Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Trivia Quiz #11 - Miscellaneous Sports Questions

Fun Trivia questions and answers - Questions about the Boston Marathon, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the National Football League, Steve Young, the Houston Astros and more.
  1. What Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher hit a home run in his first
    major league at-bat--and never hit another?
  2. What baseball player hit the only home run of his 212-year major
    league career off his own brother?
  3. What 1921 sporting event took up all of the first 13 pages of The
    New York Times --except for a little space on the front page devoted
    to the formal end of World War I?
  4. In the National Football League, how many footballs is the home
    team required to provide for each game?
  5. Brooks Robinson and Carl Yastrzemski hold the major league
    baseball record for playing the greatest number of seasons with the
    same team.  How many years did they play-- and with what teams?
  6. Why is the site of a boxing match called a ring when it's square?
  7. In the very first Boston Marathon, 15 runners competed.  How
    many finished?
  8. How long is the average pool cue?
  9. Under the rules outlined in the charter of the International
    Olympic Committee, how much pure gold must there be in each gold
    medal awarded to first-place winners?
  10. What professional ice hockey star didn't hang up his skates until
    he was 52?
  11. What is the state sport of Alaska?
  12. Who was the first athlete to hit a major league home run and make
    a professional football touchdown in the same week?
  13. Who was the famous great-great-grandfather of San Francisco 49er
    quarterback Steve Young?
  14. Who was the first professional athlete to win championship rings
    in two major sports?
  15. How long and wide is the balance beam used in Olympic gymnastic
  16. What sport besides football did famed fullback Jim Brown compete
    and excel in while he attended Syracuse University in the mid 1950s?
  17. How much did a one-minute TV spot cost advertisers on the first
    Super Bowl broadcast in 1967?
  18. How many of the four Grand Slam trophies in tennis are gold; how
    many are silver?

Answers to Free Trivia Quiz #11 - Sports Trivia

  1. New York Giant knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm, in 1952.
  2. Joe Nickro in 1976. Nickro, a pitcher with the Houston Astros,
    hit a four-bagger off his brother Phil, who was pitching fro the
    Atlanta Braves.  Houston won the game, 4-3.
  3. The July 2nd heavyweight championship bout between Jack Dempsey
    and George Carpenter, the first fight to gross over $1 million in
    gate receipts.  Dempsey won in a fourth-round knockout.
  4. 24--although from 8 to 12 are usually used.
  5. 23 years.  Third baseman Robinson played with the Baltimore
    Orioles from 1955 to 1977; Carl Yastrzemski, outfielder/first
    baseman, played with the Boston Red Sox from 1961 to 1983.
  6. Boxing rings were originally circular.
  7. 10.
  8. 57 inches.
  9. At least 6 grams.  Silver medals must  be at least .925
    sterling silver.
  10. Gordie Howe, who played in 1,687 games in the National Hockey
  11. Dog-mushing.
  12. Jim Thorpe, in 1917. He did it a second time in 1919. Deion
    Sanders was the second athlete to accomplish the feat---70 years
    later in 1989.
  13. Mormon leader Brigham Young.
  14. Gene Conley. He pitched for the Milwaukee Braves team that won
    the 1957 World Series, and was on the Boston Celtic teams that won
    National Basketball Association championships in 1959,1960 and 1961.
  15. Length, 16 feet 3 inches; width, 4 inches.
  16. Lacrosse. He made All-American.
  17. $85,000.
  18. Only the Wimbledon trophy is gold; the others--for the U.S. Open,
    the French Open and the Australian Open--are sliver.