Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trivia Quiz #57 - Long Free Fun Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz

Fun Free Long Trivia Quiz About Miscellaneous Topics

  1. What color golf balls are used on the golf course in Antarctica?
  2. How long is Indianapolis's most famous motor race?
  3. Throughout the 80s and 90s Phil Collins recorded on which record
  4. Who was the first female to have three consectu8ive US No 1 albums?
  5. Which detective lived on a boat called St Vitus Dance?
  6. On which river was the Grand Coulee built?
  7. In which decade of the 20th century was Brad Pitt born?
  8. In Spin City, Michael J Fox's character Michael Flaherty was whose
  9. If it is noon in Connecticut, what time is it in Alabama?
  10. In the Arab world what does the letter E Stand for in UAE?
  11. Who had an 80s No 1 with Like A Prayer?
  12. In which decade was Ewan McGregor born?
  13. Who produced the first jumbo jet in 1975?
  14. What relation was George Gershwin to Ira?
  15. On which label did Chuck Berry record in the 1950s and 1960s?
  16. Who had an 80s No 1 with Let's Hear It For The Boy?
  17. Where in America is the Rockefeller University?
  18. What was the title of Kitty Kelley's book about Frank Sinatra?
  19. Which museum has the highest-funded art gallery?
  20. In professional football, which state do the Cardinals call home?
  21. Which musical instrument did Stan Getz play?
  22. Which musical featured the song Tonight?
  23. In which eastern country were the Moonies founded in 1954?
  24. What kind of orchard did Chekhov write a play about?
  25. Who won the triathlon for the fifth successive year in 1993?
  26. Who had an 80s No 1 hit with Jack & Diane?
  27. Truman Capote wrote about Breakfast at which place?
  28. On a computer keyboard which letter on the same line is immediately
    right of the O?
  29. Abyssinia has become known as what?
  30. In which decade of the 20th century was Anne Archer born?
  31. Cass Gilbert was the major developer of what type of building?
  32. What was the name of Michael Jackson's second wife?
  33. In which state was Madonna born?
  34. In comic books, who featured with Sugar?
  35. Who became speaker of the house of representatives in 1995?
  36. John Glenn became Senator for which state?
  37. The Battle Of New Orleans was a big No 1 for which singer?
  38. What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from
  39. In which cop series did Phil Collins appear as Phil the Shill?
  40. Who created the character Noddy?
  41. Which US singer said, "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor
    without holding on?"
  42. What is the name of the main space exploration center in Florida?
  43. Which Phil sang on the 1950s No 1 To Know Him Is To Love Him?
Answers to Quiz #57 - Long Fun Free Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. Orange.
  2. 500 miles.
  3. Atlantic.
  4. Donna Summer.
  5. Crockett.
  6. Columbia.
  7. 1960s.
  8. Mayor Randal Wilson.
  9. 11:00 a.m.
  10. Emirates.
  11. Madonna.
  12. 1970s.
  13. Boeing.
  14. Brother.
  15. Chess.
  16. Deniece Williams.
  17. New York.
  18. His Way.
  19. Getty Museum.
  20. Arizona.
  21. Tenor saxophone.
  22. West Side Story.
  23. Korea.
  24. Cherry.
  25. Mark Allen.
  26. John Cougar.
  27. Tiffany's.
  28. P.
  29. Ethiopia.
  30. 1940s.
  31. Skyscraper.
  32. Debbie Rowe.
  33. Michigan.
  34. Spike.
  35. Newt Gingrich.
  36. Ohio.
  37. Johnny Horton.
  38. MEX.
  39. Miami Vice.
  40. Enid Blyton.
  41. Dean Martin.
  42. Cape Canaveral.
  43. Phil Spector.