Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trivia Quiz #62 - American Trivia

Trivia Quiz Questions - American and US Trivia

  1. In 1990, Idaho and which other state celebrated the centenary of joining the
  2. What is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands?
  3. Who founded the New York City ballet in 1928?
  4. Whose Complete Guide To Running is credited with beginning the craze for
  5. In which theater did The Wizard of Oz have its New York debut?
  6. What was Humphrey Bogart's middle name?
  7. What was CNN Headline News previously known as?
  8. Who followed Calvin Coolidge as US President?
  9. What did Carlton Magee devise in the US for motorists?
  10. Who was the first American to travel faster than the speed of sound?
  11. Who ordered the Boulder Dam to be renamed the Hoover Dam?
  12. In what year was the first woman elected to the US Senate?
  13. In 1903 Congress imposed a tax of how much per head for immigrants entering
    the country?
  14. What was the first US warship sunk by a U-boat in the Atlantic in 1941?
  15. What nickname was given to the group of performers which included Sammy Davis
    Jr. and Frank Sinatra?
  16. In which state was Bruce Springsteen born?
  17. In which decade was the National University, San Diego, California founded?
  18. Which university was founded at Connecticut in 1942?
  19. In which state is the US's second busiest airport?
  20. Which show made critic Robert Helpmann say, "The trouble with nude dancing is
    that not everything stops when the music does?"
  21. What was the name of the first article in the first Reader's Digest?
  22. Who said, "The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax?"
  23. In the first ever Bugs Bunny cartoon, which character tried to kill him?
  24. Who was the first US president Barbara Walters interviewed?
  25. Which star of the Back To The Future movies appeared in Caroline In the City?
  26. Who followed Calvin Coolidge as US President?
  27. The Mackenzie River flows form which lake to the ocean?
  28. Which Mexican port was seized by US marines in 1914 to prevent the import of
    German arms for rebel groups?
  29. Which paddle steamer sank in New York harbor in 1904 with the loss of over
    1000 lives?
  30. Who was Vice President during WWI?
  31. In which language did The Singing Nun sing when she topped the singles
  32. Who recorded the albums Blue and Court And Spark?
  33. Where was the world's largest telescope until 1948?
  34. How many Madison Square Gardens have there been before the existing one?
  35. Which art gallery has the largest collection of James McNeil Whistler's
  36. Which road bisects the Balboa Park in San Diego?
  37. In which city was the pinball machine invented?
  38. What was the name of the first Hollywood movie released by D W Griffith in
Answers to Quiz #62 - American Trivia Answers

  1. Wyoming.
  2. Maui.
  3. Balanchine.
  4. James F Fixx.
  5. Majestic.
  6. De Forrest.
  7. CNN 2.
  8. Herbert Hoover.
  9. Parking Meter.
  10. Chuck Yeager.
  11. Harry S. Truman.
  12. 1922.
  13. Two dollars.
  14. USS Reuben James.
  15. The Rat Pack.
  16. New Jersey.
  17. 1970s.
  18. Fairfield.
  19. Georgia, Atlanta Hartsfield airport.
  20. Oh Calcutta.
  21. How to Keep Young Mentally.
  22. Albert Einstein.
  23. Elmer Fudd.
  24. Nixon.
  25. Lea Thompson.
  26. Herbert Hoover.
  27. Great Slave Lake.
  28. Veracruz.
  29. General Stocum.
  30. Thomas R Marshall.
  31. French.
  32. Joni Mitchell.
  33. Mount Wilson.
  34. Three.
  35. Freer Gallery, Washington.
  36. El Prado.
  37. Chicago.
  38. In Old California.