Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #3 With The Answers - The Arts - Authors, Books, Novels, Cartoons & More!

Free trivia questions  - The Arts, Authors, Plays, Books, Stories etc.
  1. What was the title of Mac West's 1959 autobiography?
  2. How many copies did Doubleday run off the presses in its first printing of
    Bill Cosby's 1987 book Time Flies?
  3. Complete this Biblical quotation: "It is easier for a camel to go through the
    eye of a needle, than...
  4. What is unusual about the 50,100-word novel Gatsby, written by Ernest Vincent
    Wright in 1937?
  5. What words did Lewis Carroll combine to come up with the term "chortle" in
    Through a Looking-Glass?
  6. What literary animals "dined on mince, and slices of quince, which they ate
    with a runcible spoon"? And just what is a runcible spoon?
  7. Who wrote, "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall
  8. Who was the subject of the 1968 biography Always on Sunday?
  9. Where did mystery writer Agatha Christie acquire her extensive knowledge of
  10. What was Truman Capote's last name before he was adopted by his stepfather?
  11. What book knocked Henry Kissinger's White house Years out of first place on
    the best-seller list in November 1979?
  12. Shakespeare wrote that "brevity is the soul of wit." What did noted wit
    Dorothy Parker say it was?
  13. Puddleburg was the hometown of what cartoon character?
  14. "The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived" was the opening line
    of one of the best-selling novel ever. What was it?
  15. What is the native country of Agatha Chrisitie's detective Hercule Poirot?
  16. What was the hometown of Sgt. Snorkel in Beetle Bailey?
  17. In the Robin Hood stories, what was the real name of Little John?
  18. Most of us are familiar with the faces of Dr. B. H. McKeeby and Nan Wood, but
    who are they and where have we seen them?
  19. The Last Of The Really Great Whangdoodles and Mandy are children's books
    written by what well-known Oscar-winning actress?
  20. By what pseudonym is writer Frederick Dannay Manfred Bennington Lee better
  21. Why did 70-year-old Miguel Ramirez sue writer Ernest Hemingway?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #3  Books, Authors, Comics, etc.

  1. Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.
  2. 1.5 million.
  3. "...for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." The words are those
    of Jesus, from Matthew 19:24.
  4. It doesn't contain a single letter "e" -- the most frequently used letter
    in the English alphabet.  Wright made sure he didn't use it by tying down
    the "e" bar on his typewriter.
  5. Chuckle and snort.
  6. The Owl and the Pussy-Cat did the dining in the poem of the same name by
    Edward Lear. A runcible spoon is a three-pronged fork, that's curved like a
    spoon and has a cutting edge.
  7. Rudyard Kipling, in "The Ballad of East and West."
  8. Ed Sullivan.
  9. In a hospital dispensary--where she worked during World War I.
  10. Persons.
  11. "Aunt Erma's Cope Book," by Erma Bombeck.
  12. "The soul of lingerie."
  13. Woody Woodpecker.
  14. The Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.
  15. Belgium.
  16. Pork Corners, Kansas.
  17. John Little.
  18. The farmer and his wife in Grant Wood's classic painting, American Gothic.
  19. Julie Andrews.
  20. Ellery Queen.
  21. The Cuban fisherman claimed Hemingway stole his story, the Pulitzer
    Prize-winning 'The Old Man and the Sea. The suit was thrown out.