Monday, July 4, 2011

Pot Luck Trivia, Quiz #44 - Interesting Questions about People, Places, and Things

Pot Luck Trivia - Olympic Games, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross, Wimbledon, Queen Beatrix, Harrison
Ford, Elvis Presley and more!

  1. Where were the 2002 Winter Olympic Games held?
  2. Who wrote the line, "Do not go gentle into that good night?
  3. What is Jennifer Jason Leigh's real name?
  4. Which ex-tennis player has run a foundation for terminally ill
    children through the 90s?
  5. Which female singer was born on exactly the same day as impressionist
    Rich Little?
  6. Which musical instrument was found in Bonnie & Clyde's car after they
    were shot?
  7. Which album was said to have reflected the end of Bob Dylan's
  8. What was the only Fleetwood Mac track to top the singles charts in
    the 70s?
  9. What was the first product made by Heinz?
  10. Which liner carried the first ever newspaper to be published in the
    middle of the Atlantic Ocean?
  11. Which hospital saw the first ever operation to give an artificial
  12. Who was the defending champion when Billie Jean King first won
    Wimbledon singles?
  13. In which country did Argentina first win soccer's World Cup?
  14. To the nearest million, what was the population of the USA in 1910?
  15. What did Diana Ross advertise with daughter Tracee in the early 90s?
  16. In Chaplin's The Great Dictator, which country did the dictator rule?
  17. What is Joan Collin's middle name?
  18. What was the Aristocrat record label renamed?
  19. Which President wrote Why England Slept about the rise of Fascism?
  20. Where was the first H bomb exploded in 1952?
  21. Queen Alia international airport is in which country?
  22. Which hairdresser said, ""The only place where success comes before
    work is in the dictionary?"
  23. Satolas international airport is in which country?
  24. Which space probe sent pictures from Mars in 1965?
  25. Which villain was played by Burgess Meredith in the 1960s Batman TV
  26. What was the name of the US army airplane which flew a record 150
    hours non-stop in 1929?
  27. In what year did regular Boeing 707 flights begin across he Atlantic?
  28. Which album did Elton John's Crocodile Rock first appear on?
  29. Which song was penned for a babysitter called Diana Ayoub?
  30. Who became Queen of the Netherlands in 1980?
  31. How many Billboard solo NO 1's did ex-Beatle Ringo Starr have?
  32. In what year did the New York subway open?
  33. Which country does the airline Aero Lloyd come from?
  34. In which decade was the Benjamin Franklin suspension bridge opened?
  35. How many prisoners were left in Alcatraz just before it closed?
  36. What was the name of the first weather satellite?
  37. Who directed the movie Trading Places?
  38. Who wrote the karaoke classic line, ""And now the end is near?"
  39. What is Harrison Ford's real name?
  40. Which ship made the then fastest Atlantic crossing in 1907?
  41. Where in Australia was swashbuckling Errol Flynn born?
  42. Vehicles from which country use the international registration
    letters KWT?
  43. At what weight did boxer Chris Eubank win the WBO title in 1990?
  44. Who featured with Bobby Brown on the No 1 She Ain't Worth It?
  45. What was Elvis Presley's first album which did not have his name in
    the title?

Answers to  Quiz #44 - Pot Luck Trivia

  1. Salt Lake City.
  2. Dylan Thomas.
  3. Jennifer Morrow.
  4. Andrea Jaeger.
  5. Tina Turner.
  6. Saxophone.
  7. Blood On The Tracks.
  8. Dreams.
  9. Horseradish sauce.
  10. Etruria.
  11. Pennsylvania Hospital.
  12. Margaret Smith.
  13. Argentina (1978).
  14. 92.
  15. Gap.
  16. Tomania.
  17. Henrietta.
  18. Chess.
  19. John F. Kennedy.
  20. Eniwetok.
  21. Jordan.
  22. Vidal Sassoon.
  23. France.
  24. Mariner 4.
  25. The Penguin.
  26. Question Mark.
  27. 1958.
  28. Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player.
  29. Diana (by Paul Anka).
  30. Beatrix.
  31. Two.
  32. 1903.
  33. Germany.
  34. 1920s.
  35. 27.
  36. Tiros.
  37. John Landis.
  38. Paul Anka - in My Way.
  39. Harrison Ford.
  40. Lusitania.
  41. Hobart.
  42. Kuwait.
  43. Middleweight.
  44. Glenn Medeiros.
  45. King Creole.