Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trivia Quiz #69 - Trivia Questions About History

Trivia Quiz questions about History and Historical Topics

  1. Which country first tried unsuccessfully to build the Panama Canal?
  2. Which family ruled Florence for three centuries from 1434?
  3. Who were the Celtic-speaking peoples living in France and Belgium
    during Roman times?
  4. Which king of England had a mother and a son who were both beheaded?
  5. Which battle of 1746 ended the Jacobite revolution?
  6. What Soviet "man of steel" was educated for the priesthood but was
    expelled from the seminary?
  7. In which year did Brunei gain independence fro Britain?
  8. What country sold land including the present-day states of Louisiana,
    Arkansas, and Oklahoma to the USA in 1803?
  9. Which British monarch married Anne of Denmark?
  10. In which year did Dublin's Easter Rising take place?
  11. Which US president was shot five days after the end of the American
    Civil War?
  12. In which battle did Harold II, the last Saxon king, lose his life?
  13. "What was the name of the Austrian-born dictator who succeeded
    Hindenburg as Germany's head of state?
  14. Who was the black educationist who was born a slave but became a
    leader in the search for civil rights in the early 1900s?
  15. Which French revolutionary was nicknamed "the Incorruptible"?
  16. Where did Florence Nightingale establish a hospital to treat
    casualties of the Crimean War?
  17. Which rebellion was effectively ended by the Battle of Culloden?
  18. What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World, now
    in ruins?
  19. Who was the first president of independent Kenya?|
  20. Who proclaimed the People's Republic of China in 1949?
  21. Which country was ruled by the Romanov dynasty 1613-1917?
  22. Which country's liberalization program was halted by the invasion of
    600,000 Soviet troops in 1968?
  23. Which Axis Power changed sides during World War II, declaring war on
    Germany in October 1943?
  24. Who was the first democratically elected Marxist head of state?
  25. What was the name of the basalt slab that became the key for
    deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?
  26. What title did Charlemagne, already king of the Franks, acquire in
  27. In which industrial process was the inventor Joseph Arkwright
    responsible for an important breakthrough in 1768?
  28. What is the name of the British political regime 1649-60 established
    by Oliver Cromwell?
  29. Which wife of Henry VIII had already married twice before she became
    queen, and married for a fourth time after Henry's death?
  30. What was the name of the last battle of the Wars of the Roses, fought
    in 1485?
  31. Who was the prime minister of South Africa who was assassinated in
  32. Which 17th-century king of Sweden was known as the "Lion of the
Answers to Quiz #69 - Historical Trivia Answers

  1. France.
  2. Medici.
  3. Gauls.
  4. James I.
  5. Culloden.
  6. Joseph Stalin.
  7. 1984.
  8. France.
  9. James I.
  10. 1816.
  11. Abraham Lincoln.
  12. Battle of Hastings.
  13. Adolf Hitler.
  14. Booker T. Washington.
  15. Robespierre.
  16. Scutari.
  17. Jacobite rebellion.
  18. Jamestown.
  19. Jomo Kenyatta.
  20. Mao Zedong.
  21. Russia.
  22. Czechoslovakia.
  23. Italy.
  24. Salvador Allende.
  25. Rosetta Stone.
  26. Holy Roman Emperor.
  27. Spinning Cotton.
  28. The Commonwealth.
  29. Catherine Parr.
  30. Battle of Bosworth.
  31. Hendrik Verwoerd.
  32. Gustavus Adolphus.