Monday, July 11, 2011

Trivia Quiz #51 - Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

Trivia -  Topics like China, Squash, Bulgaria, Germans, Rocky Mountains, Danny De Vito, Kenny Rogers, Marie curie, Catch 22 and more.

  1. Who penned Kenny Rogers' No 1 hit Lady?
  2. Who had a 50s No 1 with Heartaches By The Number?
  3. In which country was power seized in the 70s by the Gang of Four?
  4. At which sport did Jonah Barrington win international success?
  5. What was the nationality of composer Aaron Copland?
  6. What is Diana Ross's middle name?
  7. What was the occupation of Edith Cavell who was shot by the Germans
    in WWI?
  8. How did Satyajit Ray achieve fame?
  9. Who had a 1980s No 1 hit with Don't You (Forget About Me)?
  10. Which Japanese company bought CBS records in 1988?
  11. How many of Mark Spitz's Olympic golds were for solo events?
  12. Who made the album Honky Tonk Angels with Dolly Parton and Tammy
  13. How many Nobel prizes did Marie curie win?
  14. In which country is the deepwater port of Belem?
  15. In which country was Danny De Vito born?
  16. In computer language, what does the letter C stand for in ASCII?
  17. In which individual events did Michael Johnson win Olympic gold in
  18. Under what name did Peter Thorkelson perform in one of the 60s
    biggest bands?
  19. If it is 3 a.m. in Nevada, what time is it in Montana?
  20. The Chinook blows down which mountains?
  21. In which country was Michael J. Fox born?
  22. Who was Sean Penn married to for 27 months before divorce was filed?
  23. To the nearest million, how mjch did Heavan's Gate lose for United
  24. From which show does Love Changes Everything come from?
  25. Under which name did Leonard Slye ride across the silver screen?
  26. Who directed The Deer Hunter?
  27. On which movie's sound track from the 90s did Brenda Lee feature?
  28. In baseball, where do the Royals come from?
  29. What is the largest city in Ohio?
  30. What color is Laa Laa of the Teletulbbies?
  31. Who was the most recent Democrat before Clinton to be reelected for a
    second term as US President?
  32. For what did Georgie O'Keefe become famous?
  33. A-Ha sang the title song for which Bond film?
  34. The Scent of Mystery was the first fi8lm to target which of the
  35. In which decade of the 20th century was Anne Bancroft born?
  36. What was the title of Player's No 1 of the 70s?
  37. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to which other Sea?
  38. Which Russian writer wrote Cancer Ward?
  39. Which summer month is the title of an album by Eric Clapton?
  40. Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter
  41. If it is noon in Ohio, what time is it in Nevada?
  42. In the Simpsons, which Hollywood superstar provided Maggie's first
  43. Which writer came up with Catch 22 in the 60s?
  44. Who won the women's tennis gold in Atlanta in 1996?
  45. Bourgas international airport is in which country?

Answers to  Quiz #50 - Hard Trivia Question Answers

  1. Lionel Richie.
  2. Guy Mitchell.
  3. China.
  4. Squash.
  5. American.
  6. Ernestine.
  7. Nurse.
  8. Film Director.
  9. Simple Minds.
  10. Sony.
  11. Four.
  12. Loretta Lynn.
  13. Two.
  14. Brazil.
  15. USA.
  16. Code.
  17. 200m & 400m.
  18. Peter Tork, the Monkees.
  19. 4 a.m.
  20. Rocky Mountains.
  21. Canada.
  22. Madonna.
  23. 30.
  24. Aspects of Love.
  25. Roy Rogers.
  26. Michael Cimino.
  27. Dick Tracy.
  28. Kansas city.
  29. Cleveland.
  30. Yellow.
  31. Roosevelt.
  32. Painting.
  33. The Living Daylights.
  34. Smell - Smell O Vision.
  35. 1930s.
  36. Baby Come Back.
  37. Red sea.
  38. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
  39. August.
  40. Spain.
  41. 9:00 a.m.
  42. Elizabeth Taylor.
  43. Joseph Heller.
  44. Lindsay Davenport.
  45. Bulgaria.