Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Trivia, Quiz #47 - Long 50 Question Trivia Quiz

General Miscellaneous Trivia Questions  (Scroll down for Answers)
  1. Who said 50,000 rifles were preferable to 50,000 votes?
  2. Which country was the title of a big hit for Toto?
  3. Which actress retold the story of Alice in Wonderland set in New
    Jersey and New York City?
  4. Which bridge is the subject of Hart Crane's The bridge?
  5. Who is credited with inventing the Tarzan yodel?
  6. Who wrote the song MacArthur Park?
  7. Who had a 60s No 1 with Downtown?
  8. Which musical featured the song How To Handle A Woman?
  9. In which decade of the 20th century was Alec Baldwin born?
  10. Who was born first, Kiefer Sutherland or Christian Slater?
  11. To the nearest two, how many tennis Grand Slam titles did Jimmy
    Connors win?
  12. Who was the Georgia Peach?
  13. In which state do most Cree Indians live in the USA?
  14. Bob Dole trained for which profession although he didn't qualify?
  15. Out of 11 series of prime time seasons how many times did Happy days
    make the Nielsen Top Twenty?
  16. Who wrote the novel Watership Down?
  17. Who was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1983 - 1991?
  18. In which decade of the 20th century was James Belushi born?
  19. On which river was the Kariba Dam built?
  20. Detroit born Diana Earle became famous under which name?
  21. Who wrote God Bless America?
  22. What was Sean Penn's first movie?
  23. Who set fire to his guitar at the Monterey Pop festival in 19676?
  24. Who had and 80s NO 1 with The Tide is High?
  25. In which Bond film did Britt Ekland appear?
  26. Della Street was whose secretary?
  27. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter
  28. What is Mick Jagger's middle name?
  29. Who had a No 1 hit single with Together Forever?
  30. Boxer Jack Dempsey hailed from which state?
  31. In music, who was Sweet and Innocent and Too Young?
  32. Who is featured on Puff Daddy's Can't Hold Me Down?
  33. Which British liner was sunk by a German submarine in 1915?
  34. Which role as 'the other woman' won Glenn Close her first Oscar
  35. Who wrote the novel The Godfather?
  36. Who wrote Appalachian Spring?
  37. What did the S stand for in the name of T S Elliot?
  38. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter
  39. Jack Sharkey was a world champion in which sport?
  40. Truly was an 80s No 1 for which artist?
  41. What was Marilyn Monroe's last film?
  42. What was Bix Beiderbecke's principal musical instrument?
  43. US-born Adulyadej Bhumibol became king of which Asian country?
  44. In 1971 Leonard Bernstein wrote a Mass in whose memory?
  45. Who had a big 50s No 1 with A Big Hunk O' Love?
  46. Whose first hit was Maybellene in 1955?
  47. What goes after Love Will Never Do on Janet Jackson's 1990 hit?
  48. Which Gloria co-founded Ms magazine?
  49. A Fistfull of Dollars was filmed on location in which country?
  50. Which country lies immediately to the south of Estonia?
Answers to  Quiz #47 - General Trivia.

  1. Mussolini.
  2. Africa.
  3. Whoopi Goldberg.
  4. Brooklyn Bridge.
  5. Johnny Weissmuller.
  6. Jim Webb.
  7. Petula Clark.
  8. Camelot.
  9. 1950s.
  10. Kiefer Sutherland.
  11. 10.
  12. Ty Cobb.
  13. Montana.
  14. Doctor.
  15. Eight.
  16. Richard Adams.
  17. Bob Hawke.
  18. 1950s.
  19. Zambezi.
  20. Diana Ross.
  21. Irving Berlin.
  22. Taps.
  23. Jimi Hendrix.
  24. Blondie.
  25. The Man With The Golden Gun.
  26. Perry Mason.
  27. Portugal.
  28. Philip.
  29. Rick Astley.
  30. Colorado.
  31. Donny Osmond.
  32. Mase.
  33. Lusitania.
  34. Fatal Attraction.
  35. Mario Puzo.
  36. Aaron Copland.
  37. Stearns.
  38. Sweden.
  39. Boxing.
  40. Lionel Richie.
  41. The Misfits.
  42. Cornet.
  43. Thailand.
  44. John F. Kennedy.
  45. Elvis Presley.
  46. Chuck Berry.
  47. Without you.
  48. Steinem.
  49. Italy.
  50. Latvia.