Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trivia Quiz #78 - Science Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Science  trivia quiz - questions about plants, animals, insects, fungus and more.
  1. Which family of insects has species named 'drivers', 'weavers', 'and
    even individuals called 'soldiers'?
  2. Which South American vulture can have a wing span of up to 3 meters
    and a body weight of up to 13 kilos?
  3. What name is given to the study of animal behavior?
  4. Which part of a beetle's body is a skeleton?
  5. Mosses are classified as belonging to which part of the plant
  6. What is the name of the structures which allow leaves to breathe?
  7. In what state is a 'sessile' animal likely to be?
  8. Which rodent rears its young, called kittens, in a nest called a drey?
  9. Which sub-division of plants is named after their practice of forming
    'naked seeds'?
  10. The maidenhair tree is the sole survivor of which class of plant?
  11. What is the state of inactivity through the dry, summer season, as
    hibernation is the dormancy of the winter months?
  12. Which insects' larvae secrete blobs of froth called 'cuckoo spit'?
  13. What kind of a creature is a scorpion?
  14. Which part of the common valerian is used to make a sedative?
  15. What is the name of the structures which allow stems to breathe?
  16. What has a central vein called a midrib?
  17. Which mammal constructs a lodge in which to store food, rear young,
    and pass the winter?
  18. Which acid is contained in rhubarb leaves, making them poisonous to
  19. What is a tragopan?
  20. What kind of an organism causes a 'rust' attack on plants?
  21. Which is the dominant generation in the ferns?
  22. Which is the biggest flower in the world?
  23. What is the name of the lustrous substance that forms pearl and
  24. Which beautiful youth from mythology has a plant named after him?
  25. What is the name of the so-called 'first-bird'?
  26. What do amoebas do by binary fission?
  27. What is the Latin word for 'liquid' which we use to mean the fluid
    produced by the tree Ficus elastica?
  28. What is the generic word for plants that grow in water or
    water-logged conditions?
  29. What is the main use of the tree Citrus bergamia?
  30. In animal classification, how are the phyla subdivided?
  31. Which physician developed a type of remedy involving wild flowers?
  32. What kind of specialist would study storm petrels?
  33. The best longbows were constructed from which wood?
  34. How many species of domestic dog are found today?
  35. What kind of creature is a barnacle?
  36. Machiavelli used which plant's name as the title of one of his books?
  37. What is the name of the evolutionary theory suggesting that evolution
    has an uneven pace?
  38. Which step in photosynthesis is responsible for splitting water
  39. Which kind of organisms are likely to show a 'taxis'?
Answers to Quiz #78 - Science Trivia Answers

  1. Ant.
  2. Condor.
  3. Ethology.
  4. The outside.
  5. Bryophyta.
  6. Stomata.
  7. Stationary.
  8. Squirrel.
  9. Gymnosperms.
  10. Ginko.
  11. Aestivation.
  12. Froghopper / spittlebug.
  13. Arachnid.
  14. Root.
  15. Lenticels.
  16. Leaf.
  17. Beaver.
  18. Oxalic acid.
  19. A Himalayan pheasant.
  20. Fungus.
  21. Sporophyte.
  22. Fafflesia arnoldiana or stinking corpse lily.
  23. Nacre.
  24. Narcissus.
  25. Archaeopteryx.
  26. Reproduce.
  27. Latex.
  28. Hydrophytes.
  29. Perfume.
  30. Classes.
  31. Bach.
  32. An ornithologist.
  33. Yew.
  34. One.
  35. A crustacean.
  36. Mandrake.
  37. Punctuated equilibrium.
  38. Light reaction.
  39. Protozoa.