Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trivia Quiz #52 - Famous People Trivia Questions and Answers - Long Quiz

People of Fame Trivia about  people like Salvador Dali, Very Wang, Michael Jackson, Freud, Cher, Benzair Bhutto, Gandhi, Elija Blue, and more.

  1. Who did Pope John Paul II succeed as Pope?
  2. Who described his paintings as "hand-painted dream photographs?"
  3. What was the full first name of the President who gave his name to
    Teddy Bears?
  4. Donald Woods escaped from where in 1979, later the subject of the
    film Cry Freedom?
  5. Which Austrian wrote The Psychopathology of Everyday Life?
  6. Which Chinese leader's widow was arrested for trying to overthrow the
    government in the 19780s?
  7. Who became the first woman prime minister of an Islamic nation?
  8. Who said, "Some women get excited about nothing-- and then they marry
  9. Who is the famous mother of Elijah Blue?
  10. What was the occupation of Roger Moore's father?
  11. Who designed Posh Spice Victoria Adams' wedding dress?
  12. What was Jack Dempsey's job before he became a boxer?
  13. Which rock star did Cindy Crawford name her first son after?
  14. Picasso moved to Paris in 1901 but where was he born?
  15. Which US President went to the same London university as Mick Jagger?
  16. Tom Whittaker was the first man to climb Everest in what
  17. Who published the General Theory of Relativity in 1915?
  18. Pancho Villa was a revolutionary in which country?
  19. In 1968 the Oscars were postponed for 48 hours because of whose
  20. Who replaced Mary Robinson as president of Ireland in 1997?
  21. What breed of dog was Barry Manilow's Bagel?
  22. What did Michael Jackson say instead of "I do" when he married Lisa
    Marie Presley?
  23. How old was Douglas Fairbanks when he married 23-year-old Joan
  24. Who said, "The only placed a man wants depth in a woman is in her
  25. Which white house resident's book was a best seller in the late 80s?
  26. Which future President made the famous Checkers Speech in 1952?
  27. Who succeeded Lal Bahadur Shasrtri as Prime Minister of India?
  28. Which Russian imposed a reign of terror during the 30s and 40s?
  29. In the 60s Queen Elizabeth II dedicated an acre of ground in memory
    of which American?
  30. Who led India to overthrow British rule by non-violent means?
  31. Which Hollywood star stated, "The rest of my life will be devoted to
    women and litigation?"
  32. In which Sydney cathedral sis Michael Hutchence's funeral take place?
  33. Who's best-known stage role was as Regina in The Little Foxes?
  34. Who became chief designer at Givenchy in 1996?
  35. By 1999 how may times had Jane Fonda been Oscar nominated?
  36. Which former central American dictator was born on exactly the same
    day as singer Gene Vincent?
  37. Which kidnap victim was involved in a bank raid, brandishing a gun?
  38. Who was the only 20th century President to get stuck in the White
    House bath tub as he was so big?
  39. Sun Yat Sen overthrew the emperor in which country establishing a
    republic after 2000 years of imperial rule?
  40. Who led a government in Italy in the 20s and later became its
  41. Who were Ken and Barbie named after?
  42. Which football team gave Bill Cosby a trial?
  43. How old would John Lennon have been at the star to the year 2,000?
  44. Who was Axle Rose's famous singer father-in-law?
  45. Which baseball player was born on the same day as Greg Louganis?
  46. Who designed the dress which made the most at Diana's dress auction?
  47. Who said, "Id rather have a cup of tea than go to bed with someone
    any day?"
  48. Richard Gere won a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts in
    which sport?

Answers to  Quiz #52 - Disney Trivia Question Answers

  1. John Paul I.
  2. Salvador Dali.
  3. Theodore.
  4. South Africa.
  5. Freud.
  6. Mao Tse Tung.
  7. Benzair Bhutto.
  8. Cher.
  9. Cher.
  10. Policeman.
  11. Vera Wang.
  12. Copper miner.
  13. Presley.
  14. Spain.
  15. John F. Kennedy.
  16. He has only one leg.
  17. Albert Einstein.
  18. Mexico.
  19. Martin Luther King.
  20. Mary McAleese.
  21. Beagle.
  22. Why not?
  23. 19.
  24.  Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  25. Millie the dog.
  26. Richard Nixon.
  27. Indira Gandhi.
  28. Stalin.
  29. President Kennedy.
  30. Gandhi.
  31. Errol Flynn.
  32. St. Andrew's.
  33. Tallulah Bankhead.
  34. Alexander McQueen.
  35. Seven.
  36. Manuel Noriega.
  37. Patty Hearst.
  38. William Howard Taft.
  39. China.
  40. Mussolini.
  41. The children of their creators.
  42. Green Bay Packers.
  43. 59.
  44. Don Everly.
  45. Steve Sax.
  46. Victor Edelstein.
  47. Boy George.
  48. Gymnastics.