Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trivia Quiz #74 - Trivia Questions about Famous People

Trivia Quiz questions about Famous People

  1. Who was Pope for only 33 days in 1978?
  2. Who was lead singer with the group Queen?
  3. Which author had the real name Charles Dodgson?
  4. Who introduced the potato and tobacco to Europe.
  5. Who was the Lord Chancellor beheaded for refusing to recognize Henry
    VIII as head of the church?
  6. In which of the arts did Vaslav Nijinsky and Margot Fonteyn excel?
  7. Who led the Free French forces during World War II?
  8. Which battle of 1876 was Custer's last stand?
  9. Which actor, comedian and singer was born David Daniel Kaminski?
  10. Which builder of steam engines formed a successful partnership with
    Matthew Boulton?
  11. What nationality was the spy Mata Hari?
  12. Who said: "The customer is always right"?
  13. Which Russian goldsmith became famous for his jeweled eggs?
  14. What pen name was used by the Spanish orator Dolores Ibarruri, who
    said "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"?
  15. For what purpose did Melvil Dewey devise his decimal system in 1876?
  16. Who was the king of rock and roll?
  17. Who was Sherlock Holmes' assistant?
  18. What are the indigenous people of new Zealand called?
  19. Who was the film star who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco?
  20. What was the first name of the politician Gladstone, the composer
    Walton, and the reformer Wilberforce?
  21. Of which tribe was Goliath the champion?
  22. What was the nickname of the French singer Edith Piaf?
  23. What nickname was given to General Thomas Jackson because of his
    stern defense at the battle of Bull Run?
  24. Whose birthday is celebrated by a public holiday on the third Monday
    in January in the USA?
  25. Which Christian martyr was first bishop of Rome?
  26. Who was the most famous of English lexicographers?
  27. In which of the arts has Richard Avedon distinguished himself?
  28. Which religious grou0p migrated westward to the Great Salt Lake,
    Utah, in 1847?
  29. Which 18th-century dictionary compiler defined himself as a "harmless
  30. Who was president of the USSR from 1985-91?
  31. What was the name of the Thracian slave who led an ultimately
    unsuccessful gladiator revolt against Rome in 73 BC?
  32. Which English king abdicated and became Duke of Windsor?
  33. Who was the first man in space in 1961?
  34. Who was the American politician who made wild claims of communist
    infiltration in the 1950s?
  35. What invention made the fortune of Alfred Noel, founder of the Nobel
  36. Whose circus did General Tom Thumb join at the age of five in 1843?
  37. Which building is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth the Queen
  38. Of which country was de Valera the prime minister, and later the
  39. Which actress starred opposite Alan Ladd in the film "The Blue
  40. Which French fashion designer created the "Little black dress"?
Answers to Quiz #74 - Famous People Trivia Answers

  1. John Paul I.
  2. Freddie Mercury.
  3. Lewis Carroll.
  4. Sir Walter Raleigh.
  5. Thomas More.
  6. Ballet.
  7. Charles de Gaulle.
  8. Little Bighorn.
  9. Danny Kaye.
  10. James Watt.
  11. Dutch.
  12. Harry Gordon Selfridge.
  13. Peter Faberge.
  14. La Pasionaria.
  15. Classifying books.
  16. Elvis Presley.
  17. Dr. Watson.
  18. Maoris.
  19. Grace Kelly.
  20. William.
  21. Philistines.
  22. The "Little Sparrow".
  23. Stonewall.
  24. Martin Luther King.
  25. St. Peter.
  26. Samuel Johnson.
  27. Photography.
  28. Mormons.
  29. Samuel Johnson.
  30. Mikhail Gorbachev.
  31. Spartacus.
  32. Edward VIII.
  33. Yuri Gagarin.
  34. Joe McCarthy.
  35. Dynamite.
  36. P T Barnum.
  37. Clarence House.
  38. Ireland.
  39. Veronica Lake.
  40. Coco Chanel.