Friday, August 12, 2011

Trivia Quiz #72 - Trivia Questions About Politics

Trivia Quiz questions about Politics

  1. What is the official residence of the president of France?
  2. Who set out his political ideas in Mein Kampf?
  3. Who preceded Ronald Reagan as American president?
  4. In which year was Ulster incorporated into the UK, under the Home
    Rule Act?
  5. What name is shared by the chairs of the UK House of Commons and the
    US House of Representatives?
  6. Which is the lower house of the British parliament?
  7. Of what electoral system are "single transferable vote" and "party
    list" forms?
  8. Who was the USA's vice president in 1990?
  9. Which prime minister took Britain into the European Community in
  10. Which publication was the vehicle for John 'Wilkes's attacks on the
    Tories for which he was imprisoned in 1768?
  11. How did the suffragette Emily Davison meet her death in 1913?
  12. What was enforced by Parliament in 1379 and was the trigger that
    caused the Peasants' Revolt?
  13. In which country did Pol Pot lead the feared Khmer Rouge?
  14. How often are American presidential elections held?
  15. Israel was proclaimed an independent state in 1948. Who was its prime
    minister from then until 1963?
  16. Who did Margaret Thatcher succeed as leader of the Conservative
  17. Who said 'A week is a long time in politics'?
  18. In which parliament has the UK 87 seats for members who are elected
    for a five0-year term?
  19. What name is given to the series of strikes in the winter of 1978-79
    that led to the defeat of the Labour government?
  20. Which Elizabethan politician, philosopher and essayist was fined
    L40,000 for taking bribes?
  21. Who succeeded Clement Attlee as Labour Party leader in 1955?
  22. Whose book Sexual Politics was a landmark in feminist thinking?
  23. Which American economist is the foremost advocate of monetarism?
  24. In what year did the Representation of the People Act give the vote
    to all women over 21?
  25. Who was Italy's Fascist lender from 1925-43?
  26. Which human-rights organization campaigns for the release of
    political prisoners worldwide?|
  27. Which British company was effectively the ruler of much of India
    until the India Act of 1858?
  28. What offence was former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega tried for in
    the USA?
  29. Which are the two main political parties in the USA?
  30. What do the British call the person other countries might call
    minister of the interior?
  31. Who was the youngest ever leader of the Labour Party, elected in
  32. Which party leader was a Royal Marine commando?
  33. Which British prime minister fell from office because of his repeal
    of the Corn Laws?
  34. Which Conservative MP was a middle-distance runner who won two
    Olympic gold medals and set eleven world records during the 1970s and

Answers to Quiz #72 - Political Trivia Answers

  1. Elysee Palace.
  2. Adolf Hitler.
  3. Jimmy Carter.
  4. 1920.
  5. Speaker.
  6. House of Commons.
  7. Proportional representation.
  8. Dan Quayle.
  9. Edward Heath.
  10. The North Briton.
  11. She threw herself under the king's horse in the Derby.
  12. Poll tax.
  13. Cambodia.
  14. Every four years.
  15. Ben-Gurion.
  16. Edward Heath.
  17. Harold Wilson.
  18. European Parliament.
  19. Winter of Discontent.
  20. Frances Bacon.
  21. Hugh Gaitskell.
  22. Kate Millett.
  23. Milton Friedman.
  24. 1928.
  25. Mussolini.
  26. Amnesty International.
  27. East India Company.
  28. Drug Trafficking.
  29. Democrats and Republicans.
  30. Home Secretary.
  31. Neil Kinnock
  32. Paddy Ashdown.
  33. Robert Peel.
  34. Sebastian Coe.