Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trivia Quiz #67 - Trivia Questions About Asia and Asians

Trivia Quiz questions about Asia.

  1. Is the Great Wall of China 650, 1,450 or 2,050 miles long?
  2. Where did the Gang of Four try to size power in 1976?
  3. Which Asian city hosted the 1988 Olympic Games?
  4. Who was emperor of Japan during world War II?
  5. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
  6. Of which country is Vientiane the capital?
  7. Who was the Mongol ruler who conquered Persia, Azerbaijan, Armenia,
    and Georgia in the 14th Century?
  8. Which two Middle-Eastern countries fought a war from 1980 to 1988?
  9. Which sea lies between china and Korea?
  10. In which modern country are the ports of Sidon and Tyer?
  11. What is the name of the mountain pass which lies between Pakistan and
  12. The West Bank of which river has been occupied by Israel since 1967?
  13. Which 15th-century navigator discovered the sea route from Europe to
    India by the Cape of Good Hope?
  14. What is the name of the group of 1,196 islands in the North Indian
    Ocean, none bigger than five square miles?
  15. What did Burma change its name to in 1989?
  16. A 25 km causeway, the longest in the world, links Saudi Arabia with
    which other country?
  17. Beside which river are the Indian cities of Delhi and Agra?
  18. On which inland sea do the ports of Astrakhan and Baku lie?
  19. Of which state in India is Lucknow the capital?
  20. Which country was suspended from the Arab League for ten years from
  21. With what is the Japanese art of bonsai concerned?
  22. By what name was Thailand known until 1939?
  23. What kind of wild cattle with shaggy coats and upturned horns live in
    the mountains of Tibet?
  24. Which 13th-century Mongol warlord controlled probably a larger area
    than anyone in history, from the Yellow Sea to the Black Sea?
  25. Which country is bounded by Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Gulf of Aden, and
    the Red Sea?
  26. Which is the largest city in India?
  27. Which is the principal island of Japan?
  28. What distinguished the Japanese tanker Shin-Attoku-Maru, launched in
  29. What is the dominant classical language of the Indian subcontinent?
  30. In which 1954 battle did the Vietminh defeat the French and end their
    influence in Indochina?
  31. What nationality are the Gurkhas, who have fought for the British and
    Indian armies since 1815?
  32. Which major export of Bangladesh is used to make sacking?
  33. What was the former name of Iran?
  34. Which river runs 1,560 miles to the Bay of Bengal?
  35. Which sheikhdom is the capital of the United Arab Emirates?
  36. Which native East Asian plant is the richest natural vegetable food?
  37. What is the capital of Hong Kong?
  38. Which Syrian city is said to be the oldest continually inhabited city
    in the world?
  39. Who founded the modern republic of Turkey and, in 1934, took a name
    meaning "Father of the Turks"?
  40. What is the Japanese product kakiemon?
  41. Which river with a vast delta to the South china Sea rises as the Za
    Qu in Tibet?
  42. Isfahan is a major city in which country?
  43. Which Indian poet and philosopher was the first Asian to win the
    Nobel Prize for Literature?
  44. In which square in Beijing did troops massacre ore than 1,000
    demonstrators in 1989?
  45. Who was supposed to have told the Arabian Nights tales?

Answers to Quiz #67 - Asia Trivia Answers

  1. 1,450.
  2. China.
  3. Seoul.
  4. Hirohito.
  5. Riyadh.
  6. Laos.
  7. Tamerlane.
  8. Iran and Iraq.
  9. Yellow Sea.
  10. Lebanon.
  11. Khyber pass.
  12. Jordan.
  13. Vasco da Gama.
  14. Maldives.
  15. Myanmar.
  16. Bahrain.
  17. Jumna.
  18. Caspian Sea.
  19. Uttah Pradesh.
  20. Egypt.
  21. Miniature Trees.
  22. Siam.
  23. Yak.
  24. Genghis Khan.
  25. Yemen.
  26. Calcutta.
  27. Honshu.
  28. Assisted by wind.
  29. Sanskrit.
  30. Dien Bien Phu.
  31. Nepalese.
  32. Jute.
  33. Persia.
  34. Ganges.
  35. Abu Dhabi.
  36. Soya.
  37. Victoria.
  38. Damascus.
  39. Kemal Ataturk.
  40. Porcelain.
  41. Mekong.
  42. Iran.
  43. Rabindranath Tagoe.
  44. Tiananmen Square.
  45. Scheherazade.