Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trivia Quiz #50 - Hard Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

50 Harder Miscellaneous Trivia Questions (Scroll down for Answers)

Trivia - sports, TV, history, actors, famous people, international topics, and more.
  1. What have Americans Bobby Riggs, Bob Falkenberg and Ted Schroeder all
  2. In which street was Chuck Berry born?
  3. What year was the centenary of California joining the Union?
  4. Which cartoons are associated with Kim Casalli?
  5. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1986?
  6. Where was William Kellogg working when he decided to sell cornflakes?
  7. What is Dionne Warwick's real first name?
  8. What's the first word of Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting For You?
  9. Who described a Hollywood studio set as, "The biggest train set a boy
    ever had?"
  10. On which special day did Charlie Chaplin die in 1977?
  11. In Mork and Mindy, what was the Orkan phrase for 'Goodbye'?
  12. Amilcar Cabral international airport is in which country?
  13. In which year was the Juilliard School founded in New York?
  14. In 1993, Michael Jackson give his first TV interview in 14 years with
    which talk show presenter?
  15. What is Calvin Klein's middle name?
  16. What was the last top ten hit for Connie Francis?
  17. The world's tallest what was built at Duquoin State Fairground,
    Illinois in Sept 1998?
  18. Where is the University of Delaware located?
  19. Which composer was born on exactly the same day as TV evangelist Pat
  20. Who was the last undisputed boxing world heavyweight champion before
    Mike Tyson?
  21. To ten thousand, what is the area of Arizona in square miles?
  22. Which country's invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 forced Haile Selassie to
  23. Who directed the 1951 classic movie The Day The Earth Stood Still?
  24. Where was horse racing's Breeders' Cup held in 1989?
  25. Who wrote the novel The Left Hand Of Darkness?
  26. What is Neil Simon's real first name?
  27. Augusto C Sandino international airport is in which country?
  28. What was the second Oscar Hammerstein show to win the Pulitzer Prize?
  29. Lionel Hampton played on which band until forming his own in1941?
  30. In what year was indoor handball introduced as an Olympic event for
  31. Who wrote My Life and Loves in 1926, originally banned in the US?
  32. In which country is the Great Belt East bridge?
  33. Which country does the airline Air Littoral come from?
  34. In which country was Emilio Estevez born?
  35. Which brand had to apologize for a logo said to be like the Arabic
    for Allah?
  36. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letters ROU?
  37. What was the Blue Swede's only No 1 hit?
  38. New York-born Sir Jacob Epstein worked in which branch of the arts?
  39. What year was the centenary of Colorado joining the Union?
  40. How old was Dodi Fayed at the time of his death in 1997?
  41. What was Blondie's last UK No 1 of the 80s?
  42. In which country is the Angostura bridge?
  43. What is Elle Macpherson's real name?
  44. Which instrument is associated with Lester 'Prez' Young?
  45. Which criminal was set up by the Lady In Red?
Answers to  Quiz #50 - Hard Trivia Question Answers

  1. Won Wimbledon men's singles.
  2. (Johnny B) Goode Street.
  3. 1950.
  4. Love Is.
  5. Santa Anita, California.
  6. Hospital.
  7. Marie.
  8. Oceans.
  9. Orson Wells.
  10. Christmas Day.
  11. Nanu Nanu.
  12. Cape Verde.
  13. 1905.
  14. Oprah Winfrey.
  15. Richard.
  16. Vacation.
  17. Sand Castle.
  18. Newark.
  19. Stephen Sondheim.
  20. Leon Spinks.
  21. 114,000.
  22. Italy.
  23. Robert Wise.
  24. Gulfstream Park, Florida.
  25. Ursula Le Guin.
  26. Marvin.
  27. Nicaragua.
  28. South Pacific.
  29. Benny Goodman.
  30. 1972.
  31. Frank Harris.
  32. Denmark.
  33. France.
  34. USA.
  35. Nike.
  36. Uruguay.
  37. Hooked On A Feeling.
  38. Sculpture.
  39. 1976.
  40. 42.
  41. Rapture.
  42. Venezuela.
  43. Eleanor Gow.
  44. Saxophone.
  45. John Dillinger.