Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trivia Quiz #60 - US Trivia - Quiz Questions from the United States of America

United States Trivia Quiz questions about the US of A.

  1. Which state on the Gulf of Mexico is nearest the end of the alphabet?
  2. To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Michigan?
  3. Groucho Marx resigned from where as he didn't care to belong to any club that
    would have him as a member?
  4. In which natural valley is San Jose?
  5. Truax Field international airport is in which US state?
  6. In what month was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
  7. How much did President Roosevelt pay so that the Panama Canal could be built?
  8. In which Chicago theater did over 500 people die in a fire in 1903?
  9. Who founded the American Institution of Public Opinion in 1935?
  10. How long did it take to construct a Model T Ford in 1914?
  11. Which couple were implicated in the Whitewater affair?
  12. Who created Sam Spade?
  13. Who did James Earl Ray shoot in Memphis in April 1968?
  14. Who did Dr. Crippen murder?
  15. Who was the first president of the first university for black people in the
  16. Who was the first black American to win the Nobel peace prize?
  17. Where was the first nuclear reactor built, by Enrico Fermi?
  18. Which state on the Gulf of Mexico has the longest name?
  19. In the 1904 Olympics, how many of the 23 track and field titles were won by
  20. The Rotary Club was founded in 1905 in which American City?
  21. Where is the HQ of Chrysler and General Motors?
  22. In All In The Family, what was Archie's son-in-law's full name?
  23. What was the name of the son in Sandford and Son?
  24. What is the architectural style of the Radio City Music Hall in New York?
  25. What was the debut movie of the actress born Shirley Beaty?
  26. On which river is the USA's highest concrete dam?
  27. In square miles, how big is lake Superior?
  28. What does the name of Hawaii's capital mean in Hawaiian?
  29. The Black Hills lie between which two rivers?
  30. Near which town were there reports of a space ship landing on the 4th July
  31. Philadelphia lies between which two rivers?
  32. Which magazine first described young women as 'flappers?'
  33. Where was the World Fair held in 1903?
  34. Which singer had the first names Harry Lillis?
  35. Whose last words were, "Now it's on to "Chicago and let's win there"?
  36. In what year was the first in-flight movie shown on an internal flight in the
  37. What was the San Francisco Ballet formerly called?
Answers to Quiz #60 - US Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. Texas.
  2. 58,125 square miles.
  3. Friars Club.
  4. Santa Clara.
  5. Wisconsin
  6. December.
  7. $40 million.
  8. Iroquois Theater.
  9. Gallup.
  10. 95 minutes.
  11. The Clintons.
  12. Dashiell Hammett.
  13. Martin Luther King.
  14. His wife.
  15. Booker T Washington.
  16. Ralph Bunche.
  17. Chicago.
  18. Mississippi.
  19. 21.
  20. Chicago.
  21. Detroit.
  22. Mike Stivic.
  23. Lamont.
  24. Art Deco.
  25. The Trouble With Harry.
  26. Colorado.
  27. 31,700.
  28. Sheltered bay.
  29. Belle Fourche and Cheyenne.
  30. Roswell, New Mexico.
  31. Delaware & Schuylkill.
  32. Vanity Fair.
  33. St. Louis.
  34. Bing Crosby.
  35. Bobby Kennedy.
  36. 1929.
  37. San Francisco Opera Ballet.