Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trivia Quiz #53 - Trivia Quiz About Famous People

World Famous People, Politicians, Sportsmen, Leaders, Movie Stars, Kings, and More!

  1. Which Palestinian co-founded al Fatah in 1957?
  2. Who led Operation Eagle Claw, the attempt to rescue the USS Embassy
    hostages in Tehran?
  3. Which 70s US President said, "I know I'm getting better at golf
    because I'm hitting fewer spectators?
  4. Which golfer announced he was leaving his wife and three children for
    Brenna Cepalak in 1996?
  5. Madeleine Gurdon is the third wife of which millionaire?
  6. Who led Argentina through most of the 1990s?
  7. Who founded Standard Oil?
  8. Paul Keating was a controversial Prime Minister of which country?
  9. What relation was Henry Ford II to Henry Ford?
  10. Which world leader married Graca Machel in 1998?
  11. What is the first name of Charles' brother of Saatchi & Saatchi?
  12. Salvador Allende was elected president of which country in 1970?
  13. Fitness trainer Carlos Leon was the father of which singer/actress's
  14. What was the profession of President Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti?
  15. In which country was Earl Spencer's acrimonious divorce settlement
  16. Which Korean War leader was a native of Arkansas?
  17. What was the name of Frank Sinatra's last wife?
  18. Who did  Idi Amin depose in 1971?
  19. Hafez al Assad was the first democratically elected President of
    which country?
  20. In which North African country was Mohammed Al-Fayed, owner of
    Harrods department store in London, born?
  21. Aung San Suu Kyi is a controversial leader in which country?
  22. Which of the founders of United Artists had the last name nearest the
    beginning of the alphabet?
  23. Which Russian leader was buried in 1998 in his family's vault?
  24. Who did Stella McCartney dedicate her first collection for Chloe to?
  25. Who was Britain's  last Prime Minister of the 20th century?
  26. In which North African country was Yves St. Laurent born as Henri
    Donat Mathieu?
  27. Which Yuri was president of the USSR for two years after heading the
    KGB for 15 years?
  28. What is Madonna's daughter called?
  29. Who replaced King Hussein as King of Jordan?
  30. Which child of Princess Grace of Monaco competed in the 1988
  31. Which British Prime Minister signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement in
  32. Who presented the first Oscars?
  33. Michel Aoun led which then unsettled Middle "Eastern country form
  34. On whose show did Elvis Presley appear when 82% of the TV audience
    tuned in?
  35. Who with Arafat and "Rabin received the Nobel Peace prize in 1994?
  36. Which movie was Clark Gable making when he died?
  37. Which French Prime Minister's funeral was attended by his wife and
    his mistress in 1996?
  38. Which multi-million-dollar sport is Bernie Ecclestone associated
  39. Who succeeded "Anwar Sadat as President of Egypt?
  40. Which movie star married jockey Robyn Smith in 1980?
  41. Who retired as Prime Minister of Canada in 1984?
  42. How old was Orson Welles when he made Citizen Kane?
  43. In 1996 who did The Spice Girls say was their Girl Power role model?
  44. Which South African President repealed key parts of apartheid law in
Answers to  Quiz #53 - Famous People Trivia Question Answers

  1. Yasser Arafat.
  2. Colonel 'Charging' Charlie Beckwith.
  3. Gerald Ford.
  4. Nick Faldo.
  5. Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  6. Carlos Menem.
  7. John D. Rockefeller.
  8. Australia.
  9. Grandson.
  10. Nelson Mandela.
  11. Maurice.
  12. Chile.
  13. Madonna.
  14. Priest.
  15. South Africa.
  16. Douglas MacArthur.
  17. Barbara.
  18. Milton Obote.
  19. Syria.
  20. Egypt.
  21. Myanmar.
  22. Chaplin.
  23. Tsar Nicholas II.
  24. Her mother Linda.
  25. Tony Blair.
  26. Algeria.
  27. Andropov.
  28. Lourdes Maria.
  29. Abdullah.
  30. Prince Albert.
  31. Margaret Thatcher.
  32. Douglas Fairbanks.
  33. Lebanon.
  34. Ed Sullivan.
  35. Peres.
  36. The Misfits.
  37. Francois Mitterrand.
  38. Motor racing.
  39. Hosni Mubarak.
  40. Fred Astaire.
  41. Pierre Trudeau.
  42. 25.
  43. Margaret Thatcher.
  44. FW De Klerk.