Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trivia Quiz #68 - Trivia Questions About Europe

Trivia Quiz questions about Europe and European Things.

  1. Which is the highest mountain in the Alps?
  2. Which country is divided into cantons?
  3. In which Italian city would you find Leonardo's Last Supper?
  4. Which is Italy's longest river?
  5. On which river does Verona stand?
  6. In which country is the Eiger?
  7. Which poet died while helping the Greeks fight for their
  8. Who was king of France at the time of the French Revolution?
  9. From which country did Iceland become independent in 1944?
  10. Which river runs through Budapest?
  11. What is the principal language of Bulgaria?
  12. What is the tiny principality in the Pyrenees on the border between
    Spain and France?
  13. From which city did Neville Chamberlain claim that he had brought
    back "peace in our time"?
  14. Which two colors appear on the flag of Denmark?
  15. In which capital city is the Tivoli amusement park?
  16. On which river does Prague stand?
  17. What is the name of the cathedral in Red Square, Moscow?
  18. Which country is known to its people as Suomen Tasavalta?
  19. Which European country restored its monarchy in 1975?
  20. In which autonomous region of Spain are the cities of Cadiz and
  21. Which European country colonized Brazil?
  22. Which country was defeated by the USSR in the Winter War of 1939?
  23. What is the name of the bay between northern Spain and western
    France, known for its rough seas?
  24. Which city linked by canal with Rotterdam and Amsterdam, is the seat
    of the Netherlands government?
  25. Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
  26. Which city was the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990?
  27. With which power did Bulgaria side in World War II?
  28. In which Cypriot town will you find the "Tombs of the Rings"?
  29. In which country did Grand Duke Jean become head of state in 1964?
  30. Who was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800?
  31. In which country was Pope John Paul II a cardinal before his
  32. Which two countries have a border with Liechtenstein?
  33. Which country has as its joint heads of state a Spaniard and a
  34. In which country was Adolf Hitler born?
  35. Which two colors appear on the flag of Greece?
  36. Which crusade was led by Philip II Augustus of France and Richard I
    of England?
  37. Which is further north, Corsica or Sardinia?
  38. Which European country left the Commonwealth and declared itself a
    republic in 1949?
  39. The shamrock is the national badge of which country?
  40. In which capital city were the treaties signed that established the
    European Economic Community?
  41. Which country was ruled for 40 years by the dictator Antonio Salazar?
  42. What nationality was the 16th-century poet and soldier Camoens?
  43. Which group had most seats in the European Parliament after the 1989
    election - the left, the centre or the right?
  44. In which country is Legoland Park?
  45. Of which island is Valletta the capital?
  46. In Norway, what are Hardanger and Sogne?
  47. In which Polish city was the Solidarity union formed in 1989?
  48. Which French river flows into the sea at St. Nazaire and is famous
    for its chateaux?
  49. In which city does the Council of Europe sit?
  50. In which year were East and West Germany unified?
  51. On which of the Greek islands did Bacchus find Ariadne, according to
  52. Which country's parliament is called the Storting?
  53. Which German city is known as "Aix-la-Chapelle in French?
  54. What emblem appears on the flag of Albania?
  55. Where did Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet in 1945 to plan the
    final defeat of Germany?
  56. In which Netherlands city does the United Nations International Court
    of Justice sit?

Answers to Quiz #68 - European Trivia Answers

  1. Mont Blanc.
  2. Switzerland.
  3. Milan.
  4. Po.
  5. Adige.
  6. Switzerland.
  7. Byron.
  8. Louis XVI.
  9. Denmark.
  10. Danube.
  11. Bulgarian.
  12. Andorra.
  13. Munich.
  14. Eire.
  15. Copenhagen.
  16. Vltava.
  17. St. Basil's.
  18. Finland.
  19. Spain.
  20. Andalusia.
  21. Portugal.
  22. Finland.
  23. Bay of Biscay.
  24. The Hague.
  25. Sicily.
  26. Bonn.
  27. Germany.
  28. Paphos.
  29. Luxembourg.
  30. Charlemagne.
  31. Poland.
  32. Switzerland and Austria.
  33. Andorra.
  34. Austria.
  35. Blue and white.
  36. Third crusade.
  37. Corsica.
  38. Eire.
  39. Ireland.
  40. Rome.
  41. Portugal.
  42. Portuguese.
  43. The Left.
  44. Denmark.
  45. Malta.
  46. Fjords.
  47. Gdansk.
  48. Loire.
  49. Strasbourg.
  50. 1990.
  51. Naxos.
  52. Norway.
  53. Aachen.
  54. Eagle.
  55. Yalta.
  56. The Hague.