jackson had No 1s back to back what was the
    second No 1?
  13. Who did Boris Becker beat when he won his first Wimbledon men's
  14. What year was the bi-centenary of Tennessee joining the Union?
  15. What was the largest passenger ship ever built, which made her last
    voyage in 1968?
  16. What was unusual about Arvind Pandya's 1984 trip from Los Angeles to
    New York?
  17. Ain el Bay international airport is in which country?
  18. Who was the first person to make a total of six space flights?
  19. The group Mudcrutch evolved into which rock outfit?
  20. How is J Murray Spangler's invention known today?
  21. In his day job which paper does Spiderman work for?
  22. South Pole explorer Roald Amundsen vanished flying over where?
  23. Beira international airport is in which country?
  24. In which decade was the Sarah Lawrence College founded at Bronxville,
    New York?
  25. What are the first two names of music producer 'Mutt' Lange?
  26. In which state was Bill Haley born?
  27. In which decade did Honda start to manufacture cars?
  28. To the nearest five thousand square miles, what is the area of
  29. Pioneering doctor Elizabeth Garrett Anderson took her medical exams
    in which language?
  30. Which country does the airline Transavia Airlines come from?
  31. Which 60s No 1 starts, "I think I'm going to be sad?"
  32. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1984?
  33. Which British battleship sank the German battle cruiser the
    Scharnhorst in 1943?
  34. Who won baseball's firs world Series championship of he 90s?
  35. Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Alley-Oop?
  36. In 1999 Carl Lewis revealed that he was suffering from what?
  37. Which country does the airline Avianca come from?
  38. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from
  39. Who directed M*A*S*H?
  40. What is Mark Knopfler's middle name?
  41. Where is the Adelphi University located?
  42. What is Rupert Murdoch's real first name?
  43. In 1997 Ryan Tripp travelled from Salt Lake City to Washington on
  44. Which high school did 40s cartoon character Buzzy Brown go to?
  45. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letters RL?
  46. What star sign is shared by Roger Daltrey and Quincy Jones?
  47. Which New York City-born philosopher wrote The Meaning Of The Truth?
  48. How much did the first Brownie box camera cost?

Answers to  Quiz #46 - Miscellaneous Trivia.

  1. Keith.
  2. ZZ Top.
  3. Michigan.
  4. Simon Carne.
  5. Paul Jackson Pollock.
  6. I Want To Be Wanted.
  7. Paul Percy Harris.
  8. Run a mile in less than 4 minutes.
  9. Campbell Bannerman.
  10. New Mexico.
  11. Richard Gere.
  12. Billie Jean King.
  13. Beat It.
  14. Kevin Curren.
  15. 1996.
  16. Queen Elizabeth.
  17. He ran backwards.
  18. Algeria.
  19. Captain John Young.
  20. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
  21. Hoover.
  22. Daily Bugle.
  23. North Pole.
  24. Mozambique.
  25. 1920s.
  26. Robert John.
  27. Michigan.
  28. 1960s.
  29. 39,598 square miles.
  30. French.
  31. Netherlands.
  32. Ticket to Ride.
  33. Hollywood Park, Los Angeles.
  34. Duke of York.
  35. Cincinnati Reds.
  36. Hollywood Argyles.
  37. Arthritis.
  38. Colombia.
  39. AFG.
  40. Robert Altman.
  41. Freuder.
  42. Garden City, New York.
  43. Lawnmower.
  44. Cupcake High.
  45. Lebanon.
  46. Pisces.
  47. William James.
  48. One dollar.