Friday, July 15, 2011

Trivia Quiz #55 - Europe and European Trivia - Corfu, London, Iceland, France, Portugal, Pepsi, Museums, capitals, countries and more !

Trivia about Europe and European topics.

  1. In which city is the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Museum?
  2. What is the second largest of the Ionian Islands?
  3. What color did Air France repaint some "Concorde jets to advertize
  4. In 1998 a new breed of mosquito was discovered on which underground
  5. Which city did Truman Capote describe as "eating an entire box of
    chocolate liqueurs in one go?"
  6. What percentage of the earth's surface is covered by Europe?
  7. How is the Eurotunnel also known?
  8. Where is Donana National Park?
  9. Where in Europe is the Sikkens Museum of Signs?
  10. In which country would you be if the Parliament was called the
  11. Which British monarch popularized the Homgburg which came from the
    German town of the same name?
  12. Where is the French terminus for the Hoverspeed service?
  13. In which country was the Angel of the North erected in 1998?
  14. What is Switzerland's largest City?
  15. Down which valley does the Mistral blow?
  16. Which city was the cultural capital of Europe in 1990?
  17. Which European town gave its name to a Treaty which symbolizes closer
    economic links between European countries?
  18. Which home of champagne in France was also where the German High
    Command surrendered in WWII?
  19. In which European country did Spice Girl Victoria Adams marry?
  20. What name is given to the popular holiday area between Marseille and
    La Spezia?
  21. What is the oldest university in Northern Ireland called -- founded
    in 1908?
  22. Which British architect was responsible with Renzo Piano for the
    Famous Pompidou Centre in Paris?
  23. In Which European city would you go to the Bardini Museum and the
    Bargello Museum?
  24. Inishmor is part of which island group?
  25. What is the name of the lake which remained when the Zuider Zee was
    closed and reclaimed in 1932?
  26. Syracuse is part of New York, but where does it exist in Europe?
  27. Sullom Voe is famous for exporting which commodity?
  28. In which European city is the Atomium?
  29. How are Belgian World Airlines also known?
  30. Which tourist islands include the lesser known Majorca and Minorca?
  31. Which country lies to the north of Austria and to the south of
  32. What is the nationality of the actor who starred in Green Card and My
    Father The Hero?
  33. Which European cou8ntry was first this century to give women the
  34. Where is the Optimisticeskaja Cave, the second longest in the world?
  35. What is Europe's second largest city in terms of population?
  36. How many independent 'Baltic states' are there?
  37. Which winter sports venue, home of the Cresta Run, has hosted two
    Olympic Games in the 20th century?
  38. What is farther north Hungary, or Bulgaria?
  39. What is Ireland's longest river and greatest source of electric
  40. How many countries does the river "Danube pass through?
  41. Where would you spend stotinki?
  42. Which European country saw one of the major avalanches of the 20th
    century in December 1916?
  43. Where is the Belgian terminus for Eurostar trains?
  44. When did Euro Disney, now Disneyland Paris, open?
  45. The Simpleton Tunnel links Italy with which country?
  46. On which sea does Croatia stand?
  47. What is the longest river in Portugal, and the fifth longest in
  48. Which French phrase described an innovative movement in the cinema?
  49. Which was the first European city this century to open an underground
    railway system?
Answers to  Quiz #55 - European Trivia Answers

  1. Swansea.
  2. Corfu.
  3. Blue.
  4. London.
  5. Venice.
  6. 8%.
  7. Channel tunnel.
  8. Spain.
  9. The Hague.
  10. Iceland.
  11. Edward VII.
  12. Boulogne.
  13. England.
  14. Zurich.
  15. Rhone.
  16. Glasgow.
  17. Maastricht.
  18. Reims.
  19. Ireland.
  20. Riviera.
  21. Queen's University.
  22. Richard Rogers.
  23. Florence.
  24. Aran.
  25. Ijsselmeer.
  26. Sicily.
  27. Oil.
  28. Brussels.
  29. SABENA.
  30. Balearics.
  31. Czech Republic.
  32. French. (Gerard Depardieu).
  33. Finland.
  34. Ukraine.
  35. London.
  36. Three.
  37. St. Moritz.
  38. Hungary.
  39. Shannon.
  40. Seven.
  41. Bulgaria.
  42. Italy.
  43. Bruxelles Zuid.
  44. 1992.
  45. Switzerland.
  46. Adriatic.
  47. Tagus.
  48. Nouvelle vague.
  49. Paris.