Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trivia Quiz #82 - Nature and Environmental Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Nature and environment trivia quiz questions.
  1. Which Indian state is at the eastern end of the Himalayas?
  2. What is the name of the atmospheric gas which screens out the sun's
    harmful ultraviolet radiation?
  3. What is the world's deepest ocean?
  4. Which is the largest animal ever to have inhabited the Earth?
  5. What once covered 14% of the Earth's land area, but by 1991 over half
    had been destroyed?
  6. Which inland sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is fast
    disappearing because the rivers that feed it have been diverted and
  7. The damaged Chernobyl nuclear power station is situated in which
  8. What type of rock is granite?
  9. What type of rock is basalt?
  10. What is the main constituent of natural gas?
  11. What is the term for nutrient enrichment of lakes?
  12. Which of the Earth's atmospheric layers reflects radio waves?
  13. Which gas forms 80% of Earth's atmosphere?
  14. In which mountain chain would you find Mount Everest?
  15. What is the collective term for substances such as coal, oil and
    natural gas, the burning of which produces carbon dioxide?
  16. What contributes to the greenhouse effect at lower atmospheric
    levels, but in the upper atmosphere protects life on Earth?
  17. What is the name of the process by which substances are washed out of
    the soil?
  18. Who was director of the environmental pressure group Friends of the
    Earth 1984 - 90?
  19. Which European country is committed to decommissioning all of its
    nuclear reactors?
  20. Which Canadian city gave its name to the 1987world agreement on
    protection of the ozone layer?
  21. Five-legged creatures have damaged which 1250 mile long wonder of the
  22. The dodo was a native bird of which island?
  23. What is the name given to the study of earthquakes?
  24. How do igneous rocks form?
  25. How many carats is pure gold?
  26. Marble is formed by the metamorphosis of which rock?
  27. Which common water pollutant is believed to be harmful to newborn
  28. Which radioactive substance sometimes occurs naturally in spring
  29. What natural feature covers approximately 6% of the Earth's land
    surface, and harbors 40% of the Earth's species?
  30. What name is given to the huge growths of algae sometimes seen in
    polluted lakes and rivers?
  31. What was the name of the dioxin-containing defoliant used during the

    Vietnam war by the USA army?
  32. In which area of the world do tropical rainforests occur?
  33. CITES is an international agreement on which environmental problem?
  34. What is the approximate circumference of the earth?
  35. What prevents the earth's atmosphere from floating out into space?
  36. What element give amethyst its violet color?
  37. Which of the emissions from cars are acidic?
  38. Which quarry in the Italian region of Tuscany is renowned for the
    quality of its marble?
Answers to Quiz #82- Nature and Environment Trivia Answers

  1. Assam.
  2. Ozone.
  3. Pacific.
  4. Blue Whale.
  5. Rainforest.
  6. Aral Sea.
  7. Ukraine.
  8. Igneous.
  9. Igneous.
  10. Methane.
  11. Eutrophication.
  12. Ionosphere.
  13. Nitrogen.
  14. Himalayas.
  15. Fossil fuel.
  16. Ozone.
  17. Leaching.
  18. Jonathon Porritt.
  19. Sweden.
  20. Montreal.
  21. Great Barrier Reef.
  22. Mauritius.
  23. Seismology.
  24. From cooling volcanic lava.
  25. 24.
  26. Limestone.
  27. Nitrate.
  28. Radon.
  29. Tropical rainforest.
  30. A bloom.
  31. Agent Orange.
  32. On or near the equator.
  33. The trade in endangered species.
  34. 24,900 miles.
  35. Gravity.
  36. Manganese.
  37. Nitrogen oxides.
  38. Carrara.