Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trivia Quiz #81 - Nature, Earth, and Environmental Trivia Quiz

Earth, nature, and environment trivia quiz questions.
  1. Which gas released by car exhausts, stops the blood hemoglobin from
    working correctly?
  2. What name is given to the hard white material of elephant tusks?
  3. What device is added to a car's exhaust system to reduce pollution?
  4. Which Australian mammal lays eggs?
  5. What is the term for something that will break down naturally?
  6. Which is the most common gas in the atmosphere?
  7. Which fuel is formed by the fossilization of plants?
  8. Oxygen forms approximately what proportion of the atmosphere?
  9. What kind of tide appears at full Moon?
  10. What is the term given to the study of the weather?
  11. What is the second most common gas in the atmosphere?
  12. What is the name given to the outermost layer of the Earth?
  13. Which country produces the world's largest quantity of municipal
    waste per person per year?
  14. Which is the largest national park in Europe?
  15. Which sea is so highly polluted that the Barcelona Convention was set
    up in 976 to try and clean it up?
  16. What was the viral disease controversially introduced into Britain
    during the 1950s to reduce the rabbit population?
  17. What is the collective noun for larks?
  18. What is the scientific scale for measuring the hardness of rocks?
  19. What is the world's smallest continent?
  20. Which gas forms approximately 1% of the atmosphere?
  21. What is the term for the energy obtained from hot, underground rocks?
  22. What name is given to the rocks swallowed by dinosaurs to assist
    their digestion?
  23. Which animal has been hunted almost to extinction because of its
  24. Which chemical, commonly used to increase crop yield, sometimes
    contaminates drinking water?
  25. Where is the Glacier Bay national park?
  26. When you recycle a drink can, which metal is it you are recovering?
  27. What is the earth's core made of?
  28. What is the name of the liquid rock which pours from a volcano?
  29. What is the term applied to the process of gathering together weather
    forecasts from various recording stations?
  30. What kind of natural phenomenon 'meanders'?
  31. What is a cloud?
  32. What is the collective name for rain hail, snow, and sleet?
  33. What is the hardest natural substance known?
  34. What was the name of the ship that spilt 85,000 tons of oil off the
    Shetland Islands in 1993?
  35. What is the collective noun for crows?
  36. What are the three main greenhouse gases?
  37. 25% of which traditional British feature was cut down between 1945
    and 1985 because of agricultural mechanization?
  38. What is the maximum speed of a garden snail: 0.03 mph, 0.3 mph, or 3
  39. Someone who studies tectonics is probably an expert in which field?
  40. What common mineral is formed by the fossilization of vegetation?
  41. Which theory compares the Earth to a living organism?
  42. In which part of the atmosphere is the ozone layer?
  43. Where are you likely to come across a laccolith?
Answers to Quiz #81 - Nature and Earth Trivia Answers

  1. Carbon Monoxide.
  2. Ivory.
  3. Catalytic converter.
  4. Duck-billed platypus.
  5. Biodegradable.
  6. Nitrogen.
  7. Coal.
  8. 20%.
  9. Spring tide.
  10. Meteorology.
  11. Oxygen.
  12. Crust.
  13. USA.
  14. Hobe Tauern in Austria.
  15. Mediterranean Sea.
  16. Myxomatosis.
  17. Exhalation.
  18. Mohs' scale.
  19. Australia.
  20. Argon.
  21. Geothermal.
  22. Gastroliths.
  23. Rhinoceros.
  24. Nitrate.
  25. S E Alaska.
  26. Aluminum.
  27. Molten iron and nickel.
  28. Lava.
  29. Synoptic forecasting.
  30. A river.
  31. Water vapor condensed into droplets.
  32. Precipitation.
  33. Diamond.
  34. Braer.
  35. Murder.
  36. Carbon dioxide; methane; chlorofluorocarbons.
  37. Hedges / hedgrerows.
  38. 0.03 mph.
  39. Movement of continental plates.
  40. Coal.
  41. Gala hypothesis.
  42. Stratosphere.
  43. In igneous rock.